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  1. Distortion from running too slow?
  2. New Teensy 4.1 DIY Synthesizer
  3. Crosstalk / noise on audio
  4. Audio to UDP
  5. periodic freeze with FastLED
  6. Working with New Audio Objects
  7. Partitoned Convolution and EXTMEM perfromance
  8. No PC speaker audio from Teensy 3.2
  9. Draw filter curves on the display
  10. Can DMA to i2s Data Transfer Get Corrupted by a Write to Source Location
  11. Audio issues with Teensy 4.1 + Audio Board
  12. Teensy 4 guitar/mic mixer project
  13. my new project - any help appreciated
  14. Realtime Audio Reversing - is it possible using Teensy?
  15. AudioPlayMemory array layout?
  16. audio input/output noise
  17. play 1/2 second of audio at x2 x3... speed
  18. audio clock slip
  19. Applying ADSR to a filter?
  20. Linux audio device bug? + toslink on T4
  21. Possible to use AudioEffectEnvelope with analogWrite()?
  22. SD wave playback stutters on T4.1
  23. CPU Cycle Counter Formula in AudioStream
  24. Teensymoog desktop sound module
  25. Audio shield noise Teensy 4.0 / Raspberry Pi 4
  26. Running AudioAnalyzeNoteFrequency as quickly as possible
  27. micGain also changes LineLevel?
  28. I2S slave mode
  29. Can the Teensy 4.0 + audio shield Rev D play wav files and record simultaneously?
  30. General question about ADC inputs
  31. Using a T4.1 to play a WAV file from the audio shield on a separate T4.0
  32. Basic I2S Write function
  33. Iconic vintage synths with Teensy?
  34. I2S input -> Mixer <- playSDWav: should that be possible?
  35. Problem with multiple WaveformMod objects for teensy polyphonic synth
  36. Getting the best performance with SD cards and the audio library
  37. Closer consecutive Midi in readings
  38. Teensy 4.0 I2S with 768kHz stereo with TLV320ADC6140
  39. Set bit in register of sgtl5000 - how?
  40. start wav playback at specific time
  41. Interfacing Line in (audio in) and line out (audio out) on Teensy 4.0
  42. Access to Teensy pins through Blackaddr audio board
  43. Teency 4.1 i2s dac reccomendation
  44. Getting started Teensy 4.1 and audio shield rev B
  45. Plans for a Basic Compressor for Audio Library?
  46. Wavefolder possible?
  47. launching sound with push button
  48. Problem with adapter for using a Rev. B audio shiel with a T_4.1 (for MicroDexed)
  49. PT8211 and Teensy 4
  50. Audio Adapter Mic Bias - Can It Be Disabled?
  51. Dynamic Audio Connection Bug? A new one!
  52. Wacky MIDI readings from a 4067 multiplexer, until a delay is applied.
  53. phase correlation meter
  54. Teensy 4 with Audio Sheild Makes Noise
  55. how about an Audio Shield Lite?
  56. playSdWav in for loop
  57. usb virtual MIDI ports
  58. AudioOutputI2SQuad and memcpy_tointerleaveQuad
  59. New project with Teensy 4.1, DAC ADC and Analogs electronic....
  60. problem of noob with potentiometer
  61. SD Socket / Footprint
  62. Teensy reading SPDIF and triggering 12V to activate amp
  63. Simple Way to add Polyphony
  64. Project idea (phased mic array calibration for event recording)
  65. scaling detected frequency range in spectrum analyzer
  66. teensy dub siren and delay feedback problem
  67. Teensy 3.2 DAC output options / ideas
  68. .wav to Arbitrary Waveform
  69. Teensy 4.0 Audio 48kHz Sample Rate
  70. Need help amplify Teensy 4.0 for PA sound
  71. read analog input from 3.5mm jack? with audio board ( with fun images!)
  72. Cannot get any audio from Teensy 4.1 and Rev D Audio Shield
  73. help for pitch lfo
  74. band limited waveforms
  75. Recording while playback
  76. Ferrite 600 on the audio adaptor board?
  77. Making Faust run on Teensy 4.0 - Programmable Audio Workshop 2020
  78. Stream audio to a browser
  79. potentiometer controller for Teensy (D&D)
  80. AudioEffectRectifier Causing Audio Underrun / Dropouts
  81. basic PCB / audioshield question - HF noise
  82. Issue Modifying the SimpleDrum Example - Any help appreciated
  83. MIDI input from sequencer (help) Teensy 4.0
  84. Multichannel audio over IP
  85. Memory allocation for short sample playback
  86. Teensy 4.1 Wavetable Synth
  87. Audio recording with teensy audio shield 4.x
  88. SPH0645 with Teensy 4.X Audio Board?
  89. Can't change 7 segment display
  90. T4 with Audio Shield, FIR filtering, and Nextion display
  91. Various I2S chips output levels, questions, and opinion on options
  92. Sound interface (audio from and to the teensy) and bidirectional serial
  93. playSdWav By Only Using Part of File Name
  94. Static in mic input
  95. setI2SFreq fails on T4.x when sampling frequency is 8000Hz
  96. duplicate I2S out
  97. Setting up custom I2S communication
  98. Connecting MIDI-Keyboard with Macbook using Teensy 4.0 + Audio Adaptor Board
  99. SGTL5000 volume(level);
  100. Basic I2S Input Example for T4.x
  101. Possible to detect pulses over an audio cable without audio board/ADC?
  102. stuck with polyphony (last note priority)
  103. problem compiling tutorial example
  104. Using the Teensy audio board as an effects loop bug
  105. "clics" when playing from SD card
  106. Teensy as Audio (Matrix) Mixer and ADAT convert
  107. Is Two TDM input data bus on a Teensy 4.1 possible?
  108. Software control of AudioConnection types
  109. Why does MIDI.read() pass MIDI from Input to Output?
  110. Use core adc1 instead of adc0 with AudioInputAnalog in order to make analogread ?
  111. Use core adc1 instead of adc0 with AudioInputAnalog in order to make analogread ?
  112. I2c issues & amplitude modulation
  113. Crackling when Processor usage reaches 35%
  114. BLE I2S Teensy audio board and I2S BLE
  115. Audio filter
  116. Audio Adaptor Shield REVD Kicad Symbol and Footrpint
  117. freeverb noise ?
  118. i2s input problem on Teensy4.0 with 32-bit transfers
  119. Constant-Q Transform on T4 w/ Audio Shield
  120. set min/max frequency with AudioAnalyzeFFT1024?
  121. USB host mode audio
  122. Playing audio from PSRAM.
  123. Extreme audio problems when USB Serial not in use
  124. larger soundfonts on SD or flash memory
  125. Is it possible to rename the individual ports in MIDIx4 or MIDIx16 mode?
  126. Changing DC level freezes Teensy
  127. pots
  128. Codec recommendations please for standalone keyboard/sequencer
  129. T4.0 working as Quad inputs with 2 audio Shields Rev D
  130. Help! Tsynth / Audio board problem with lifted VGND pad
  131. Stereo Plate Reverb for Teensy4.x
  132. soundfontdecoder.exe
  133. Scale Volume (0-1) to Logarithmic Volume (0-1)
  134. The I2S INMP441 microphone and the Teensy Audio Library?
  135. Currently purchasable audio codecs
  136. Teensy LC, audio library support?
  137. teensy 4 issue
  138. SGTL5000 line-out sometimes doesn't work?
  139. resource for SGTL5000 methods
  140. multiples usbMIDI Teensy 4.1 on the same USB HUB problem
  141. freeverb "ringing" modulation
  142. Programmable guitar/microphone effect pedal
  143. Losing COM Serial Port when adding StreamAudio object
  144. Best cheap stereo headphone and line level dac?
  145. display spectrum with logarithmically horizontal scale
  146. How to reduce power supply noise
  147. Audio library, I2S DAC oversampling?
  148. TLV320AIC3110 Codec breakout
  149. Teensy 4.1 MQS and the ILI9341_t3 library ?
  150. JayShoe's Pro Audio Series - Teensy 4 ADC & DAC Audio Shield - TLV320ADC5140 PCM5242
  151. Bandlimited waveforms for Teensy Audio library :)
  152. List of supported Audio Lib Hardware
  153. Teensy 4.1 I2S Pins - Map to different pins?
  154. sgtl5000 ADC lineInLevel() Gain Control
  155. Using the Audio Record Queue Object to get Raw ADC Data
  156. Unable to use audio library for ADC input of teensy4.0
  157. Can Granular simulate an EH POG pedal?
  158. Audio Library Mixer Gain bug?
  159. audio block size change and AudioEffectBitcrusher issue
  160. Looking for a Library AUDIOSHIELD_REVD.lib
  161. Teensy 3.6 SoundTest and WAVPlayer works with test files but not my own
  162. Strange error in complilig sketch for Simplewavetable
  163. Teensy or Mozzi ? Don't know what to choose.
  164. Status of Audio Library for Teensy 4.x?
  165. Teensy 4 + HiFiBerry DAC
  166. Music installation with visual Feedback
  167. Custom audio object issues
  168. audio objects 'update' relations
  169. Custom resonant variable filters
  170. sgtl5000 Delay from ADC to DAC
  171. Audio Library with -fexceptions
  172. Hydrophone amplifier and sampling
  173. 8 Channel TDM Audio Test Source
  174. USB Audio for Teensy 4
  175. I need help getting Faust code to run on teensy
  176. Teensy 3.2 48KHz noise issue on Mac OR windows
  177. Synthesizing sine wave and playing it like a wave sound
  178. Teensy as USB Audio interface for Mic / Line in
  179. Teensy 3.2 PropShield no Audio
  180. Multi channel audio over USB
  181. How to chose the right speaker
  182. I can only program in Assembly Language - help?
  183. Reduce Artifacts in a Granular Synth Project?
  184. envelope without note off
  185. USB Host device powered by Teensy 3.6 host port or power rails.. which is advisable?
  186. Audio Sinal Inverter Using Teensy 4.1
  187. Voice Authentication with FFT
  188. OPEN SOURCE BOUNTY: volumeInput(); similar to volume();
  189. Control Surface with Teensy for Beginners
  190. ham radio DSP processor source posted on github
  191. Envelope Object Stops I2S Input Sound
  192. General guidance needed on MP3 (22.05kHz & MTP)
  193. Interference between SDFat/SDIO and I2S on T4.1
  194. Teensy 3.5/4.1 Standalone Synthesizer - Trying Modular DYI approach
  195. Issues playing 2 WAV files
  196. Implementing built-in speaker
  197. 12 stage Phaser effect
  198. Audio adaptor board - low output level after turning on SGTL5000 audio processor
  199. F32 Audio Spectrum/Waterfall guidance - AudioAnalyzeFFT1024_F32
  200. wav2sketch inside Teensyduino
  201. MidiSynth Wavetable Examples Don't Compile for 4.1
  202. Hearing I2C Transmission In Audio Output? (Teensy 4.1/3.6)
  203. Can't get the "guitar" example to output to USB?
  204. Repurposing the 1/8" jack on the audio shield to be a Line In jack
  205. Cannot get Teensy Audio shield line out to produce sound
  206. sgtl5000 32 bit ADC and DAC
  207. Using a "real" microphone?
  208. Read analog input value in Volts
  209. Teensy 4.x + audioboard, Microphone and speaker feedbackloop
  210. Resampling I2S slave inputs at the T4/ T4.1
  211. NLMS Audio Echo Cancellation 2016 Code Modification
  212. Help me decide on a DAC for a poly synth
  213. How does AudioSynthWaveformDc work?
  214. Attempting to make an internal bpm/clock
  215. "Plop" while using PULSE or SQUARE waveforms with envelope
  216. Group Multiple Audio Objects into One Class