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  1. Voltage output from AP7313
  2. Audio Board Fry Check
  3. Project "Seenthysizer"
  4. Node Red / Audio System Design Tool Modification
  5. USB tone?
  6. Audio Board 101
  7. Modifications for smooth audio playback with Arduino-Teensy-Codec-lib
  8. Really Simple Project Not Working
  9. I think this I2S idea should work, assistance please
  10. BPM detection
  11. 16 Bit Line Out
  12. Real-Time (Working) Vocoder
  13. Instructions or tutorials for using wav2sketch?
  14. Help with audio board schematic
  15. Assigning FFT Frequency Bins to LEDs
  16. Glitches when pushing buttons on my synth
  17. Audio Library Object for Weaver (Third Method) SSB Modulation/Demodulation
  18. noise in DAC aoutput on Teensy 3.2 using sine sample code
  19. wiring question / configure connections
  20. analogRead() Interrupts with audio library
  21. Stuck in a ground loop?
  22. Multichannel Codec?
  23. Audio Shield - Analog Inputs - Are these two functionally equivalent?
  24. Wireless mic: technologies for streaming realtime low or medium quality voice audio
  25. Teensy 3.6 with Electret Microphone (MAX914) with auto gain
  26. RF24 audio streaming
  27. MEMS i2c microphone SPH0645LM4H with teensy audio library
  28. Sub-Millisecond Delay
  29. David's MOS6581 SID network player (Teensy 3.2)
  30. Please Help with my MonoSynth emulation...
  31. Problem encountered with "AudioEffectDelay"
  32. Anyone successfully fading Neopixels while audio plays?
  33. Adressing multiple sine oscilators in for loop for additive synthesis
  34. Electret Microphone (MAX9814) gives values in range of 30-40 with teensy 3.6
  35. more flanger effect
  36. audio board and +4db connection
  37. Prop shield 3.6
  38. New Audio Board! TI TLV320AIC3206
  39. Teeny Guitar Audio Board
  40. ADCS object and T3.6
  41. Latency and the SGTL500, is there any?
  42. Connecting a piezo sensor to audio board
  43. Question on ADC1 FFT
  44. Monophonic Keys, Portamento and LFO Pitch Modulation
  45. AudioControlSGTL5000 problem
  46. Place cue points (markers) on .wav file
  47. BPSK demodulation
  48. Mozzi & PJRC Audio Adapter
  49. exit status 1 Erreur de compilation pour la carte NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)
  50. FFT on arbitrary data source
  51. FFT and floating point data
  52. I2S - PCM Format
  53. Teensy 3.5 ADC sampling frequency
  54. Clicking Sound when increasing volume from zero using IR distance sensor 4 Vol Cntrl
  55. Multi-threaing with Teensy3.6?
  56. Is 256kb/s a good rate for audio processing?
  57. ** HOW TO**Audio lib tutorial without using an audio shield
  58. Audioboards Die Running Quad Channel Example
  59. Timed recorder
  60. Buttons not responding in audio tutorial mash-up
  61. Controlling Audio library with Accelerometer.
  62. encrypt audio ---->decrypt audio
  63. Strange audio stuttering when using delay
  64. Clicks when setting FIR filters coefficients...
  65. Does Teensy 3.2 Have Two SPI Modules?
  66. Feedback Suppression in Teensy?
  67. ADC conversion time
  68. Issue - FFT Sample Program Returning 0's
  69. How to change midi notes using buttons (usb midi)?
  70. Question about reverb tails
  71. Generating a 25KHz Sine wave
  72. Teensyduino Multi Channel Audio Input
  73. Terminate an active Audio Object?
  74. Prop Shield and Tennsy 3.2 : no sound at all...
  75. Recording and reproducting audio in realtime
  76. Synth not capturing all key presses
  77. Audio Adapter humming
  78. Use Teensy 3.6's SD Card
  79. Change block size and sample rate of USB Audio
  80. Audio Mixer: Input Channel(s)
  81. Sampler/Granular Synth Project Idea
  82. Increase sine effect of Flanger
  83. Not all WAV Files are Created Equal
  84. Problem with Teensy 3.2 + Audio Adaptor
  85. I2S audio chain with multiple teensy
  86. W25Q128FV footprint
  87. Dynamic Mic capsule to Teensy 3.5 ADC (A2)
  88. Teensy 3.2 with Prop Shield lightsaber SFX
  89. Teensy 3.2 + Audio Board + MEMS Mic - Lots of noise but only when recording
  90. SPI DAC for audio library
  91. Adding files to Audio Library
  92. Audio Library T3.2 Frequency
  93. Audio Board + rotary encoder issue?
  94. Limiting white or pink noise frequency
  95. Read SD card on Audio Board over USB
  96. Crosstalk issue?
  97. Audio adapter stream to USB --> receive in MAX 7 with ASIO4ALL
  98. Crosspoint Mixer
  99. Audio Board + MCP23017
  100. Noisy output
  101. Gate
  102. Help: Playing wav from teensy 3.6 built-in SD while still using audio shield
  103. T3.1 + Audio Board, corrupted sound, possibly soldering issues
  104. Teensy 3.6 + Propshield to play MP3
  105. Monophonic Guitar Synthesizer with subtractive synthesis
  106. Multiple WAV playback problems
  107. FFT/Convolution object for Teensy Audio library (guitar cabinet simulation )
  108. TDM: how to use all the 16 available channels
  109. powering 8 ohm 2W speaker with teensy audio
  110. Making sense of FFT data
  111. Connecting to external board for additional memory
  112. AKM4558 support in library?
  113. convert midi note to note name
  114. Low volume with autoVolumeControl in Teensy SDR
  115. Playing WAV file from SD
  116. Audio library Play/Pause
  117. Teensy 3.6 and MEMS mic ICS-43432
  118. Line In Audio on Teensy Audio Adapter
  119. Teensy 3.2 Pin Questions
  120. Are there any WAV manipulation tools in-sketch available?
  121. How to Make Wavetables
  122. Teensy based multistage distortion modeling pedal
  123. Noises while feeding analog circuit (pre-amp) from the teensy 3.3v and GND.
  124. Biquad setLowShelf / setHighShelf methods not accessable from Audio library
  125. Anti Alias filters on SGTL5000
  126. Wierd problem with analogRead(26,27,28) when using audio library
  127. Need Help coding motion detection with prop shield
  128. The resistance is not enough when I try to pan an audio signal between 2 speakers
  129. triggering audio files with button from SD card
  130. Quad audio output
  131. Open Source DSP Audio Processor for FT-817
  132. Filter with Envelope - how to continuously modulate?
  133. APA102 + PropShield = no Audio
  134. Teensy 3.6 + SPW2430
  135. Loud pop on Teensy reboot from Audio Line Out
  136. Getting integer value from AudioSynthWaveformDc? Alternatives?
  137. Strange behavior in controlling SGTL5000
  138. Wire Line-In and Microphone to Same Jack?
  139. Bass Enhance in Teensy Audio
  140. "Screaming" low pass filter / Clipping issue?
  141. ADC input gain
  142. DAC Broken ?
  143. Variable delay triggering T3.2 audio output by T3.6 controller
  144. strong noises while adding patchcords to fft256 objects
  145. USB-Audio
  146. Audio resampling
  147. Would slowing down the I2C bus cause any issues with the Audio Adaptor board?
  148. Noise on ADC A1 input with audio board connected (Teensy 3.2)
  149. analyze_fft1024, duffs optimization
  150. Spectrum analyzer; low/high fft.read() bins triggering at wrong frequencies
  151. sd card data flow
  152. port manipulation instead of dac output while reading from sd
  153. audio delay?
  154. Connecting a piezo to 3.2.
  155. Using the SGTL5000 Audio Processor
  156. Overclocked Teensy 3.6 + Audio Adaptor + APA102?
  157. Audio board and I2C-t3 library
  158. audio library wakes up teensy from hibernate
  159. Teensy Audio Tutorial, need some help.
  160. Q31 in analyze_fft1024
  161. Problems with AudioEffectDelay Teensy3.2 vs Teensy3.6
  162. Audio Board line out question.
  163. Sketch for triggering .wav with buttons.
  164. Audio Library not working?
  165. HC-SR04 & Audioshield
  166. Real-time Audio Detection - Teensy 3.6
  167. Use touchread pins on audio shield teensy 3.2
  168. OctoWS2811 use pins 14,20,21 as analoge input
  169. Two GUI related bugs
  170. Feedback on audio output circuit?
  171. Playing two .RAW files at once
  172. what's the best ground pin on the Teensy to return the DAC signals to?
  173. How to put the SGTL5000 into a low power state?
  174. Using i2c_t3.h instead of wire.h for audio examples?
  175. Teensy 3.6 TDM mode support for ad1938 codec
  176. PT8211 Audio Kit Playback Distortion
  177. Disabling Audio Passthrough - Teensy 3.6
  178. Newbie audio amplitude modulation
  179. autoVolumeControl and hardLimit
  180. Audio Adapter Not Working
  181. SPDIF Input and Output
  182. How to Audio Library?
  183. How to Pitch Shift?
  184. Piezoelectric Vibrations
  185. Error: 'release' cannot be used as a function
  186. Sinewave efficiency and quality
  187. Teensy 3.6 with Audio Board - audio out is clipping
  188. MIDI Synth Shield for the Teensy
  189. SD Card Test
  190. A Question about Peak
  191. Question about Hardware SPI with Audio Board
  192. Change Audio Device Configuration
  193. Audio Tool PT8211 Oscillator stability
  194. AudioSynthWaveform to emulate DC
  195. Teensy 3.6 + prop shield playing WAV files
  196. help a noob out
  197. Recursive delay
  198. resonant bypass filter
  199. fft1024 with smaller delta-F bins (decimate? run ADC slower?)
  200. Design filter coefficients of FIR and Biquad
  201. T3.2 with FFT improves performance of cheap doppler radar
  202. Problem changing AudioMixer4 gain in library
  203. Audio Adaptor Board - pcb audio connector
  204. Teensy 3.2 Quad Channel Input
  205. Problem with sending audio data over ethernet
  206. DC Offset Removal in input_adc.cpp, input_adcs.cpp
  207. Pinouts for Connecting Alternate LCD to the Teensy Audio Board?
  208. Floating Point Biquad
  209. Audio I2S Input not working
  210. Working Audio output queue example
  211. Usb output to a speaker
  212. Help needed with audio in circuit
  213. Selecting reference voltage for built-in ADC with Audio Library
  214. 4 channel mono output?
  215. Polyphony problem in a synth project using Teensy 3.6
  216. Teensy 3.6 mic > FreqMeasure
  217. AudioAnalyzeRMS problem
  218. Source separation on a microphone recording and a know generated signal
  219. Memory Chip for Audio Adaptor Board ?
  220. Broken 0.1 uF capacitor - could the Audio Adaptor Board work without it?
  221. Mono USB Audio
  222. Audio Library with sparkfun SD breakout
  223. Audio tool help needed
  224. Audio Board Line In Noise
  225. Yet another SimpleAudioLogger
  226. Audio library Sample Player retriggering on plugin power
  227. Using Audio board without Teensy with Linux
  228. Opus codec library
  229. Teensy 3.6 and SPDIF Coaxial
  230. Wave-File Header (recording)
  231. Software Phase Lock loops
  232. Audio and Ethernet
  233. Processor Selection for Audio Analysis
  234. Measuring microphone amplitude
  235. Audio project and T3.6.. a lot of problems!
  236. Teensy 3.6 + Audio Board USB streaming interruption
  237. dacs output don't play on Teensy3.5
  238. Feedback FM
  239. MAD - Modular Audio Devices
  240. Using received audio information and play this
  241. An Audio Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Block
  242. Teensy Audio Library create melody
  243. Hexaphonic (6 discrete channels) passive guitar pickup for pitch detection
  244. Code is freezing after playing a sample from SD card
  245. Two audio mono ouputs
  246. Teensy 3.2, Teensy Audio shield and APA102 LED Strip
  247. Audio Buzz Project board
  248. Accurate Digital PPM Meter possible with Teensy 3.2?
  249. Is this flash memory chip compatible?
  250. Audio Hacker to Teensy 3.2