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  1. Cheap stereo speakers for prop use?
  2. Audio library cannot find sd card
  3. Teensy4 performance in audio context
  4. Teensy 4 with UDA1334A I2S decoder - MCLK not needed?
  5. Teensy 4.0 with Rev D Audio shield - no synth sound
  6. Latency - what's new?
  7. Audio shield flash memory (SOIC-8)
  8. Teensy 4 usbMIDI ? any plans ?
  9. Play .RAW file starting from a certain position.
  10. can you share the i2c interface with the audio library?
  11. Using teensy audio library with SAMD processors?
  12. Problems setting up Teensy D Audio board on Teensy 4.0
  13. Waveshaper - storing waveshape arrays in flash
  14. WavFilePlayer plays slower on FRDM K66F
  15. Adding guitar preamp to the line input
  16. I2S: How to set the BCLK to LRCLK ratio?
  17. CS42448 wiring
  18. Greetings and a first, simple question
  19. PDM for simple audio ouput (no i2s DAC)
  20. CMSIS 5.3.0 and CMSIS_DSP 1.7.0 on teensy 4
  21. Tuner on 4.0 multiple inputs?
  22. Teensy 4 and Rev D Audio Board - LESSON LEARNED
  23. Eye candy for audio data on 320x240 display for halloween costume?
  24. Impulse Responses for Dummies
  25. Vocoders, inverse FFTs, and custom audio objects/blocks in the Audio library?
  26. A quick question on the SD card.
  27. Voltage rating of DC blocking caps on Teensy Audio Board
  28. Switching inputs on Audio Board?
  29. NXP Gyroscope no Longer in production, what does this mean for the Prop Shield?
  30. Teensy 3.6 noise
  31. T4 Audioboard LRCLK + BCLK alternative location
  32. Accessing Audio Objects from an Array
  33. Filter Fq modifier introducing noise when amplitude is greater than zero
  34. AudioEffectFreeverbStereo - self-resonates with (internal) noise impulse?
  35. No sound TEENSY4_AUDIO with Teensy 4.0
  36. Output I2S Question
  37. Teensy 3.0 Buttons to USB MIDI example port failed to open with Pocket Midi
  38. Writing Directly to DAC (pt8211)
  39. PT8211 + Teensy4?
  40. Can't get 8th WAV File to play
  41. ADC in free running on Teensy 3.6
  42. AFSK demodulation
  43. Teensy 3.6 and Audio board header connection
  44. is posible to read AudioSynthWaveform out as data?
  45. Using AudioStream::allocate() from AudioControl objects
  46. Teensy4 AudioMemoryUsageMax caps at 54
  47. Audio Library, SPI Peripherals, and T3.6
  48. Interfacing 32Fs I2S CODEC
  49. high level question- commercial 'analog' synths compared to audio library
  50. Can't get simple MIDI OUT working
  51. Adding AudioInputAnalog breask the project
  52. Arduino Music Player on Teensy Audio Shield
  53. teensy4 Spdif
  54. Changing AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES causes problem
  55. Audio Lib inits in other than main.cpp
  56. SD Card Test ->SD card is not connected or unusable :-(
  57. Read raw audio file and get sample value
  58. use of usdfs or sdFs in an audio object
  59. 20W I2S Audio Amplifier Board
  60. Beginner Trying to make analog/digital hybrid synth with a Teensy 4.0
  61. MicroDexed Teensy 4
  62. Loop run just once
  63. Solution for 8ch Audio Output and 8 PWM Servos?
  64. Testing audio shield vs PT8211 vs on-board DAC for audio synthesis
  65. Detection time for noteFrequency in teensy audio lib
  66. 2x PCM1808 ADCs recording LR ch. each (I2S quad input?) on T4 and also 1 DAC UDA1334
  67. Audio to Light
  68. Teensy 4.0 quad output question
  69. Storing audio files on external SD card in SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER
  70. 24bit-48KHz I2S input on Teensy 4.0
  71. How to utilise digital filter for raw adc data
  72. Teensy 4.0 MQS Audio Pin direct connection to "AUDIO in" of my TV?
  73. PWM as Audio Out ... Code Example for Teensy 4?
  74. Switch I2S Timing Source on the Fly
  75. Teensy 4 SPDIF input + ASRC
  76. audio shield rev C and rev D TX and RX pins
  77. Changing effects at run time
  78. Distorted sound if multiple waveforms are played.
  79. Hard Oscillator Sync w Audio Library
  80. Teensy 3.1, Noise in SD record/play with minimal components
  81. USB Host turning envelopes on and off?
  82. adcHighPassFilterEnable();
  83. "Phaser" sound from microphone
  84. CMSIS 5.6.0 DSP 1.6 on T3.6
  85. Parts for audio shield's line out
  86. Audio array processing with multiple MEMS microphones
  87. Bypass equivalence
  88. Multichannel AudioInputUSB and AudioOutputUSB
  89. Ethernet audio library ready to beta test
  90. Audio designer - Filters only self-oscillate in the harmonic series?
  91. Audio Shield lino out x 4 by OP-AMP
  92. little "click" when playing/stopping wav file
  93. Teensy 3.6 ADC PDB interrupt
  94. PeakMeterMono Example Error Compiling on Teensy 4.0
  95. Teensy 3.6, receiving MIDI data via PC, via usb
  96. audio output : noise when using builtin DACS
  97. Wavetable Synthesis From SD Card
  98. Arduino 1.8.10 & Teensyduino 1.49b3: no audio library yet?
  99. Queue synchronization?
  100. PT8211 alternative
  101. What is the current state of Audio Library support for the Teensy 4.0?
  102. Soundfile playback rate?
  103. Wavetable synthesis, W25Q128JVSIM
  104. Question about minimal required pin hookups between Teensy 4.0 and audio adapter
  105. Missing image (now reduced in size) from Guitar effects unit
  106. Design of multi effects unit for guitar
  107. Audio shield crashes when switching songs/files
  108. Is it possible to disable the playback side of the teensy audio?
  109. how to use external flash memory with audio shield ?
  110. Getting the audio editor up and running on Teensy 4.0
  111. Teensy 4.0: Audible noise with external delay.
  112. teensy 4 sgtl5000 connections
  113. CS42448 board update for T4 pinouts and improved performance
  114. Teensy 4.0 - Toslink optical output
  115. "pocket operator" style teensy effects board - design review
  116. AudioInputAnalog pin selection broken at compile time? (Teensy4)
  117. Ham radio monitor
  118. My code stops running every time with most of My sketches. example included.
  119. Teensy 4.0 I2S (no Audio Shield) + 4 MEMS microphones - working only 2
  120. FM synthesis block, audio design tool.
  121. changing patchcords in the loop?
  122. Custom TDM board - what did I do wrong?
  123. Teensy Audio board + A-weighting
  124. how to trigger monophonic synth with MIDI ?
  125. Teensy 3.5 with Audio Board rev B - not work
  126. Four Channel Frequency Detection, Suggestions Please.
  127. Notes and Volts Synth tutorial, polyphonic expansion
  128. PT8215, cheap I2S A/D
  129. Teensy 4 i2s quad to oct input working
  130. T3.6 + audio board glitching at AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES 64
  131. PT8215 cheap I2S D/A
  132. Understanding queue and buffers
  133. How can I save memory when switching between multiple audio effect options?
  134. Low profile arrangement of Teensy + Audio shield?
  135. How to analogRead() and use adc?
  136. Where to start with all this?
  137. Teensy 4.0 synthesizer
  138. Accessing 128 bit sample packets
  139. use any I2S board in place of the Audio Adaptor Board?
  140. help reseting the phase of sine
  141. Sampling 44.1kHz
  142. Audio Router Module?
  143. Audio noise, audio shield, effectiveness of isolation
  144. Single cycle wavetable, transients and spiking.
  145. Issue Subtracting Left Line-In from Right Line-in on Audio Shield to Noise Cancel
  146. Recommended microphone setup for capturing environmental sounds
  147. Input for Audio Shield
  148. I2S pins - Teensy 3.6
  149. Toggle Source of SGTL5000 headphone out
  150. Dynamic audio patching
  151. Any interest in sf2 single cycle fonts?
  152. sgtl5000 I2S question...
  153. Teensy 4.0 I2S2 configuration....
  154. Cant compile code based on audioshield example
  155. Audio Recorder, Can't Hear Playback
  156. AudioAnalyzePeak::read()=1.0 ... means?
  157. change I2S BCK ratio ?
  158. Teensy LC support in audio library?
  159. FFT from live sound
  160. AudioAnalyzeFFT1024 two instances doesn't work
  161. Teensy 4.0 : Adat input ?!
  162. AudioOutputUSB & AudioOutputUSB Teensy 4.0
  163. Teensy 4.0 Sound from Electret Bob to FFT
  164. Audio resolution of Teensy 4.0
  165. teensy 4 audiomemory maximum delay is about 2.5seconds
  166. Audio shield and Teensy not really working
  167. Seeking BASIC example for AudioSynthWaveform or similar driving Teensy 3.1 DAC pin
  168. Phase Correct Square Wave to Audio Sine Signal on a GIOP?
  169. Stream audio data from Arduino/Teensy to Teensy w/ audio shield
  170. won't compile, one wire crossed......
  171. Tap Tempo
  172. Grain duration
  173. Help with using filters for a x-over
  174. Down Sampling
  175. AudioOutput I2S does not work with Wire.h
  176. Audio Shield microphone input simple question
  177. Send microphone audio with bluetooth to headphones
  178. Audio Library Synth Generator to AudioRecordQueue, Teensy 4.0 w/ Audio Shield
  179. Controlling SK6812 LEDs while using Audio Shield
  180. Audio shield headphone jack and wix820
  181. 4 Operator FM Synth w/ Teensy 3.2
  182. External Jack Input Teensy Audio shield
  183. AudioOutputI2S on Teensy 4.0 not working? Hair puller!
  184. AudioPlayQueue memory issue?
  185. PC Audacity recording of teensy & audio shield as USB audio device not working
  186. Interface converter with FPGA board
  187. Audio board and Teensy 4.0 pinout
  188. Teensy 4.0 without shield
  189. Senior design project UIUC
  190. Feasibility of i2s project
  191. Teensy USB Name
  192. use of potentiometer on audio shield
  193. AudioInputUSB' does not name a type
  194. Read/Write Buffer
  195. How do I play off the Teensy Audioshield (SGT5000) DAC?
  196. Teensy 4.0 Audio Shield; 344Hz buzz when using line-in
  197. Working on interfaces to EVAL-ADAU1777 for Analog Devices ADAU1777 CODEC
  198. Strange latency with enevlope
  199. More Background for Writing Audio Objects in C++
  200. W25Q128FV Memory on Audio Shield
  201. Cracks instead of delay
  202. Teensy eurorack Panel
  203. How many inputs can be processed?
  204. Playing soundfile and driving stepper motors at the same time?
  205. T4 Audio questions (balance with mixers, filters, combine..)
  206. Stop WAV files from queuing
  207. What programmable gain amp to use?
  208. Teensy 4 i2c FFT -> no data
  209. Audio Player with External Battery Inconsistency
  210. Connecting a Teensy 3.6 to mic in on an Android phone?
  211. CY15B104Q-SXI or CY15B104QN-50SXI for DELAY_EXT?
  212. Audio Tutorial Filter questions
  213. Dynamic Audio Connections
  214. LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer (USB Based)
  215. i2s microphone from (rasp pi) google voice hat ??
  216. Teensy 4.0 filters without audio shield
  217. SD Card filename struggles
  218. play raw audio files from flash memory
  219. 8.3 FORMAT - STILL NO SOUND (even though I can get SDTEST1.WAV to play fine)
  220. SV Filter - Higher resonance / self oscillate?
  221. Measure WM8731 (and SGTL5000) CODEC ADC's
  222. Memory for audio card
  223. Audio GUI for T4
  224. Teensy 3.6 USB Midi Mac Connect Akai MPK Keyboard
  225. I2S input connections confusion: BM23 and Teensy 3.6
  226. USB Audio & Frank B's samplerate change code
  227. Adafruit TFT ILI9341 for Visualizer
  228. RAW headerless file playing at a super slow BPM
  229. Record on SD using AudioStream
  230. midi 2.0
  231. i2s slave on teensy 4
  232. Teensy 4.0 + Quad Audio + Flash Chip(s)
  233. Using digital MEMS microphones with long lines
  234. CS42448 TDM problem
  235. routing data stream to audio objects of audio lib
  236. Clock generation and configuration for sgtl5000
  237. Sine wave phase question
  238. Creating new objects using existing ones (AudioStreams, AudioConnections)
  239. I'm In Need of Help with Audio Crossfades (Teensy 4.0 Audio Shield Rev D)
  240. Teensy 3.6 and UDA1334A I2S Right pinout? - White Noise!
  241. PDM Microphone guidance/examples? Is PDM+I2S Possible?
  242. noteFreq object - frequency detection speed ?
  243. Using XPT2046_Touchscreen Library with Audio Shield
  244. CS42448 board pin update for teens 4?
  245. Controlling effect parameters.
  246. High quality audio streaming using NRF24 (working) - Sample rate synchronization
  247. Question about copy_to_fft_buffer function in analyze_fft1024.cpp
  248. Connecting together multiple boards
  249. Changing the playback speed on Play Flash raw
  250. turning a extra MIDI Output into a MIDI thru