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  1. Driving two channels with two op-amps
  2. When does receiveReadOnly return null?
  3. Project Advice (4 channel "wireless haptic feedback" via Teensy + Audio Boards)
  4. newbie struggling to get stereo synthesis out of audio shield
  5. Audio samples lost due to SD card writes
  6. Multiple open SD files and the Audio library interrupts (reentrancy)
  7. Audio Library Causing Phantom Packets With NRF24l01+
  8. Using PT8211 without the headphone jack
  9. Multiple audio effects
  10. Custom Audio Object - update() not called
  11. Using Prop shield flash memory to store Wavetable Data
  12. Im struggling with MIDI volume changes - 10 line code sample attached
  13. Teensy Large Piano Keyboard
  14. Prop Shield LC & Audio Playback
  15. Speech recognition with Teensy 3.2
  16. a crude audio compressor
  17. Help needed for the Granular effect
  18. I2S output with CS4344
  19. USBHost_t36 MIDI: setHandlePitchBend() is missing
  20. Midi control of effect with smooth transitions
  21. Play quad channel wav file from SD
  22. How to avoid zipping noise for volume change?
  23. PCM5102 DAC, can the Audio System Design Tool output 32 bit over I2S?
  24. where is allocate(), release(..) etc defined
  25. Triggering SD Wav playback from USB Host HID keyboard locks Teensy
  26. waveformMod Pulse Pulse With?
  27. How to specify samplerate
  28. How to set up TDM input and output on CS42448 Board?
  29. playBuffer() has high execution time
  30. Using two instances of AudioAnalyzeFFT1024 at the same time
  31. Fade Example for dac?
  32. PlaySdWav: limit to file size?
  33. Two CS42448 chips with a single Teensy 3.6 for 8 or more audio inputs
  34. Practical recording to SD card: channel count limits?
  35. Using Faust with Teensy
  36. Teensy Synthesizer | Waveform aliasing "Problem"
  37. Frank's MPG3 Player2 Question
  38. Granular beginFreeze doenst work on Teensy 3.6 / Trellis Adafruit
  39. Teensynth
  40. Incorporating Teensy 3.6 and audio shield into mixer
  41. I2C problems with Teensy 3.6 and WM8731 codec
  42. Tympan Rev D Master Hearing Aid based on Teensy 3.6
  43. new Adafruit SPITFT library & Teensy Performance
  44. custom output
  45. LoopPad
  46. Question regarding notefreq code
  47. MISO pin conflict
  48. Simulating Bill Cipher
  49. Audio Tutorial Question
  50. AudioInputAnalog and analogRead
  51. Sending MIDI over USB
  52. AudioShield + second I2C for capacitive board MPR121
  53. Is it possible to use envelope to modify a Midi noteOn velocity or any other value?
  54. A simple Keyboard
  55. biquad output noise
  56. Sonogramme Portable
  57. Looper instrument
  58. Change SampleRate
  59. Best way to reduce this power consumption?
  60. How to augment polyphony (Audio Shield vs Wav Trigger)
  61. HTML waveform generator for arbitrary value
  62. Audio Sampling
  63. Array of samples
  64. Juce / Teensy communication
  65. Flash memory disturbs Dac audio output
  66. AudioPlayMemory limits
  67. Pitch change compensation by samplerate variations SGTL5000
  68. Teensy 3.6 as a top octave generator
  69. Polyphonic playSdRaw
  70. Read RAW or WAV in date format / Sample to array
  71. Audio library, USB audio interface, volume setting
  72. Autotune / Pitch correction
  73. midi to dmx on teensy 3.5
  74. Using LM386 audio amp with audio shield line out
  75. Is it possible to use Granule and Delay at the same time?
  76. Wireless audio with nRF24L01
  77. Tutorial On Writing Directly to Audio Shield Output?
  78. Problems recording from signal generator
  79. FrequencyCount Library
  80. Polyphonic Synth - Issue With Button Presses Giving Different Waveform Volume Levels
  81. Audioshield - wire LineOut L/R/GND to LineIn L/R/GND
  82. AudioPlaySerialflashRaw::update - code query
  83. Best Way to Wire Speakers Up
  84. AudioShield front end filter - where is it?
  85. Playing .WAV from microSD + OCTOWS2811 Library
  86. Waveform sync question
  87. Help with waveshaper effect
  88. Which Pot Thumb Wheels work with the Teensy Audio Board
  89. Feedback-Loop or Teensy out of memory?
  90. many questions about sample-recording/-playing
  91. Teensy 3.2 w/ I2C OLED + Audio Circuit = Noise When I2C is Transmitting Data
  92. Recording while playing back
  93. Error Compiling for Arduino/Genuino
  94. Error Compiling for Arduino/Genuino
  95. Error Compiling for Arduino/Genuino
  96. Error Compiling for board Teensy 3.2 / 3.1
  97. Error compiling code for Teensylc on Arduino 1.8.9
  98. Error Compiling for Arduino/Genuino
  99. Synth envelope generator implementation
  100. Audible clicks from envelope when switching from using delay to nonblocking function
  101. Listening through headphones while recording
  102. Quad channel input problem
  103. PCM1802 and FSYNC
  104. is it possible to record audio directly to Flash?
  105. Unable to get started with simple WAV player
  106. how can i get the value from sine1 at any time?
  107. Connecting to amp through DAC
  108. Audio EffectMultiply doesn't work
  109. Changing Volume Levels based on pot wheel
  110. Is it possible to frequently change the SGTL5000 input select from mic to line?
  111. AudioInputAnalogStereo, can it be paused to sample another analog port
  112. incoming midi note to trigger LEDs on different Teensy pins
  113. Audio board and hc05 module don't work toghether
  114. teensy 3.2 talkie
  115. T3.6 & AudioShield only noise output
  116. Adding 12kHz sample rate to setI2SFreq
  117. Storing amplitude values in an array
  118. How to change chords?
  119. What is the advantage of using add on audio boards over the inbuilt DAC?
  120. audio_block_t declare left and right outputs
  121. External amplifier doesn't work with audio shield
  122. Audio shield - Noise while using photoresistor with audio shield to generate sine
  123. Should I Ground DAC on 3.2?
  124. pitch to midi converter ??
  125. Staying awake while playing a WAV file
  126. USB Audio Interface WM8731 Integration
  127. WM8731 Board Ideas
  128. USB violin (sound over USB without external ADC)
  129. [Teensy 3.6] EVE2 FT813 gpio sound
  130. Two or more audio outputs
  131. counting F8 without missing one
  132. Modulated Delay: Chorus/Flanger
  133. string ensemble chorus - anyone try it?
  134. High speed options for the data out from/in to Teensy 3.6
  135. Basic audio record queue and playback
  136. Making a Matrix Mixer - issues with release()?
  137. PCM5242 + PCM1865 + Teensy Audio
  138. Beginner Question about Envelope / Timing
  139. Noise on Supply Voltage and Signal when using Internal ADC
  140. freelancer for teensy audio project
  141. Audioshield playing sound from SD and microphone
  142. Teensy 3.6 with nRF24L01 Tx buffer data queue
  143. Soundfont Decoder for Teensy
  144. Teensy Noob needs help
  145. Is Teensy3.6+Audioshield able to detect audio playhead position?
  146. Quad-Channel-Recorder with four MAX4466-Mics
  147. Some troubles after changing Hard Drive
  148. Need help understanding FFT bins
  149. Teensy 3.2 + prop shield = no sound
  150. Create new sample
  151. Are pin A16 and A17 suitable ADC with fft
  152. Changeg MIDI Baud rate on DIN-shield
  153. Powering down while recording
  154. Changing sample rate during recording
  155. Quad Channel with WM8731
  156. Controlling Analog Guitar Efects with Teensy - Hybrid Multi Fx
  157. Has anyone used the AC108 or similar as a TDM ADC with the Teensy?
  158. RNNoise porting to Teensy
  159. MIDI Oscillator Project
  160. Midi Keyboard ?
  161. STA350BW and Teensy 3.2
  162. Sound Localizator with five microphone
  163. Possible error in wav2sketch.c on GitHub
  164. Audio Board Line in transient protection
  165. Controlling the line-out volume
  166. Audio exemples don't show in Arduino
  167. I can't play Wav files
  168. Freeverb with low input levels ==> noise and wierd oscillating "tone" ?
  169. IRremote problems with audio sketches.
  170. USB midi issues.
  171. AudioInputAnalog Resources?
  172. Problem with noise harmonics at higher sgtl5000.volume(X) settings
  173. Storage and Format Questions for Audio Sound Files
  174. audio library + lora devices (for non audio messages)?
  175. Audio Adaptor and Teensy 4.0
  176. SF2 / MIDI-Player for Audio Library or simple Stretching of WAV-Files ?
  177. Serial issue with Teensy 3.5 and Audio Board
  178. Teensy 4.0 I2S Support
  179. Book Recommendations for Audio Programming
  180. Audio-Example WavFilePlayer for Teensy 3.6 not compiling
  181. Problem Using AudioPlaySdRaw's play() Function
  182. Teensy 4.0 As a Live Vocal Processor?
  183. Simplest Audio Out to speaker on Teensy 4
  184. playSdWave -> Short glitch on start while playing another sound file.
  185. Change sample rate for Teensy 4 (vs Teensy 3)
  186. Teensy 4.0 Bluetooth A2DP Wireless Audio Stream to I2S
  187. Getting audio output from Teensy 4.0
  188. getting started with library writing - samples vs blocks and AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES
  189. Audio teensy froze during AnalogRead
  190. Bad wiring posted somewhere for Teesny 4.0 to Audio Shield
  191. USBMIDI Beat Clock - Send A Quarter Note for Every 24 Ticks?
  192. AudioSDR - A single Audio block SDR (software defined radio) processor/demodulator
  193. Take a look at my Voice to MIDI (pitch recognition) work in progress
  194. Issue between Teensy Audio board and Samsung galaxy A70
  195. I2S input synch error still exists on T4...
  196. Detecting audio
  197. No sound with an Audio Adaptor and Teensy 3.0
  198. Questions from a Newbe
  199. Teensy 4.0 I2S without Audio Shield and flash memory question
  200. String Ensemble Chorus Effect created!
  201. Breakout Board for Teensy 4.0 and Audio Shield - not working
  202. "MIDI devices have been changed...refreshing"
  203. Problem with GUI Audio Design Tool
  204. Painful n00b question w/ Teensy Audio Shield/microSD player
  205. Can I play multiple mp3s at once with a teensy 3.6 and serialflash?
  206. Audio IN without audio board
  207. Programmable fx pedal looper
  208. organ foot pedal MIDI controller- switch ideas?
  209. Help with Heavy Compiler API
  210. Teensy 4.0 and New Audio Adapter Board
  211. BASIC BASIC waveform out.
  212. Sine Wave Phase Issue
  213. Ghost in the Machine
  214. Add more delay effect tabs
  215. Enclosing several audio objects in one library
  216. usbMIDI tidbit - iConnectivity
  217. Need Some Help Understanding the Library Code
  218. Problems converting Aud.lib wavetable synth example from FLASh based samples to RAM
  219. USB Audio Input Not Working
  220. Are there any Teensy 4.0 Audio Tutorials?
  221. Board advice for synth project. Does 4.0 make sense?
  222. Teensy 3.2 - Midi controller not showing in Logic Pro
  223. Using Teensy4.0 with external word clock
  224. IO Question
  225. Need help - MEMS mic with Teensy 3.2 and/or audio shield
  226. CS42448 OSHPark board prebuilt version available?
  227. converting .sf2 soundfonts to audio library-compatible files
  228. biquad filter as phaser?
  229. Naming Convention for .RAW Files?
  230. Audio over Serial
  231. CS42448 balanced output filter HELP!
  232. Noise at higher filterfreqs
  233. Teensy 4 and Prop Shield audio compatibility?
  234. Getting Started with Audio for T4
  235. HOWTO: Convert Adventurekid .wav samples for use with arbitraryWaveform
  236. Gain control strategies for poly synths
  237. Teensy3 String Machine
  238. Teensy SDR help
  239. audio DAC for Teensy 4 - what one? MCP4725?
  240. Cloud with thunder effect the RGB LEDs
  241. Reading line I/o on audio shield
  242. Wrong Kick sound with Teensy 3.6 internal DAC
  243. I2S buffer or wav player at 96/192 KHz Fs
  244. Getting values from objects
  245. analyzefft256.cpp questions
  246. CS42448 wiring - transfering a project from Teensy 3.6 to 4.0
  247. fft overlap add
  248. USB Type Audio for Teensy 4 doesn't Show
  249. Is there a way to isolate/swap/boost just the left or right channel?
  250. SGTL5000 LineOut Impedance