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  1. Pitch Detection on an ADC input
  2. getting a larger spectrum window?
  3. Teensy3.2 not responding on USB-serial when A2 and A3 used in Audio library
  4. A New Accurate FFT Interpolator for Frequency Estimation
  5. Power from headphone port
  6. Simultaneous Hearing through headphone or line_out while recording
  7. Beginner Teensy Volume issue
  8. Simultaneous recording and playback
  9. Broken support for Teensy family in Midi Library
  10. USB Midi output code - Please help me! :)
  11. WS2812B LED Strip Blinks When Using Audio Adapter
  12. Audio webpage issues
  13. Recommendations for a 16-bit audio DAC/codec IC?
  14. Problem with microphone powering up a comparator circuit
  15. Teensy LC, One ADC two Pins, How to ?
  16. Data logging Audio board Metrics
  17. Wireless audio stream using teensy 3.2
  18. Teensy 3.2 Multiple I2S Input
  19. Best microSD card for reading?
  20. Using Teensy Audio in a custom Library
  21. Prop Shield LC -- standalone amplifier?
  22. Changing Chip Select of Audio Adapter?
  23. Audio Processing Benchmarking on Teensy 3.2 and K66 (Teensy 3.6)
  24. IFFT and the Audio Library
  25. Audio tutorial kit and wav files
  26. Saving patches
  27. Ableton Link is now Open Source
  28. Audio Workshop: Part 1_4 // .Wav resetting
  29. if statement question in Recorder Sketch (Examples>Audio>Recorder)
  30. Question about recording to SD card capabilities
  31. Glitches in sine_hires output
  32. An Alternative Processor Package for Teensy 3.2
  33. AudioConnection to AudioEffectDelay Prevents Serial Comm
  34. Change Audio Block Size
  35. Prop Shield LC and Teensy higher volume?
  36. Parsing Left & Right audio channels for recording
  37. Implementing a standart audio filter
  38. Phase invert real time audio.
  39. Serial+MIDI+Audio Windows Drivers issues
  40. RMS detector and dB level
  41. Compressor Design using the Audio System Design Tool
  42. Audio Shield & Onboard Mic Troubleshooting (Urgent Project - Portland Art Museum)
  43. teensy touch guitar example not working
  44. is this setup possible?
  45. Multiple simulatenous audio files from single board
  46. Playing Audio While Running FFT
  47. break an AudioConnection
  48. how to read output of sine_fm1?
  49. Teensy3.2 and BC127 for Audio Bluetooth
  50. Voltage Regulator on Audio Shield
  51. Attempting to Creating an Audio Looper
  52. Discreprency between LINEIN info in SGTL5000 and Audio System Design
  53. Line level of teensy audio output?
  54. Noise with mic-in and notefreq
  55. Stereo Audio Recorder
  56. Errors Using Fir Filter
  57. Doppler shift using Audio Library
  58. Suggestions for Sound chip/design for T3.6 - similar capabilities of Propshield
  59. changing frequency when using playMem
  60. Engine Sound Simulation
  61. Minimum number of pins to connect Teensy 3.2 and Audio Board
  62. Real time Convolution Reverb (large impulse file)
  63. Teensy 3.6 PassThroughUSB example
  64. trying to compile wav2sketch and I can't find i686-w64-mingw32-gcc
  65. Following tutorial audio - collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Error compiling
  66. Gain Structure of the Mixer
  67. Simple Beat Detection
  68. Serial.print doesn't work with MIDI library sketch using USB Serial + Midi connection
  69. Mix sound from mic with SD card playing?
  70. Modulated Tuning? Quasi-Periodic Waves?
  71. Biquad Filter Transfer Function
  72. Understanding DFT / FFT Interactive Link
  73. Excellent results with Floating Point FFT/IFFT Processing and Teensy 3.6
  74. Reducing Noise - Analog Supply?
  75. Teensy not showing on Serial Ports, Not the usual problem
  76. False Peek Read
  77. Help using a library
  78. Can Teensy 3.6 replace [Quad-Audio + Teensy 3.2]?
  79. Audio board with SD card and concurrent SPI usage
  80. Real-Time Audio Processing with Teensy Audio Board
  81. Audio Adapter Board r: how to connect SMT Speaker and configure SPI pin for SD card?
  82. Faster Audio Library FFT Implementation
  83. Predominant frequency identification with FFT
  84. playmem latency
  85. Realtime audio processing with floating point math & new CMSIS lib in the Teensy 3.5
  86. Using Teensy 3.6 two DACs with Audio library
  87. Frank B's MP3 lib - changing sample rate
  88. How to mount Teensy 3.2 on Audio Adaptor Board properly?
  89. Audio Adapter Board not work?
  90. Using line-in for FFT
  91. Can I use a UA741 here?
  92. Using Audio objects within class
  93. Discussion about a simple way to change the sample-rate
  94. Increase number of I2S audio streams?
  95. Audio Shield Headphone to PC (MacBook) Stereo Mic input
  96. Repetitive click
  97. How to make bulb horn or squeaky toy sound with audio library?
  98. wavFilePlayerUSB
  99. Confusion about variable types w/ chorus tool
  100. Frequency shift with the Weaver method ("third method") using quadrature oscillators
  101. Bat detector
  102. Teensy 3.2, Audio Board and Optimized SD_t3.h failing.
  103. How to get audio output from dac pins on T3.5/3.6?
  104. Putting Formulas in HTML format on Audio System Design Tool
  105. Multiple microphones with Teensy Audio sheild
  106. Teensy for sending piezo sensors signal to MAX7 or Super Collider
  107. Audio visualization method
  108. fast inner product?
  109. Teensy Audio Adapter and Audio Library - Stream mic to serial USB interface
  110. Delay object in the library
  111. Offline Audio System Design Tool
  112. Male jack cable + connector for line-in
  113. Advice for working with multiple audio I/Os
  114. Stereo line in set-up question (GUI generated code crashes teensy 3.2)
  115. AudioMemory() - what parameter should I pass?
  116. Teensy LC with Audio board
  117. Question about Frank B's memory board
  118. A problem using the Audio library and ADC library
  119. Filter LFO issue
  120. Not able to get Sd Wav file to Play
  121. Audio Adaptor Board: Unable to play WAV song
  122. Teensy 3.2 + Audio + 16bit TFT ?
  123. Display BPM value
  124. Question about Teensy 4-channel setup
  125. Room analysis for room correction
  126. Routine for audio objects manipulation
  127. Slowing Down Playback
  128. help for REVERB effect memory usage
  129. Audio + LED in one Teensy Project
  130. PEAK object only reading 1.6v PP max
  131. Audio Library Interrupt Frequency
  132. Sinewave synth, modulated output
  133. Time signal LF Receiver Teensy DCF77 with minimal hardware effort
  134. Teensy Hearing Aid
  135. Pass I2SSlave input to headphone out or usb
  136. Hammond organ / roto2
  137. 16 Step 2 Layer Sequencer
  138. Fast Convolution filtering in floating point with Teensy 3.6
  139. Joining GND and VGND for latency test
  140. USB stereo output issue
  141. [ask]Need to Detect 1kHz tone peak amplitude by just using teensy 3.2 board?
  142. Audio Adapter Troubleshooting
  143. Reducing Power Consumption
  144. DAC on Audio System Design Tool not working
  145. Moving from Audio Shield to Prop Shield
  146. Planning the driver for the Teensy Audio Board LINEIN
  147. Latency and Jitter values for Teensy 3.2 DAC and for the Audio Board's i2s
  148. Problem with delay with extra memory
  149. Teensy 3.2+ ILI9341 +audio shield + 23LC1024 possible ?
  150. Confusion about Line in/out pins on Audio board
  151. SdioEX for 3.5/3.6 SD card playback?
  152. DAC freaking out with IR distance sensor
  153. Drum Synth clicking
  154. Avoiding aliasing
  155. Help with Basic Audio Lib results
  156. Audio Adaptor is not compatible with BLE SPI Friend
  157. Help required in design of a simple microphone circuit
  158. Teensy 3.6 / BUILTIN_SDCARD CPU pegged on Sandisk Ultra card (and not on other card)
  159. Midi Note Change with Potentiometers - Teensy LC - Help needed!
  160. Using Midi and USBMidi at the same time
  161. battery supply ground noise audio board
  162. Quick question regarding sample playback
  163. Simple_drum
  164. Floating-Point Audio Library Extension
  165. Teensy Convolution SDR (Software Defined Radio)
  166. String machine
  167. Not understanding wav2trw sketch
  168. sample/manipulate/jam instrument w/ Teensy. Possible???
  169. Guitar Multi-Fx Project Feasibility?
  170. Using the Serial Ports within an Audio object
  171. Gunshot Detection
  172. Swing and quantization for beat machine
  173. How do I implement cross-correlation to prove two audio files are similar
  174. Resonance?
  175. what is Audio Module Pin Mapping
  176. Audio Workshop FFT Sketch Issue
  177. Problem with FastLed Library and Audio Library Dac Object
  178. Teensy 3.6 I2S input without board
  179. shortwave radio simulation
  180. Strange Sound with T3.6 & Audio Adaptor
  181. MIDI vs. I2C at a level shifter
  182. can I use pins A4+A5 for I2C with Audio lib running
  183. Teensy 3.2 as USB Sound Card
  184. First Teensy Project: Algorithmic ASS [Attention Seeking Sequencer]
  185. Drum pad
  186. Contributions audiolibrary
  187. FIR taps and use of CMSIS arm_fir_q15
  188. Midi Send Note - Error spotting!?
  189. Ping Pong Delay
  190. Comb Filter
  191. Just noise with Teensy 3.6 and Audio Adaptor Board
  192. Midi Send Note - Displaying Scale Names on LC-Display
  193. Need help choosing an amp for 3.6
  194. Need help choosing an amp for 3.6
  195. [ASK] Compute THD and SNR thru teensy 3.2 board only
  196. file.seek(pos)
  197. file.seek(pos)
  198. Virtual Midi Cables - 8 ports OSX and PC
  199. USB Audio in not working?
  200. Configuring Teensy 3.2 as USB MIDI + Serial device without Arduino IDE
  201. My audio.h fork - Tape delay, FM waveform input, granular effect and more
  202. Loud white noise on the edge of filter
  203. clicking noise interference (at higher frequencies) on SPDIF output T3.2 or T3.5
  204. Update - Audio Vector Network Analyzer
  205. Audio Adapter ADC Square wave with no input
  206. Issues reading audio queue
  207. MIDI Note sequence (Newbie help)
  208. Audio Amp Suggestions?
  209. Teensy 3.5 & Adafruit Max98357 I2S audio amp
  210. Teensy Audio Shield Serial Ram - chip compatibility question
  211. USB Audio speakers not working on the audio adapter
  212. Package outline for 23LC1024 for the Audio Board?
  213. SGTL5000 signal routing
  214. Parallel OLED LD7222 with Teensy 3.2/3.6
  215. Audio + RA8875 - SPI?
  216. Audio Library for Linear Timecode (LTC)?
  217. Dynamic Object instances--Dynamic Rewiring
  218. Audio Adapter board input only & Octo2811
  219. Teensy 3.6 - Using both Audio ADC and analogRead - works for me!
  220. Teensy and FastLED - in a Tuba
  221. Teensy Microphone Module
  222. Noise and teensy board
  223. How did I fry an Audio Shield Board?
  224. USB / MIDI controlled synth, via MaxMSP
  225. Audio board components matching with schematic V2
  226. I2S IN 16bit, 16KHz in Teensy 3.2
  227. Volume/Loudness/Amplitude - which to use
  228. I2S sampling rate
  229. MIDI notes to trigger Audio Board synth?
  230. Does anyone have a Teensy Guitar Pedal board?
  231. Modifying voice spectrum and outputting
  232. Band limited Sawtooth wavetable C++ generator for "Arbitrary Waveform" (and its use)
  233. Audio lib for non real-time processing?
  234. 8 bit Frequency Shift Keying Teensy 3.6
  235. MP3/OGG encoding
  236. Fried Audio Board?
  237. Audio tool
  238. Multiple Phase Shifted Mono-Outputs (8+) Possible?
  239. Audio Sample Rate: how to change from 44100 Hz (44117.65 Hz) to 48000?
  240. Audio shield and accelstepper
  241. Where to find what I2C address used.
  242. Audio board and LED pin 13
  243. Phase Shift of Pass Through Signal
  244. Filter for on-board Teensy 3.6 DACs
  245. Simple Wav Player
  246. project planning for teensy 3.6 audio convolution
  247. Help with Teensy 3.2 + Audio Shield
  248. Audio Library and 4096 point FFT on Teensy 3.6
  249. I2S Input Question
  250. Using FLASH NOR chip instead of micro SD card.