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  1. Audio Library
  2. Teensy 3.1 Audio Shield FFT Problems
  3. MP3-Player Lib, with example
  4. Change sample rate for Audio Adaptor Board for Teensy 3.0 & 3.1 FFT
  5. Looking to make a MIDI controller for a guitar pedal that has a USB port
  6. Audio Library Tutorial ?
  7. Error running an Audio library example sketch
  8. Audio Adaptor Board to manipulate cv signal
  9. Teensy 3.1 + Audio Board polyphony - how many is too many?
  10. Drum Trigger
  11. Granular Synthesis with Teensy and Audio Adaptor
  12. Project Guidance - FFT/Frequency Detection from Piezo pickup - Total Noob
  13. Envelope detector and VCA with Teensy's Audio library
  14. Audio Library Latency from SD Card
  15. KISS FTT Library Port
  16. Stand alone Audio Design Tool (please help, browswer testing)
  17. Audio Reactive Teensy - any open source code or guidance?
  18. Audio Library Tutorial
  19. Teensy FSR based MIDI controller
  20. My Teensy 3.1 Commodore SID Emulation / Player
  21. How hard can this be!!! MIDI CC to Hardware
  22. Voice Modulator Guidance
  23. Different-Range FFT Algorithm
  24. How to send and recieve audio over the internet
  25. Why cant i play this file on the Teensy audio card
  26. Playing Small WAV file from onboard memory - without the audio shield
  27. Teensy 3.1 Midi - USB Interface: 1 in+2 Out/Thru (split) + Midi Controller
  28. 8x8 MIDI interface patchbay - how to make one with teensy...
  29. Audio System Design Tool - reloaded
  30. Bitmap refresh / Audio streaming.
  31. Arduino MIDI Library 4.2 - 2 x 2 Midi Interface thru / merge
  32. Audio Library DSP object development : Faust / Max/Msp Gen~ / Pure Data libPD / STK
  33. Audio Shield / FFT / Push Button / Interrupts
  34. Adjusting the Teensy MIDI device name
  35. Audio board power consumption, etc.
  36. Teensy 3.2 for multichannel delay unit?
  37. Audio Objects in Teensy Audio Library
  38. Audio Board: to quiet and cracklings
  39. Audio System Design Tool Typo
  40. Different Audio Sources
  41. Arduino real-time audio?
  42. Internal ADC + FFT?
  43. Chossing the right opamp for teensy 3.2 DAC audio output
  44. peak and rms Audio Objects
  45. I just can't get my files to play (Teensy 3.2 and audio board)
  46. Is there a logarithmic function for FFT bin selection for any given # of bands?
  47. Pitch detection
  48. writing 16digital pins at once (for r2r dac)
  49. present my teensy-based instrument "RA"
  50. Coding audio effects, questions about emulation, synth_dc
  51. fast peak detection
  52. Modulated filter frequency
  53. Audio samples dc offset
  54. Help with delay effect
  55. USB Microphone
  56. Acoustic Echo Cancelation(AEC)
  57. Controlling oscillator frequency with the LFO (Audiolibrary)
  58. problems using HW SPI for NHD-2.8-25664UCY2 display with Teensy 3.1 and audio board
  59. Audio Library for PSK31 modem
  60. Loading and Unloading Audio Library Memory
  61. FIR filter doesn't work after using TFilter design tool
  62. Playing two (or more) RAW files
  63. Adding and removing AudioStream and AudioConnections during program execution
  64. Memory add-on options for Audio Board ...
  65. Playing wav file in looping best way
  66. Reading Samples from Mic Input
  67. Running Audio Library at 120Mhz
  68. AudioConnection costructors
  69. Play a file in subfolder
  70. always record the last 30 seconds of audio?
  71. teensy + audio shield messing with sound system
  72. Realtime Detune ???
  73. Audio Library for SN76489 Sound Generator
  74. Piezo film music pickup for frequency detection
  75. separate DSP chip, AD SHARC etc..
  76. Mutable Instruments Braids port to Teensy!?
  77. Self-created and PJRC WAV files not working in simple sketch - I'd love to know why!
  78. FFT example code for use with Arduino UNO
  79. chorus ?
  80. Audio board and serial port conflicts
  81. Question about audio board line in
  82. Analog Noise on A0, A2 but not on A9?
  83. Longer envelopes
  84. Fabulous Teensy audio automatic orchestra
  85. Effect: Remove Vocals, aka "Karaoke"
  86. Teensy audio and FastLED SPI?
  87. Creating arbitrary waveforms from single cycle waveform
  88. Audio Memory/Output Causing glitches
  89. ..Audio Delay.. HELP ME PLEASE !
  90. Good microphone for audio board?
  91. precise sample delay for Karplus-Strong-Algorithm
  92. teensy synth 101 on audio board?
  93. Audio library installation problem
  94. Teensy based MIDI foot pedal - completed
  95. Resonant frequency of an oscillating circuit
  96. Sample from Microphone
  97. Frequency to command movement in motor
  98. Physical problem with new audio board?
  99. Teensy 3.2 and a simple amplified mic... how to use AudioAnalyzeNoteFrequency?
  100. TEENSY SDR .....no compile code
  101. Amplify output from teensy audio adapter.
  102. Adjust teensy clock speed with a knob?
  103. fft doesn't run fft.available() always returns 0
  104. dacVolumeRamp()
  105. Can I access the audio board's ADC output directly?
  106. fft library behavior
  107. Pipe organ tuner
  108. I2S Data Transfer Issue
  109. stymied by a bug in my teensy audio object ...
  110. Pins Available on Teensy 3.2 with Audio Board
  111. Stacking display...
  112. Allocating memory for Maximum delay...
  113. Teensy Audio Board with 8 KHz Sample Rate in Master Mode
  114. Setting Gain on Mixer from Input
  115. Get the timer/timing information of the audio oscillator to trigger functions
  116. Audio Object intercommunications
  117. Teensy 3.2 Master and Teensy 3.2 Slave with Audio Adapter - Slave locks up in Setup()
  118. Play samples at different pitches by MIDI
  119. TEENSY 3.2 AUDIO requirements
  120. Audio PWM output to operate on a 20kHz frequency?
  121. Is there a way to disable FFT when it's not in use to free up the CPU?
  122. Audio codec (encode and decode) for teensy?
  123. AudioOctoWiz
  124. Custom Audio Software Programmer Wanted.
  125. Audio from SPI flash
  126. Teensy FM Synthesis Problems, not enough modulation
  127. Serial Flash Audio with u-law or possibly a 512 Mbit N25Q512A13G?
  128. Issue: Audio Library and NOKIA 5510 LCD Monitor... can they work together?
  129. Unable to access SD card
  130. start audio file at any point within the file
  131. Teensy - running FFT and export "result" to a PC?
  132. DAC without offset(using Audio library, how?)
  133. Stereo Queue Interleave
  134. Changing Frequency/Pitch of Audio from SD Card
  135. how to know when envelope is done?
  136. how to disable/enable the biquad filter?
  137. And also: what's the type of a sample?
  138. Extending input_adc.h to two channel
  139. I2S convert from 16-bit to 24-bit, with different sample rates
  140. Playing RAW Audio from Serial Flash
  141. Audio library/adaptor compatible w/ i2c_t3?
  142. Black or green audio adapter? RPi / bit rate?
  143. Cross Fade Issue?
  144. Change volume of sample while its playing
  145. Teensy + Trellis?
  146. AudioInputAnalog circuit sensitivity
  147. Another Audio Streaming Question
  148. Audio shield AudioInputI2S(Line In) conflict with DMXSimple?
  149. Confused about usbMIDI
  150. recording from headphones
  151. Digital crossover
  152. Elevator project video!! :)
  153. Audio Shield line out - quick question
  154. Teensy Audio Board Behaviour after Controller Reset
  155. MIDI Lfo with audio lib
  156. Teensy Audio Adapter strange I2C
  157. Audio Adapter SMD Component Identification
  158. Changing Delay time without distortion
  159. muting oscillators
  160. Teensy in news
  161. Recording line in and mic at the same time
  162. Basic Signal Cancellation/Comparison Program?
  163. Audio Adapter pin choice
  164. Teensy Audio -- Noise in Microphone Capture
  165. High frequency response of the State Variable (Chamberlin) Filter
  166. Audio library and SdFat Library
  167. Apply EQ on different channels in I2S_QUAD
  168. Teensy Audio playMem Feature Available Storage Space
  169. Teensy 3.2 Sound Level Meter (sound measurement device)
  170. USB audio?
  171. Audio library and SdFat Library crash audio
  172. Teensy 3.2 + Audio Adaptor : infrasonic posible ( 1-2Hz)?
  173. Passing through the analog audio signal
  174. Audio Latency
  175. Help with Teensy Audio board and Photon
  176. Audio Library Interfering with Servo Library
  177. Connecting additional device to audio board
  178. Userblock data array in AudioPLayQueue and AudioRecordQueue difference?
  179. Echo and tone change via rate change?
  180. Code with Audio library
  181. How to use the DS1307RTC with the teensy audioshield
  182. Guitar Input
  183. Teensy Audio: MCLK is not stable
  184. SD Read Throughput Worse on Sandisk Ultra
  185. Beginner FM synthesis - envelope question
  186. arduino compile error
  187. Audio or LEDs, but not both. Please help
  188. Just verifying that Audio library does not conflict with analogwrite
  189. Swiss Army Synth Audio Board?
  190. PWM Source to ADC Input
  191. Help - where is write( i2c addr, val ) , which is used in control_sgtl5000.cpp
  192. Detecting if headphone is plugged in.
  193. Can I use standard I2C to an external device with the audio board active?
  194. AudioInputAnalog: reading from a DAC output
  195. AudioInputUSB and AudioOutputUSB does not name a type
  196. Problem of how to get the raw value from microphone?
  197. How to turn off the MIC BIAS
  198. Pre amp Desing
  199. Audio library without Audio adapter - ADC to RMS
  200. ap7313 voltage regulator on audio board
  201. flanger not modulating.
  202. 2.8 in ili9341_touch display code differences vs ili9341_t3 library
  203. Versioning for Audio Designer?
  204. Bug in Audio/play_sd_wav.cpp
  205. using AEC code with Audio shild and teensy3.2
  206. Mains noise problem and reduced sensitivity
  207. WAV File Names?
  208. Creating custom "wrapper" audio objects
  209. arm_math.h and the FFT audio blocks
  210. audio I2s Quad + octo2811 : conflict ?
  211. Teensy 3.1 FFT Adafruit AGC Electret Microphone - first two bins not zeroing out
  212. Serial1.print() causes Audio Library / Adapter Crackling.
  213. Audio Library max sine generators
  214. New Teensy Library released: Control RFID Desfire EV1 cards with Teensy 3.2
  215. recording wave files and changing sample speed
  216. Newbee excitement
  217. How to reduce noise from ADC?
  218. Ground Loop behavior: Teensy Audio board vs Adafruit AudioFx
  219. Teensy based DIY Eurorack module - AudioFreeze
  220. On Board LED?
  221. Audio Tutorial and gain/clipping
  222. Audio lib hanging
  223. Novice questions about sound-reactive wearable project
  224. Shelf filter support for biquad
  225. Self Contained Synth
  226. FFT code question
  227. maximum file name size in characters on sd card
  228. Filters with FFT = no output
  229. How do I get the assembly files into my Visual Micro project
  230. How to Record Audio with Customized Frequency?
  231. Playing audio file from audio shield for Teensy 3.2
  232. Send raw audio data through the serialport
  233. Noise from sgtl5000
  234. Can SGTL5000's param equalizer deal with a different set of params for Left & Right?
  235. FreeRTOS and Audio Library - does it work?
  236. tonesweep weirdness
  237. Porting the Audio lib to the SAMD21 based Arduinos
  238. Bitcrush library is not correct
  239. FFT256 with signal decimation
  240. User Configurable 4 channel Color Organ
  241. very simple sine generator algorithm
  242. Playtune: MIDI to sample-based audio synthesis
  243. Audio board mic in as line in
  244. audio "sticking"
  245. Audio board and new teensy 3.6/3.5
  246. Seeking qualified, experienced developers
  247. excessive ringing on WAVEFORM waves
  248. Audio Adapter's Aux port as an Input
  249. Recording multiple audios one after another with different name and playback
  250. Changing Pitch of Voice