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  1. USE_TEENSY3_OPTIMIZED_CODE distorts SD playback
  2. TeensyUserInterface w/ Audio design tool
  3. Teensy 4.0 Synthesizer Project - Crashing Issues
  4. Monitoring AudioOutputUSB from Teensy 4.0
  5. Audioboard (CS42448) running 24 bit
  6. biquad filters - how to ?
  7. Drum elements in an array - Dynamic variable type confusion
  8. Drums with delay does not work.
  9. Teensy 4 PCM5242 Audio Shield - Stereo Balanced/Single Ended DAC Module
  10. Pitch shift vocoder/voice changer using teensy 4.0 and audio shield/prop shield?
  11. Optimizing Teensy for Polyphony
  12. Audio lib not functioning properly on Teensy 3.2
  13. Teensy 4.0, I2S, AudioPlayQueue, Timer interrupts & more
  14. QUAD SPI while using Audio Shield?
  15. Teensy 4.0 Audio Toolkit and Shield - An Open Source Audio IO Project in Kicad
  16. I can't get the envelope to work
  17. Teensy 4 + audio board guitar pedal
  18. WAV track randomly fails to load, locks up Teensy
  19. Logarithmic / More Natural Fade with Release
  20. teensy 4.0 - 16 channels TDM output
  21. Can't get FFT1024 to work with Teensy 4.0 and SPH0645 I2S Mic
  22. [q] Audio Library Play wav form SD card and write log simultaneously
  23. Please test this example on Teensy 3.6 for me
  24. using the eeprom for audio sample memory + Audio Library (playQueue Vs audio object)
  25. 2 track playback device - seeking elegant/effective solution for transport controls
  26. Guide/tips for writing custom audio effects for Teensy Audio Library
  27. Porting moog ladder filters to audio objects?
  28. Audi Shield - Micro SD Card
  29. need help with audio latency and noteFreq object
  30. Teensy 4.0 + Audio Library + Bluefruit LE SPI/BLE MIDI issues
  31. Simple ranging with Teensy 4. Recurring beeps + FFT trouble
  32. Help getting sound samples to play from SD card
  33. 48kHz 8i80 USB Audio
  34. TDM Out sending data even if inputs not connected
  35. How to connect S/PDIF coaxial as input to a Teensy 4?
  36. Brain transplant! De-BOSS-ing a ME-70 with a Teensy 4.0
  37. AudioPlaySdWav in an object?
  38. Write from SD Card to RAM
  39. I2S conflict with touchscreen?
  40. TDM CLK settings
  41. Wav playback does not work. Do you see what is wrong in my code?
  42. Please help
  43. Audio stops and strong ground hum takes its place with protoboard
  44. XLR Input on Audio Shield
  45. Teensy 4.0 PCM1865 Audio Shield - 4 channel ADC with balanced/single ended + preamp
  46. tlv320aic3206 audio ADC?
  47. Unable to get DAC working on Teensy 3.6
  48. Ranging using Teensy 4 + mic and speaker, timing variance issue
  49. Sharing some work and asking a couple questions
  50. SD card test, strange results
  51. Noise from USB Host connector on Teensy 3.6 internal DAC
  52. Linker Issue with including 2 Faust objects
  53. DC processors in the GUI
  54. On AudioPlaySdWav to play drum machine samples
  55. Polyphase decomposition to channelize audio input. Anyone done this on a Teensy?
  56. Fresh AudioShield Rev D not working
  57. phase() Not working
  58. Help controlling Audio Library parameters with pots, without Audio Shield
  59. Flash Memory help
  60. Looking for a CS42448 breakout to buy in the UK
  61. What Timer is used to derive the 44.1khz clock the audio library runs at?
  62. AudioDelayEffect() Maximum Delay Time on Teensy 4.0
  63. Point Triangulation from Sound with high accuracy
  64. Teensy 4 audio ticking with audio board and Neopixels
  65. Removing audio tool references to <SD.h> and <SerialFlash.h>
  66. Vector Math
  67. Teensy-4.1 and Teensy audio shield (on MicroDexed)
  68. ADAT white noise on Teensy 4.0
  69. Audio Board Equivalent for Custom PCB
  70. Audio Equalizer using FIR
  71. Low latency FFT to OSC for AV-shows
  72. Teensy 4: No Blink or sound for Tutorial Part 1 05 'Do More While Playing'
  73. Playing multiple WAV files at the same time - SD settings
  74. Pedvide ADC library with 4 microphones
  75. Teensy 4.0 Quad I2s with 2x PCM5102a - Working!
  76. SGTL5000 audio board codec on SPI bus
  77. #define USE_TEENSY3_OPTIMIZED_CODE for playing back multiple samples on T4 - how?
  78. Audio Board Voltage Regulator?
  79. How Does Output Object Timing Work?
  80. External Speaker & Audio Shield Question
  81. AudioInputAnalog - Change ADC Reference Voltage
  82. Ethernet Audio library and web server in one project(?)
  83. Teensy 4 Audio Library with ASIO4ALL for Low-Latency Playback
  84. Which pin is OUT1A on Teensy 4.1?
  85. WavFilePlayer Clicks, pops and crunchy noises - solved but WHY?!
  86. Is there a way to increase the audio lib buffer?
  87. Problem with audio teensy
  88. Teensy4 with PCM5100 i2sslave, no sound
  89. Dropped Frames Using AudioInputUSB Object
  90. MIDI SYSEX buffer to small (USB-MIDI)
  91. TOSlink part is obsolete at digikey.com
  92. Unable to get FFT or SpectrumAnalyzer examples working
  93. Flash Mem Soldering Help
  94. Quad channel audio input through USB on T3.6 or T4.1
  95. Teensy 4.1 and 4-channel audio (AudioInputI2SQuad)
  96. USB Audio Frame Sync on Teensy 4.0
  97. teensy audio pc layout
  98. What actually happens when an audio effect's update function takes too long?
  99. How Come My Servo Won't Activate? RMS to Servo Map for Animatronics.
  100. reading S/PDIF data with Teensy 3.6 (or 4) for a beginner
  101. Pixel (Teensy Pixie) SDR
  102. Which Pin Headers for Teensy 4.0 and Audio Board rev. D
  103. Clicking noise When turning amplitude Knob coming from hardware or software ?
  104. Attempting to send voltage to teenssy board via Arduino.
  105. Can i use an envelope output in code?
  106. Issue with wavetable sound
  107. SGTL5000: Influence setting lineOutLevel() the output signal level?
  108. Generalized FIR Filter Block
  109. openaudion_arduinoLibrary not useable on t4 t4.1
  110. triangle & sawtooth oscillators : how to deal with aliasing ?
  111. Array handling in the audio tool.
  112. MI Braids into an audio object
  113. T 4.1 + MEMORY EXPANSION CHIP for queue object
  114. using a power in teensy gui.
  115. Looking for contractor for synth projects
  116. Best WS2812 Library to use with Audio Library
  117. Teensy 3.2 SPDIF and I2S
  118. Can AudioZero Library be modified to play 12bit audio on Teensy LC?
  119. Documentation Request and a Question
  120. Connecting Two Teensys via I2S
  121. Audio Board I2C Voltage Shift?
  122. Teensy 4.0 + Audio Adapter + WS2818Serial
  123. Creating custom audio objects with many inputs/outputs.
  124. CS42448 boot issues
  125. Connecting TOSLINK/SPDIF signal of a TV to Teensy 3.6 DAC
  126. Printing Audio Design
  127. Problem changing AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES
  128. Mixers and multiple sounds example
  129. ESP32 with teensy audio Shield/library?
  130. Mounting issues
  131. Does anyone have the SGTL5000 filter spreadsheet file?
  132. Can i modulate the delay time?
  133. definition of the signed_multiply_32x16t() function
  134. Simple audio object which acquires an audio block - what's wrong with this code?
  135. Problems about using multiple audio objects, T4
  136. Live music performance with 5x Teensy 4.1 & 1x Tsunami
  137. Questions on documentation and screen choice for Teensy with Dual Audio Adapters?
  138. Audio Play queue help
  139. Teensy Synth crackling sound when midi notes trigger
  140. Difference between MCLK1 and MCLK2
  141. Using Teensy onboard ADC with audio library
  142. Question regarding effect of changing sampling rate and block sample size on queues
  143. Teensy 4 - FFT1024 from audiolib and ILI9341 display not work
  144. Direct audio samples into Audio Library objects
  145. Teensy 4.0 I2S connections to TAS2770
  146. A little FFT demo for 480x320 TFT (HX8357D)
  147. Glitch when Playing Audio from SD card in Teensy 3.2
  148. S/PDIF Input to Teensy
  149. Teensy Organ
  150. Teensy 4.1 DAC Output
  151. hydrophone with pre-amp connected to Audio board
  152. A subharmonic synthesiser and polymetric sequencer with Teensy 4 and audio library
  153. getting cv/gate in and out into and out of teensy
  154. connecting a MIDI keyboard to my teensy 4.0
  155. Teensy Audio + GNURadio
  156. Phasemodulation changes amplitude
  157. Teensy Audio Shield Not Detecting Anything from AUDIO_INPUT_LINEIN
  158. Teensy Audio + Ethernet
  159. Audio Shield rev D with Teensy 4.1 output is low pass filtered!
  160. Differences in Timers
  161. How to achieve linear FM with waveform modulated?
  162. How to combine a mono and a stereo line inputs
  163. Latency Teensy 4
  164. Question about waveform modulated.
  165. Teensy 4.0, audio shield, and RN52SRC
  166. Teensy 4.1 - Using the audio shield with other SPI devices
  167. Non- linear adc dac, and floating point audio library?
  168. Amplitude Modulation with offset
  169. zero crossing audio object for frequency detection
  170. DD4WH Convolution Filter Audio Object- truncating impulse responses
  171. Problems With Coding My First Teensy 4.0 Sawtooth Synth
  172. New to teensy audio, done some audio DIY
  173. Dynamic Audio Connection Bug?
  174. Accept audio at 16khz , 16bit via USB.
  175. Sound Generation with T4.0 and AudioShield RevD
  176. issue Using Pin Interrupt and I2C with Audio Library
  177. Fun with FM synthesis
  178. Power supply for Teensy 4 + Audio Adaptor?
  179. Teensy 4.0 I2S MIC Breaks FastLED
  180. PDM audio into the teensy
  181. FSK Demodulation with ADSR
  182. Settings waveform modulated phase.
  183. New Audio Object: polyBLEP Oscillator with bandlimited hard-sync
  184. Teensy used as MIDI receiver
  185. Nuts and Volts Synth
  186. I2S Timing Issues
  187. Teensy 4.1 noise when adjusting audio delay effects delay length.
  188. Teensy 4.0 and Talkie Library
  189. Need more sound sample memory
  190. Nonlinear Decay with Effect_Envelope?
  191. How could I use an array in the audio synthesis Guitar example?
  192. Teensy 3.6 Development System
  193. Handle buffer overrun in AudioOutputI2S
  194. Complex Signal Modulation Synthesis - new??
  195. Struggling with SGTL5000 Auto Volume settings
  196. Soundfont decoder loop/sample index
  197. Teensyduino: Missing Audio.h
  198. Code for oscilloscope audio display wanted
  199. Delay object and memory usage
  200. Noise issues and power
  201. Teensy 4.1 and Audio board at 96 kHz sampling rate?
  202. Audio Block Compatibility
  203. Simple Teensy MPC-like Audio Sampler Launchpad
  204. Multiple Teensy Devices - NAMING
  205. Teensy 4.0 ADC FFT - Current State
  206. Audio breakout-Board Rev-D Teensy 4.(0/1)
  207. Large wavetables using waveform object.
  208. Audio System Design Tool -- Save different designs--
  209. How to read an EXTMEM array within an audio object
  210. Prop Shield
  211. Audio Library - Output audio through SPI DAC chip.
  212. Teensy 4.0 doesn't enumerate as Windows 10 USB Device
  213. Sample alignment in I2S streams - issue still present?
  214. Simple Vibrato effect
  215. USB input to I2S output does not work for Teensy4.1
  216. Teensy 4.1 and DAC PCM5102a.
  217. WaveTable audio Datas and structures on SD ?
  218. Simple SD Card Read Issue
  219. Teensy 3.2 playFlashRaw TDM polyphony
  220. Using Pins for GPIO on 3.2 with Audio Adaptor
  221. Teensy 4.0 44.1k or 44.117k for sample rate
  222. Problem with numbering of objects in Audio System Design Tool
  223. Arbitrary sized mixers
  224. Wolfson WM8960 DAC
  225. Audio Effect Delay Pops & Clicks when changing tap times
  226. DSP Noise File Filter
  227. Alternative sine-wave oscillator object
  228. Teensy 4.0 Alternate I2S Pins
  229. Audiolib RMS/PEAK value range
  230. Maximum Simultaneous File Playback T4 + Audio Board
  231. Streaming audio through USB using Teensy 4.1 and Digilent Pmod I2S2 board
  232. Faster pitch detection algorithm
  233. Formant Isolation
  234. Cheap Audio output on Teensy 4.x ?
  235. Quick way to convert wav file audio to bytes I can paste into a header file?
  236. SuperCollider on Teensy
  237. External DSP only for fx
  238. Teensy 4.0 Audio Project Multiplexer Wiring Help
  239. well done...
  240. 909 drum machine using realtime dynamic sample selection?
  241. Understanding the Teensy Example Codes
  242. Can volume change percision
  243. Silly C++ question re: "utility/dspinst.h"
  244. Audio lib ..Oscillator object can it be run above 22k ?
  245. Pitch control of sample playback: current state of things?
  246. Hammond style vibrato/chorus via circuit simulation
  247. pro and con of teensy versions for midi/audio
  248. Writing Directly to SGTL5000 CODEC DACs
  249. Debugging tips and tricks
  250. MAX98390 5W DSP Audio Chip Paul has been testing?