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  1. Calculate Filter coeeficients dynamicaly
  2. Connecting Audio board to Li Po battery charger
  3. Reensy Raw player with buttons: No sound - no errors
  4. Using signal processing features in the SGTL5000
  5. Audio amplifier object library
  6. Waveform Modulation Speed?
  7. not recording
  8. No sound - no compiling errors - help
  9. A DX7 (Fm synthesis) replacement with Dexed on a Teensy
  10. Bits of audio missing from recordings.
  11. Question regarding FFT bins
  12. Audio Recording / Logging to SD card --> microSoundRecorder
  13. Testing if DAC pins are working
  14. Audio Output Without the Audio Shield, Teensy 3.5 Arduino
  15. Teensy 3.6 for 2 channel FFT processing. Use one or two
  16. what is Teensy Wave Machine?
  17. LMS for ANC with teensy audio board
  18. Teensy3.2 + Nand Flash
  19. Teensy based Lexicon Prime Time 93 style delay
  20. Teensy 3.6 and audio board
  21. Teensy LC +Prop Shield LC + AudioZero
  22. audio band Sample and Hold
  23. Can't play more than one audio file simultaneously
  24. Audio board recording while playing - sampling frequency problem
  25. Audio Board Summing Junction
  26. Teensy Audio Tool WaveformMod
  27. Custom FFT Bins for FFT1024?
  28. 24 bit audio using ICS-4342
  29. audio board and byte manipulation
  30. WavFileWriter
  31. fft analysis with microphone electret + amplification
  32. Teensy Audio Tool I2S Inputs and Outputs
  33. Online version of wav2sketch utility - need testers please!
  34. A few questions regarding FFTs and performance
  35. Breakout board for the microSoundRecorder including environmental logging
  36. Teensy 3.2 no audio out on dac pin
  37. Audio Adaptor Board and WAV Trigger / shared SD Card / polyphonic sampler
  38. How to set different voltage references for ADC0 and ADC1?
  39. AudioPlaySdWav delay
  40. Combining multiple audio sources?
  41. Custom Audio Source
  42. Audio Library AudioInputAnalog conflict with ADC library?
  43. Overclocking SGTL5000
  44. PlayFlashRaw Low quality sound (Prop shield)
  45. Simple 3 button foot pedal
  46. scale model making with teensy -- This is a kickstarter project --
  47. Renaming a recorded WAV file on SD card: Teensy 3.6 + Audio board
  48. Audible clicks when switching waveforms
  49. Cannot get Teensy 3.2 with Audio Shield to play my .wav files from SD
  50. Controlling Teensy Audio Shield with USB MIDI
  51. 4 channel audio (quad) with sd card
  52. Feedback ANC System
  53. The sound of a motor humming on a teensy 3.2
  54. Playing Sounds kind of simultaneously
  55. Batdetector: Time expansion (slow down replay) using granular-effect
  56. playsdwav, play from the specific time of the file.
  57. Audio files corrupt after some time !
  58. Teensy with PCM5102a Module via I2S
  59. WaveformMod Documentation
  60. Memory Spikes and Playback Stutters
  61. Right-justified I2S?
  62. 5 pin Midi key presses cause click on DAC output (Teensy 3.2)
  63. New classes: ParameterAutomation and AudioEffectSOS
  64. Do tone.threshold(level) and tone.available() work?
  65. Using USB Audio Input Module
  66. Receive MIDI alongside internal Sequencer for Teensy drone synthesizer
  67. 16 audio outs?
  68. Compiling Audio library
  69. Button Matrix is causing issues
  70. Efficient way to enable/disable filters
  71. Slowing down the PDB
  72. Audio Expander for Teensy
  73. Teensy Board suddenly stopped responding
  74. Physical Modeling a wind instrument
  75. Audio library & Stepper motor library + bounce compatibility
  76. Audio USB Out "hello world" program
  77. Custom FFT Frequency Range
  78. AudioInputUSB - AudioAnalyzePeak
  79. Calculation of FIR coefficients
  80. CS42448 TDM Input
  81. AudioPlugs, library for switching audio streams
  82. Teensy 3.6 ADC use breaks Analogread
  83. 4 Channel TDM (I2S) Teensy 3.6 with Invensense ics 52000
  84. Strange error when reconnecting Teensy (audio board not working on reboot)
  85. Line-in noise when using an LED library
  86. Issues with Placing Commands in a Loop Running a Waveform
  87. AudioOutputUSB does not name a type, on OSX, Arduino 1.8.5 and TeensyDuino 1.42
  88. Turning Freeverb On/Off?
  89. Audio Library and 8k Sampling Frequency.
  90. I2S slave mode issue : all the stereo data goes through the left channel
  91. Incorrect/lossy audio sample values from PC to Teensy?
  92. Audio Library & using pin A8/A9 crashes Teensy
  93. Biquad-filter low corner frequency test-sketch
  94. Lowpass-RC-filter for MicIn: Code or resistor and capacitor?
  95. "AudioSynthWavetable" project, HELP
  96. 4 Channel Input/Output
  97. Is there any hope to use DAC PT8211 with teensy LC ?
  98. GeneralMidiSynth, help!
  99. arbitrary waveform funny signal squarewave unipolar to bipolar
  100. How can I change the volume from DAC0 pin while playing a file?
  101. FM demodulation
  102. Using Teensy Audio Library with SPI DAC (e.g. MCP4922)
  103. capacitorss for adc dac ?
  104. Teensy-based modular synth system
  105. Teensy in Raspberry I2S based digital chain.
  106. Anyone want to collaborate on a Teensy audio effects "thingy"?
  107. SGTL5000 compared to PT8211
  108. random WAV player
  109. Baxandall Tone control
  110. Spectrum Analyzer Noise with Frequency Sweep
  111. First Order Filters
  112. Grounding issue?
  113. Inner workings of the audio library
  114. wm8731+teensy schematics?
  115. Teensy Wavetable Synthesis example
  116. Issue with line in from android headset accessory
  117. Help - Noise caused by TRACO 5V?
  118. Good way to make a teensy based electric piano
  119. Library: AudioTiming
  120. Compatibility between Wavetable-Synthesis and teensy audio library
  121. Audio board automatic volume
  122. Audio board automatic volume
  123. Audio input Audio board
  124. Problems with the Audio Shield.Is it broken?
  125. New convenience class for physical audio controls
  126. Lowering electromagnetic noise for audio recording via microphone and cable
  127. iOS / usb woes
  128. AudioProcessorUsage()???
  129. Memory usage on teensy 3.6 [replacing AudioSynthWavetable::instrument_data in memory]
  130. Pausing/Seeking audio
  131. Audio Streaming from Memory
  132. Dry/wet effect
  133. audio to pwm to led
  134. play_sd_wav library code questions
  135. Vader voice changer
  136. replacing W25Q128FV with smaller W25Q32FV OR MX25L1606E ?
  137. Ultrasound Chirp Problem
  138. How to use cpp code as a "black box" with the Audio System Design Tool?
  139. Got audio compressor code running. Now how do I debug the levels?
  140. connecting audio shield headphone output to my amp?
  141. [?] Some hints on choosing a quad audio codec and an OLED
  142. Inverting analogRead floats
  143. DIY Synth, question 1 of 10000.
  144. Using APA102 Midi controlled LEDs with Teensy
  145. Prop shield audio connector
  146. forcing the correct SD.h to be used? better wav playing capability?
  147. SGTL5000 Hiss?
  148. Generating a sine wave and altering amplitude within an IntervalTimer
  149. What does signed_saturate_rshift(val, 16, 0); do?
  150. TeensyTransfer Cannot open audio files
  151. Simpler way to compute sqrt(ch0^2+ch1^2)? My code example seems way to messy.
  152. Distorted waveform, please help!
  153. Multiple Teensys, Distorted Audio
  154. Hydrophone for Teensy
  155. Teensy 3.2 w/ Uncanny Eyes and use Internal DAC for Audio?
  156. 3.6 - Cannot use more than one AudioInputAnalog
  157. simple sound play while pause NeoPixel
  158. Why is the audio library block instead of sample based
  159. Creating a Library-Object
  160. Audio from AudioInputI2S works but data from AudioFilterBiquad does not work
  161. [?] CS4270 and Teensy 3.6... Maybe it is too much as first experiment
  162. USB Audio Clicking Noise
  163. Headphone Jack question
  164. Audio play single in memory WAV - fails
  165. Audio from wav file on SD card experiencing high distortion
  166. WateTable and labriry compress array
  167. Is there any short of incompatibility between audioshield and XPT2046_Touchscreen???
  168. Synth envelopes not updating?
  169. usbMIDI.sendControlChange() breaking DAW
  170. 7KHz High Pass filter
  171. Simple Drum Example improvement (maybe)
  172. Converting analog input
  173. Why is there no audio thru from mic -> usb in this simple sketch? (whitenoise works)
  174. Teensy 3.2 - I2s object - CS4334 DAC - Aliasing
  175. quad problems with 2 audio shields and teensy 3.2
  176. Problem with mp3 library
  177. Monitoring currently recorded audio
  178. Breath Control and Smoothing
  179. Teensy 3.6 USB Audio Interface
  180. 3.6 MIDI Host via micro-USB?
  181. buffer store
  182. Teensy 3.6 Interference between Fast Sampling and SD Logging
  183. Waveform.begin no longer resets the wave?
  184. Possible to change duty of an WAVEFORM_ARBITRARY ?
  185. Combining MIDI and USB Audio on one board
  186. FM synthesis - 808 drumkit
  187. Need Help with 4051 Mux and Audio Library
  188. AudioShield and built-in LED
  189. Poll
  190. Amplitude latency?
  191. Quick and Dirty, Real-Time BPM Detection
  192. potentiometer troubles
  193. Analog in speed
  194. How to pass a String variable into AudioPlaySerialflashRaw::play() ??
  195. Advice for low latency audio
  196. Portamento / Slew ?
  197. Deriving New Class from Existing Audio Class
  198. Teensy audio not working with external power
  199. The way to enable SPH0645LM4H with Teensy 3.2
  200. Avoiding the delay(), RAW or re-use the WAV header?
  201. SD card problems going through Audio Tutorial
  202. Playing very short Sounds gapless
  203. how to mate the audio card to teensy 3.6
  204. Envelope Array Problems
  205. Help with List of Teensy Eurorack modules
  206. Can the SD Card play WAV sounds into a mixer block for layered/overlapping sounds?
  207. Teensy audio library
  208. DC Coupled CS42448 osh park board
  209. Fisrt attempt to pause SdPlay ; AudioLib update
  210. Teensy 3.6, Audio Shield and the use of pins
  211. Sound clips to be sent to one of three devices?
  212. How to synthesize a chord or multiple notes at the same time.
  213. Sound Reactivity Question
  214. Changing ADC Reference Voltage for Audio Library
  215. Audio and Steppermoter at the same time
  216. Audio board or no Audio board?
  217. Faint high pitch noise when using Audio Board & USB
  218. Question about AudioPlaySdRaw and interrupts
  219. Disable Effects at runtime or Add Remove Patch Cables
  220. How to use Audio Shield SPI and off board SPI
  221. polyphonic code example
  222. AudioPlaySdRaw samples seem to play at (approx) half speed
  223. Effects routing
  224. Audio stops working when repeatedly creating/disconnecting AudioConnections
  225. polyphonic pitch and/or volume changing
  226. New audio effect: TREMOLO
  227. buffer to mixer
  228. I think the audio shield would help with my distortion (demo video)
  229. Adafruit Trellis and Teensy 3.2 with Audio Shield - communication problem
  230. Create Custom Objects in Audio System Design Tool?
  231. Multiple CS42448
  232. TeensyMIDIAudio PCB and MicroDexed/MicroMDAEPiano: Synths based on the Teensy
  233. midi input and midi output at the same time ?
  234. SD card audio library to scan SD card for valid files and make a list?
  235. Can I detect incoming sound on Line In, Audio Shield?
  236. How to use TDM Microphone Array Demo Board
  237. How many cycles should I use for a specific frequency?
  238. Is adjustable pulse width possible using modulated waveforms?
  239. Song identification from PC into the line-in jack
  240. Frustrating issues with SD card not working: Unable to find partition
  241. How many wavetable synths?
  242. Midi
  243. Get audio out from a MIDI controller when it is not hooked to a computer?
  244. Distorted sound and no peak level on TFT while trying tutorial Part_3_03_TFT_Display
  245. Audio Tutorial - Getting started
  246. Audio board line I/O connections
  247. Audio board lo-fi options
  248. Audio shield for mallet controller
  249. Audio library with a digital I2C accelerometer
  250. AudioPlaySerialflashRaw and Multiple Flash Chips