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  1. Lightsaber sound from a computer sound card
  2. No audio output Teensy 3.2 using either onboard DAC or USB passthrough
  3. Finding I2S Pins on Pinout Diagram
  4. Sustituting arm_rfft_q15() into the Audio Library FFT functions?
  5. Audio Memory Not Declared in Tutorial
  6. Tie Teensy AGND to Audio Amplifier AGND?
  7. No sound when SD soundfiles are playing (synthesis is ok)
  8. With Teensy 3.2 w/ Quad Audio (2 Shields) can you select which SD card slot?
  9. use oled display conected with teensy 3.6 and audioshield
  10. Dual Audio Adaptor Boards with 23LC1024 RAM chips
  11. Anyone Doing Pitch Shifting?
  12. AudioAnalyzeFFT256 does not work like FFT1024 ? (works only once)
  13. Developing Teensy Audio effects as plugins
  14. Glitches When Sampling Quad Audio
  15. Help with volume control
  16. Any way to sync amplitude changes to zero crossings in the sine generator?
  17. Disable Audio lib
  18. Synchronizing Effects
  19. Cannot use Teensy as I2C slave when sgtl audio is enabled
  20. usbMIDI.read() and external USB Keyboard Not Playing Well Together
  21. Using delay with microphone input does not work
  22. I2S Microphone (SPH0645LM4H-B)
  23. Audio Board and stereo recording
  24. hang when trying to play raw files from SPIflash
  25. 4 channels input and output, 24bits USB soundcard
  26. Sound leak left to right speaker with teensy 3.2 + Audio shield
  27. Adding a gain to the AudioInputAnalog signal
  28. Distort Voice to Something Scary for Halloween?
  29. Teensy Audio Shield Volume control Headphone vs Line out
  30. Audio plus FastLED/DOTSTAR not working
  31. Wav file play from SD card (Audio shield) conflicts with Other SPI device(DWM1000)
  32. Audio and PWM motor control at the same time
  33. Save file to SD in a different thread (or use interrupts for sampling?)?
  34. Standalone Answering Machines
  35. Problem with encoder library and the audio shield
  36. Teensy USB audio not working
  37. How to avoid clipping with the filter "AudioFilterStateVariable"
  38. Adding 23A1024 RAM chip to audio board for "Reverb" effect?
  39. Problem - Wav audio file plays a little bit faster than it must
  40. Help for implementing bandlimited waveforms
  41. Balanced output from audio shield
  42. USB Audio recording interrupted after 18-22 seconds
  43. Extending the Audio library: moog filter, fm waveform and DC with multisegment env.
  44. I2S sound recording from Teensy Audio Board using I2S.h library
  45. simple headphone add on board?
  46. Buchla LPG like module
  47. distorted audio with teensy3.x as usb audio interface connected to an raspberry pi
  48. Flange Example Sketch extremely noisy(static)?
  49. How can I include the SdFat that came with Audio.h (not the default one)
  50. Crossfade and loop
  51. Will Teensy 3.2 suffice for my project?
  52. SD Card WAV Files Analyze
  53. Mono Channel with I2S
  54. Arbitrary Waveform Array Size
  55. Teensy 3.6 DAC0/1 to Audio Board Headphone amp
  56. Audio Record using AGC Microphone
  57. Implementing a basic EQ
  58. Karplus-Strong with continuous input?
  59. custom audio objects document ambiguity and more info
  60. Teensy 3.6 MIDI keyboard with knobs and buttons latency issue
  61. No Audio Library
  62. audio file continuous loop
  63. Teensy 3.2 ADC audio input with 11 analog reads - Possible?
  64. recording in stereo from mics
  65. Audio board is making strange sounds!
  66. Questions to Sampler Project
  67. Inverting Audio Channels in the Teensy audio boards
  68. Analog To Midi (voice To Midi)
  69. Auto Equalizer
  70. C1 Chameleon Project
  71. Teensy 3.5 + Codec used as a SDR based Ham Radio Transceiver
  72. Using Teensy with Audio Adapter as audio interface for a Pi Zero
  73. Multichannel (8-24) audio player for installations and performance
  74. Graphic EQ parameters
  75. recording audio with i2s microphone, teensy 3.6, audio shield or no audio shield
  76. Audio board alternative connection
  77. audio board with anything *other* than teensy 3.x?
  78. Force integer-sample periods for "clean" audio test signals
  79. Teens 3.6 + Audio Adaptor + nRF24L01 + Multiple SPI
  80. Contact microphone pinMode problem
  81. Dynamically Change Chorus and Flange Sample Lengths?
  82. PropShield LC
  83. Multiple AudioInputAnalog Question
  84. Draw Waveform on display
  85. Using teensy audio library natively on linux
  86. Recording samples to prop shield flash memory
  87. Stereo fx, code suggestion
  88. Teensy LC to play WAV files through Prop Shield LC? I'm guessing No.
  89. Use Peak for non realtime analisys
  90. Hardware connections to headphone jack
  91. Update create date on SD card file
  92. Encoding multiple lower sampling rate audio signals in 44100 (over usb audio)
  93. How can I recreate a specific 'clacking' sound with the Audio Design Tool?
  94. Audio library doesn't play nice with SPI/SdFat.h ?
  95. Erratic static in playback
  96. Record what you Play (Recording the output)
  97. waveform.phase() error for some waveforms
  98. How to add a "freeze" function to Reverb effect?
  99. Including any file in Audio library causes entire Audio library to be included
  100. Teensy as outboard effects processor
  101. Maping sensor data for deeper audio processing resolution
  102. can't make audio work on my teensy 3.6+audio board
  103. Connecting Teensy USB Midi device to other device with Type B connector
  105. Empty Module for User defined Audio Modules
  106. Cheap ICS-52000 Microphone Array Board for TDM evaluation
  107. Howto Filter with low steepness?
  108. Guitar Tube Amp Simulation Setup
  109. change pitch and decay sample WAV
  110. Possible to do delay longer than 425 ms with teensy 3.5?
  111. Reading SD card stopped working!
  112. lfo cutoff
  113. Makes Idea of differential input sense?
  114. I2S audio board (24bit/96Khz)- Working with 'generic' I2S ADC breakout?
  115. Starting Audio FFT from interrupt
  116. making Mozzi work with Teensy Audio Adaptor (SGTL5000)
  117. Sound for model railroading scale 1/32
  118. Soldering audio board to Teensy 3.6
  119. AK4556 codec library?
  120. More than one USB input?
  121. ADAT Multichannel In / Out?
  122. Touchscreen MIDI Controller
  123. Memoryboard 4
  124. Converter WAV-File to Hex-File in Javascript
  125. No usb audio from Teensy 3.2 to Mac
  126. ICS43434 I2S Digital Microphone and Teensy 3.2
  127. I2S input - Analog output - Note frequency analyzer
  128. How to stop analyzing notefrequency
  129. Audio Input Recording to SD Card
  130. Play MONO through both channels possible?
  131. USB Soundcard with additional control (Audio and Serial simultaneously?)
  132. Issue with analog.c
  133. Playing audio files randomly from a button
  134. Problem with new Teensy 3.5 DAC output
  135. High-Speed ADC Logger with Audio Library
  136. CS4272 issues
  137. 6 inputs audio recorder with CS42448 audio card from OSH Park
  138. Can't get signal into AudioInputAnalog on teensy3.0
  139. Convert -1/+1 stream before block transmit
  140. Transport Controls
  141. Multiple USB Audio/Serial Naming
  142. Choice-based audio narrative?
  143. Fade without clicks
  144. Teensy 3.2 not reading in audio correctly
  145. Raspberry Pi Audio Hats with Teensy 3
  146. Audio Board won't play any sound
  147. question about Teensy synthesis
  148. Teensy 3.5 Basic Gain using inbuilt ADC and DAC and MAX9814 mic
  149. Varying amplitude
  150. playFlashRaw not working correctly?
  151. Playing audio from SD whilst main loop is accessing different file on SD
  152. Tinsy 3.6 and Audio shield
  153. Audio library equivalent to pygame.event.pump?
  154. AudioEffectDelayExternal and ILI9341 display not compatable
  155. Teensy 3.2 for 747kHz AM radio
  156. Short Delay when looping SD RAW audio
  157. Sample Recorder / Sequencer
  158. Can the audio board be used along with an I2C sensor?
  159. Monitoring voice while recording it
  160. Two Teensy 3.6 to work together
  161. Temporarily selectively disable mixer inputs?
  162. Audio source from pc or smartphone to the SGTL5000?
  163. Change waveform of Sine Fm
  164. Switch from Teensyduino 1.36 to 1.41 causing issues
  165. Spikes in Audio
  166. Realtime EQ + Reverb
  167. Line in protection SGTL5000 ESD / EMI causing SGTL5000 to stop
  168. Choppy WAV audio recording
  169. ANOTHER Teensy Audio Board Synth
  170. 16k (and other) low sampling rates with T3.6
  171. Audio Transmission using Teensy+ Audio Shield+ NRF24L01
  172. Teensy C- SDR
  173. code to restart SD card if lost mechanical contact temporarily?
  174. galvanic isolation for audio output?
  175. Strobe FFT
  176. Teensy 3.5/3.6 and simple headphone hookup
  177. piezo velocity
  178. Looping a sound in memory
  179. dac in on propshield with teensy 3.2
  180. Teensy Voice Changer?
  181. Voice Transmission using Teensy+ Audio Shield+ NRF24L01
  182. Is it possible to use the Audio library with low power modes ?
  183. Teensy 3.2 (with audio shield) PlaySDWav > Notefreq issues
  184. New audio effect: AudioEffectAnalogDelay
  185. Free MIDI Controller application to use with Teensy
  186. Recording Mic and line-in into the SD card with audio shield
  187. Connecting nothing but a normal line out to the Audio Adaptor Board
  188. Teensy 3.2 Sketch read error
  189. audio library and encoder
  190. Play audio with midi clock
  191. Teensy 3.6 no audio using DAC
  192. Is it possible to read two different notefreq items at the same time?
  193. Wav sound player with SPI memory chip
  194. Translating sound into movement, using FFT
  195. Play a wave file --> Connected Headphones --> No Sound
  196. Small size AudioBorad
  197. Is there any chance to get longer enveloppe in the next teensyduino version :) ?
  198. Enable / Disable audio objects programmatically
  199. Power Supply for Teensy 3.6
  200. Midi --> Receive Notes --> Play Polyphone samples
  201. Pitch changing for audio playback application
  202. Filtering VGND DC
  203. Waveform Object Problem with Midi Input
  204. AudioRecordQueue limited to 53 blocks? Why 53?
  205. Noise on teensy 3.2 with audio adapter when using digitalRead
  206. Find "unplaying" playSdWav-Object or create playSdWav Object on the fly
  207. Teensy 3.2 Quad Channel Input - Pad 30 came off
  208. Weird pitch quirk I noticed with arbitraryWaveform
  209. Waveform Average value
  210. Working on a BPM detector - am I stepping on anyone's toes?
  211. Why MEMS i2s microphone ICS-43432 with teensy audio library not working?
  212. preparing audio with wav2sketch getting error message in terminal
  213. When playing multiple wav files it have distortion when overlapping files! teensy 3.6
  214. Sandisk alternative for multi-file playback?
  215. Wireless audio transmission to teensy
  216. Required file format for unsing playSDRaw
  217. Advanced Midi Sampling
  218. Are 2 1024 FFT too much for the audio sheild?
  219. SGTL5000 for DC control voltage output
  220. Audio Board Problems: intermittent pauses
  221. Scaling USB audio for analog output
  222. Paul: suggestion for audio library
  223. Audio shield inverts the input?
  224. Teensy as I2S Slave-- frame size question.
  225. CS42448 Audio Board BOM Replacements
  226. Can't get Audio Shield to work
  227. Timing accuracy using Audio library
  228. Syntax for AudioEffectFade
  229. Making progress with my DSLR mic monitor Basic filter question
  230. TDA1308 headphone pre-amp from DAC
  231. Audio waveforms not outputting
  232. Change head phone jack to stereo mic on SGTL5000 audio boards?
  233. AudioSynthWaveformModulated not working. (err: does not name a type)
  234. Connecting DAC directly to powered speakers. Result?
  235. Delay: Longer timing? And crunchy sound in feedback loop?
  236. PassThroughUSB with queues
  237. PCB with Audio Adapter
  238. Multichannel audio input object with 1 ADC, keep the other ADC for slow analogRead()
  239. Data access light on a teensy lc?
  240. FFT decreasing BW modifiying sampling frecuency?
  241. Fried Audioboard
  242. Arbitrary waveform object issue
  243. Start using AudioPlaySerialflashRaw
  244. Midi into DAW
  245. sample and hold
  246. Using Audio and the new Wire library causes duplicate symbol linker errors
  247. AudioInputI2Sslave to SGTL5000 analog output?
  248. write to AudioMemory
  249. Sgtl5000 I2S_DIN/I2S_DOUT
  250. My mic input into the audio shield is super distorted/hot