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  1. I want to ask a question
  2. Using teensy to measure period of PWM input?
  3. Illuminated Dome Project Guidance
  4. Subtract two audio channels - How?
  5. Fir Filter Coefficients
  6. Maximum Number of Touch Pads/Latency
  7. Maximum Current Available From Each Type of Teensy
  8. Teensy 3.2 - Wiz820io - Networking
  9. Usb - 4 audio channels?
  10. Flashing ATMEGA328's?
  11. PS2 (MF2) or USB to AT keyboard converter
  12. Passing midi data from MidiUSB to Midi out on TX pin (Teensy 3.2)
  13. Making a RGB 4x4 Sparkfun Keypad for macros - need help !!!!!
  14. Teensy Audio Library Synth Waveform change waveshape?
  15. USBHost for Griffin Powermate
  16. Ring Theory Project Guidance
  17. What do I do with the Die attach pad?
  18. Teensy 3.6 or Teensy 3.2
  19. what's the data transmision i need with this system
  20. Loading .hex file into Teensy 3.6
  21. Teensy LC Midi Controller for Plugins in Logic Pro X
  22. GRB and RGB with OctoWS2811
  23. LS7366R advice
  24. MIDI and MUX
  25. Adapting Teensy for Industrial Automation(Arduino Compatible Shield,Intrinsic Safety)
  26. I2C libs, selecting multiple
  27. I have a Teensy 3.2 and Octows2811
  28. LED light sculpture with teensy 3.2 and OctoWS2811 adapter
  29. Can I change Teensy 2.0 oscillator frequency?
  30. Teensy 3.5 libraries for Pololu Zumo Shield (v.1.2)?
  31. IFCT - Improved Flexcan Teensy Library
  32. Teensy to Teensy communication via Xbee
  33. Best way to run 3 individual speakers off a teensy
  34. quad or more mono channel analog audio
  35. T2_L4A_8650C DAB / DAB+ / FM module
  36. Ribbon Midi guidance
  37. Analog Comparator Register Failure
  38. real-power-measurement for pwm-powered 3-phase servomotor
  39. Teensey as usb keyboard
  40. Supercap for RTC?
  41. Teensy + W5500 + Websocket server
  42. Crosstimer v2
  43. Teensy 3.6 multiple I2C devices
  44. How can I acess the core register of the ARM?
  45. Teensy USB-Serial Flow control
  46. Would I be able to use these with poi
  47. How does _disable_irq() interact with FTM and pin change during disable period?
  48. UART0 ISR for a single Received Byte
  49. How do I get to OctoWS2811.h on Linux/Arduino ISP to run Basic?
  50. Installed Teensyduino without Macfee, but no Teensy board in Tools>Board
  51. Teensy Audio Library + RF24
  52. Second USB device on T3.6: how to configure the software?
  53. Multiplexing for Midi Controller
  54. Electronics Noob Tackling the Teensy to make a Synth with Tons of Questions
  55. Audio Library modifies pins?
  56. Unable to get the Teensy/Octows2812 hardware to light Leds.
  57. Need some help with a Canbus display
  58. Using a teensy board to act as host for a USB device (not common devices!)
  59. Teensy Octo Glediator
  60. C# HMI comm with micro
  61. Move code developed on teensy to cpu on my own pcb
  62. DCF77 and module - Which library is working?
  63. Teensy emulating multiple USB devices?
  64. MIDI react LED using Teensy. (but im really stuck)
  65. TTL output teensy 3.5
  66. How can I communicate between Teensy and DAW?
  67. FFT Number of samples
  68. First board design - Teensy LC as thermometer brain. Board layout input?
  69. Custom HID that awares of computer's states
  70. Charge Time Measurement Unit or equivalent for Teensy 3.x?
  71. FTM and DMA interrupt seem to be triggering continuously
  72. Connecting to an Android phone
  73. Code works on one Teensy but not on others
  74. Sound Direction Detector
  75. Touch pins through multiplexer
  76. From embedded MK20DX256, where to next?
  77. Audio-MIDI-PCB for Teensy-3.6/3.6
  78. Sleep code - Teensy 3.2
  79. From Teensy 3.2 to Production
  80. Teensy 3.6 with multiple PT8211?
  81. Assigned IRQ interrupt to digital pin
  82. Project Feasibility
  83. Could anyone show me the Teensy 2.0 Keyboard Code?
  84. Best way to add bluetooth to Teensy 3.2 + simple iPhone programming interface?
  85. Teensy Backside connections in production
  86. Control Intensity of Vibration at Constant Frequency
  87. Is Teensy right for a full electronic drum
  88. I'm way in over my head here (TFT Display Nightmare)
  89. Inheritance and Polymorphism on Teensy 3.2
  90. What's the absolutely easiest way to build a simple button box?
  91. Pull-up resistors values and wetting current
  92. Replica of the Porsche 919 rim.
  93. I2C Display with SDA2/SCL2
  94. Any good places that teach how to do stuff like this?
  95. Midi IN circuit stopped working
  96. Voltage dividers and data signal
  97. Teensy 3.5/6 5V Adapter
  98. Best way to mount Teensy LC to plywood?
  99. Multiple Teensy Individual Control with Visual Studio
  100. CC & PC for DR-880 drum machine
  101. Driving a 5V graphic LCD with Teensy 3.2?
  102. Artnet RDM on Teensy
  103. Audio Spectum Analyzer
  104. Basic LED animation Teensy 2.0
  105. Power ON/OFF with mechanical switch (no external supply)
  106. Some design review much needed!
  107. Magnetometer QMC5883L problem
  108. Simulate mouse controlled from another pc
  109. USB MIDI controller with rotary encoders
  110. Controller for SSL Console plug-in
  111. Software activation/deactivation of a CAN termination resistor (shunt)
  112. Gameduino and AudioLibrary
  113. Audio Design Tool and Mono sounds?
  114. Music Keyboard matrix scanning
  115. RDM Discovery
  116. Configure USB after sketch has already loaded
  117. resistors for midi out
  118. Power Supply For Modular LED Matrix
  119. Looking for a start on choosing RF module
  120. DAW Mackie SysEx Track names and OLED 128x64 SSD1306
  121. TEENSY 2.0 Potentiometer MIDI controller, switchable channels
  122. Circuit Configuration with Pin Assignment for Teensy 3.5
  123. Orphan Annie concert grand keyboard project
  124. Simple Midi Over Ethernet Controller
  125. Ability to write to Serial3 TX port---doesn't seem to work
  126. Is this possible?
  127. power 3.6 with 9V+5v reg
  128. Library for USING HX711 Load Cell Amplifier with Teensy 3.5
  129. High Speed Interrupting
  130. Help with op-amps for high freq signal buffer and voltage adder/mixer
  131. time alarms with DS3231 "ChronoDot" realtimeclock
  132. Teensy appears as 2 mice
  133. Stream camera module input via Teensy
  134. How to drive a MOSFET at say 20,000 hz
  135. multi-core beginner Teensy 3.6
  136. Teensy lc is not being show on port
  137. count pulse problem with pulse resolution tennsy3.6
  138. count pulse problem with pulse resolution tennsy3.6
  139. Send mouse clicks from a second pc to my pc - Teensy 3.6
  140. CANquitto
  141. Sequencer drum machine SAMPLE (remake korg sample)
  142. Xbox Adaptive Controller with Teensy HID Joystick
  143. teensy lc not giving result according sketch using keypad library
  144. Multiplexing encoders / MIDI question
  145. Teensy perform some function automatically sometime.out of code
  146. Flashing Teensy over CANBUS
  147. LS7366R 32 BIT QUAD Encoder Counter Buffer Library
  148. No Serial output under linux
  149. Need some guidance for hooking up 54 inputs for a MIDI controller.
  150. Teensy 2.0 logger with external flash W25Q64FV and "SerialFlash" library
  151. Reading digital input for use keyboard commands
  152. Help identify damaged parts on Audio Shield
  153. Using 2nd and third SPI Bus.
  154. help finding smd n-mosfet for an application
  155. Fast analog input scanning
  156. Building large LED matrix display for outdoor pedestal sign -- need advice
  157. Joystick companion application
  158. Teensy canbus master slave
  159. A circuit for detecting if external power supply is on
  160. code enhancement
  161. DAC Filtering on Teensy 3.2
  162. How to connect Teensy 3.2 with Rx TGY-IA6C for flight simulator
  163. Pixel matrix 8 x 180 zig-zag
  164. Teensy Serial in and USB
  165. Powering Teensy 3.0 from an analog read pin?
  166. Gen 2 UHF RFID Reader
  167. FreqMeasureMulti with teensy 3.6
  168. Long touchscreen cable
  169. Read Full Register
  170. FreeRTOS Suggestions / Pitfalls for Teensy-LC?
  171. Combining stepper motors and sensors
  172. Not understanding touchRead
  173. Ambilight help
  174. Teency 3.2 Touch Sense Pins
  175. Teensy 3.6 Connected to Two PC's Via USB
  176. Recommendation for piezo buffer op-amp
  177. Teensy 3.6 SD card INIFile and Datalogger
  178. Data acquisition with Teensy 3.6
  179. ADC questions
  180. Teensy 3.6 Xbox360 USB Passthrough
  181. Traktor MIDI Controller
  182. How to do I2C double start to communicate to LTC2992?
  183. Midi notes not consistent?
  184. Opto Isolated Serial
  185. INI File by Steve Marple
  186. Questions about pin modes at ARM level
  187. Tennsy OctoWS2811 Questions Counter
  188. GND vs AGND test results
  189. Flashing/uploading program to multiple teensies in one network
  190. Printed string width and height on ILI9341 Color Touchscreen display
  191. OctoWS2811 + MAX485, noisy on Teensy, OK on Arduino UNO
  192. Teensy + BMW E65 iDrive Controller
  193. Tri-state on 3.5
  194. BMP280 pressure sensor
  195. planning custom T3.6 - SD-Card (SDIO) and micro-USB on daughterboard?
  196. Read keyboard/mouse button press
  197. Laser Harp
  198. Cubes Project
  199. Led Art project using Bitmap and teensy 3.2
  200. Teensy as Slave SPI
  201. Getting pixel data with ILI9341 lib
  202. I'm new, I need a help with teensy
  203. HDLC Library
  204. Teensy 3.2 harvest controller
  205. Help needed using Teensy 3.6 and OctoWS2811 for large array
  206. Teensy 3.6 native PWM frequency
  207. SdFat library (v1.0.7) with Teensy 3.6 builtin uSD
  208. Teensy 3.2 Mouse Only Mode
  209. Teensy powered Super Nintendo cartridge?
  210. Buttons used for pong
  211. Adafruit SSD1305/SSD1325 OLEDs with T3.x
  212. Help required: Spectrum Analyser on single LED strip
  213. Teensy 3.2 hourmeter for harvest controller
  214. Automatic ADC operation
  215. Building a drumcomputer, a question about switching sample banks.
  216. Using the audio software to analyse vibration.
  217. Portable 64x64 LED SmartMatrix GIF Player
  218. voltage divider for force sensitive resistor
  219. USB/BATTERY power switcher without altering the teensy board ?
  220. Teensy & Prop Shield: Motion Control LED Toggle
  221. Rather Large LED Matrix!
  222. fastled with Teensy 3.2
  223. Fast Timers
  224. IMCTFD - Improved Microchip CAN Teensy FlexData Library
  225. I have no idea what I'm doing; is my idea possible? Help and thanks.
  226. Teensy 3.6, a HX8357U, and a bit of emulation
  227. WS2812 and Teensy 3.2 and a button
  228. Pcb versioning
  229. Dealing with an unreliable SPI device, looking for suggenstions with SPI::transfer()
  230. Teensy++2.0 sub for Mega 2560?
  231. Custome Teensy 3.2 Ground planes with GND and AGND
  232. Teensy 3.6 - OctoWS2811 - DMX receiver?
  233. i2s and DAC/ADC audio + external FX
  234. foot keyboard controller - board mounting questions
  235. A usb controller adapter for the Nintendo switch
  236. How to Count Rising and Falling Edges?
  237. LED animation - make object exit the frame on one side, and enter on the other
  238. Teensy based Galvano-Laser-System?
  239. Arduino Mega 2560 to Teensy++2.0 - Transition advice
  240. Any limitations on SPI flash size/format/etc?
  241. Portable Car Charger as Power Supply?
  242. Ultrasonic ADC Capabilities
  243. Do I need an external audio shield and/or amplifier to generate notes??
  244. Just getting started, new to Teensy!
  245. Moving from Teensy LC to Teensy 2.0
  246. Multiple teensies?
  247. Output dac directly to trrs headphone
  248. Multiple Teensies for MIDI controller/getting MIDI from DAW
  249. hello,paul I want to ask prjc development board
  250. Neopixels and EL paper