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  1. [posted] One Thumb Keyboard
  2. [posted] 32x32 RGB LED Matrix with a Teensy footprint
  3. [posted] Autonomously navigating rover
  4. [posted] Semi autonomous robot beach wagon
  5. [posted] Beats by Teensy
  6. [posted] Commodore C64 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  7. [posted] Antenna Analyzer
  8. [posted] Free Pendulum Clock
  9. [posted] Teensy has joined the space program
  10. [photo needed] How to make a midi controller with 16 analog inputs using Teensy LC!
  11. [posted] Air Data Computer
  12. [posted] Sony PCG-K25 Laptop Keyboard Controller with a Teensy ++2.0
  13. [posted] "Oscilloscope Music" player
  14. [posted] Thermal imaging camera
  15. [posted] MegaPixel Controller and Receiver by CCR
  16. [posted] Bolder Flight Systems
  17. [posted] (yet another) MIDI to CV Converter!
  18. [posted] Gltich Delay - Eurorack audio module
  19. [posted] Si5351 Signal Generator with Teensy Controller
  20. [posted] LED Table with Bubble Wall (was: Thank you, all of you!)
  21. [posted] Teensy Powered - HD Radio
  22. [posted] Solar-powered, Teensy LC controlled chairoplane-model
  23. [posted] Custom gem stone Trackball
  24. [posted] MIDI Joystick
  25. [posted] 31 Teensy's and counting in my 737-300 FlightSim
  26. [queued] Teensy32/DUE carrier board
  27. [queued] RA8875 CW monitor with 5" TFT display acts as a monitor
  28. [posted] Simple Hauptwerk Display and USB-MIDI MIDI Monitor.
  29. [deleted] 3D Printer Teensy 3.6 controller board
  30. [posted] Uncanny eyes fortune teller.
  31. [posted] JD Teensy Breakout V1
  32. [posted] Persistence of Vision with Teensy 3.2
  33. [posted] Get control over your audio levels during video recording
  34. [posted] Just Another Infinity Mirror?
  35. [queued] SousaLights® out on the road
  36. [posted] Making a Twin Engine RC Airplane Safe (TwinAir Project)
  37. [posted] kush hammer eq midi controller
  38. [posted] Venti-POV v2.0 80HD
  39. [posted] AudioFreeze Module
  40. [queued] USB DAQ with the Teensy
  41. [posted] K.C. "Kacey" Keyboard Controller and Crystal Keyboards 6 and 7.
  42. [queued] Strobe Tuner for Guitar based on Teensy 3.6
  43. Teensy ARM Memory Map and CRC Build Utility
  44. [Posted] TeensyCEC: The teensy 3.6 Console Emulators Collection
  45. [posted] ROM reader with teensy 3.5
  46. [posted] Musical Instrument Collection using Teensy Midi
  47. [posted] Teensy 3.2 at Burning Man 2018: Unfolding Humanity
  48. [posted] LED Pixel Strip Synced with MIDI Song Files
  49. [posted] Teensy midi Euclidean sequencer
  50. [posted] Teensy Beats Shield
  51. [posted] DIY hardware MIDI controller for the Turnado software plugin
  52. [queued] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine
  53. [Posted] ZX80/ZX81 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  54. [Posted] ZX Spectrum Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  55. [posted] I made a Panther XL
  56. [posted] Teensy Thumb Keyboard
  57. [superceded] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine
  58. [posted] Polaron DIY drum machine
  59. [posted] How to Make a USB Laptop Keyboard Controller
  60. [Posted] Atari 400/800 and 5200 emulator on Teensy 3.6
  61. [posted] the TiSi Box a HW- Addon to X-Plane 11 based on Teensy 3.2
  62. [posted] USB MIDI motor controller board
  63. [posted] Vortex Manipulator (wrist mounted Teensy 3.2)
  64. [posted] DIY Pi KVM Crashcart From Recycled Laptop
  65. [posted] Teensy Coffee Roaster
  66. [queued] Keyboard + simple firmware
  67. [queued] Netflix "Maniac" GRTA Mainframe
  68. [queued] Teensy 3.6 based 8086 PC emulator with CGA graphics, PS2 keyboard
  69. [posted] RCA 118 "tombstone" MP3 player
  70. [posted] Tape Simulator for Exidy Sorcerer
  71. [queued] AMC8 - Automated midi controller (Hui Protocol)
  72. [posted] Predator costume with active 3D head tracking by the plasma cannon
  73. [posted] SENSEI - A synthesizer with multidimensional sound shaping
  74. [queued] Wefted Waveforms - Interdisciplinary light sculpture
  75. [queued] Eurorack Looper
  76. [queued] Audio recorder & terminal interface ARTI
  77. [posted] Atari 520ST emulator on Teensy4.0
  78. [posted] TSynth - Two Oscillator Polysynth
  79. [queued] MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) ported to Teensy4.0
  80. [posted] Countdown Timer
  81. [posted] TeensyLev - an acoustic levitator (adapted from Asier Marzo's Tinylev)
  82. [posted] Teensy polyphonic FM synth
  83. [posted] Lilla
  84. Teensy 3.5 Stand-Alone Loader
  85. PC Engine emulation on Teensy4
  86. [queued] Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()
  87. [posted] Electro-Mechanical Sythesizer based on Teensy 3.2
  88. [queued] Automatic Menorah for Hanukkah
  89. [posted] A USB adapter for the Apple Newton keyboard
  90. [posted] Chanukah Display 3.0
  91. [posted] Bringing old Keyboards back to life! (IBM Model F Bigfoot)
  92. [posted] kxmx_kaugummi - A CS42448 Breakout Board
  93. [posted] 32 Channel Parallel NeoPixel Driver
  94. [duplicate] Arduino Debug via Serial
  95. [queued] TriantaduoWS2811, a 32-channel WS* library for Teensy 4.0 using FlexIO & DMA
  96. [posted] teensy2dmd -Animated GIF Arcade Marquee - SD card upload/download via zmodem
  97. [posted] hatsune miku cosplay based on teensy 3.6
  98. [queued] vibroacoustic diagnostics - teensy 4.0
  99. [posted] Quadruped walking robot
  100. [queued] Teensy LC Converts GRiD Laptop Keyboard and IsoPoint Mouse to USB
  101. [posted] SchmickBike: Teensy based motorcycle instruments and telemetry
  102. [posted] Advanced CUE Controller for Lab, GObutton, Ableton Live
  103. [photo needed] Teensy Debug via Virtual Serial
  104. [queued] Kenwood VS-2 Emulator
  105. [posted] Easy (lazy) Chord Player
  106. [posted] Harp of The City
  107. [posted] Draw Bar Organ MIDI Module
  108. [queued] KODI IR receiver
  109. [posted] MIDI USB Host to MIDI Din converter
  110. [posted] TeensyMIDIPolySynth
  111. [posted] Teensy 3.2 cellphone blog.
  112. [posted] guitar tuner with FFT and Yin
  113. [posted] music string winding device
  114. [posted] Custom Keypad with Teensy
  115. [posted] Notes to Waves
  116. [posted] Yet another laptop keyboard with Teensy
  117. [queued] Teensy 3.2 Converts IBM Thinkpad 380ED Keyboard and Trackpoint to USB
  118. [queued] GPS Time Source Arcom Controllers RC210 Repeater Controller (Amateur Radio)
  119. [queued] Gamepad to Touch Events with Teensy, AKA, TUBG: Teensy Unknown Battleground
  120. Teensy GDBStub Debugging via Serial with VS Integration
  121. [queued] Teensy-Powered Rocket Engine
  122. dead Capacitive Touch Tutorial
  123. Custom / DIY Teensy 3.2 board files
  124. [posted] Wobble Sphere - playful art installation
  125. [queued] VGA out for Teensy 4.0/4.1
  126. [posted] SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 - Drive RGB Matrix with 10k+ Pixels
  127. [queued] Keyboard Controller on Teensy 4.0 with 320x240 display - K.C.4
  128. [queued] Laser gates for measuring sports ball velocity
  129. [queued] Capacitance touch midi 'key-tar'
  130. [queued] Gameboy Emulator for the Teensy 4.1
  131. [queued] Teensy based Advanced Line Following Robot
  132. [queued] Nintendo 64 Controller Emulator with USB Host with Teensy4.1
  133. [queued] DOOM running on the Teensy 4.1 with VGA output
  134. [queued] Halloween 2020 Light Show, with 3000 leds, run by a Teensy 3.2 @ 60fps
  135. [queued] 1970s Text based Star Trek game running in Teensy based handheld.
  136. [queued] GB/GBC Emulator on Teensy4.1
  137. [queued] Duotriginti, 32-channel neopixel driver for Teensy 4.1
  138. LabVIEW™ Teensy™ / Arduino™ Sketch Compiler
  139. [queued] Midi Bass Controller
  140. [queued] Remote Control John Deere Riding Mower
  141. [queued] Teensy 4.1 Atari ST emulation with MIDI & VGA
  142. [queued] Portable Data Acquisition System
  143. [queued] MRCC Deluxe MIDI Router using Teensy 3.6
  144. [queued] Teensy 4.0 modular platform
  145. [queued] Restoring an Old Decoration
  146. [queued] Striptease library - Sexy, audio-responsive effects on LED strips
  147. [queued] Teensy LC based lathe DRO
  148. Teensy 4.x FM Stereo+RDS Transmitter for experimentation
  149. [queued] TeensyMaestro - Teensy 4.1 Controller for Flex 6000 ham radios
  150. Peregrine Developments
  151. Sending Sensor Data to Azure Storage Tables using Teensy 4.1.
  152. [queued] So i built a Custom device to monitor my Aeropoinc Garden
  153. [queued] Aeroponic Monitor Remote Monitoring Device
  154. [queued] etherCON adapter for Teensy 4.1
  155. The Guild of Thieves on a Teensy 4.0
  156. [queued] Dirtywave M8 - 8 track Portable synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer
  157. [queued] SPO • electronic string instrument 2.0 • playing with hand gestures
  158. I made a Teensy 3.2 clone with a detachable bootloader. An all-around success.
  159. [queued] T4.x based SDR with Hi res 7" touchscreen, 4096 FFT
  160. [queued] Nuclear Pioneer Multichannel Analyzer Gamma Spectrometer
  161. [queued] modular datalogger system
  162. [queued] Axis 49 (C-Thru Music) remap and aftertouch mod with a teensy LC
  163. [queued] MiniTouch : low cost T3.2 synth for children workshops
  164. [queued] CTR2 - An HMI for all of your radios
  165. [queued] AudioToy - modular 8x8 channel Teensy 4.0 pro-grade audio mixer hardware
  166. [queued] Scope Clock displays time on 3" round CRT, plays Pong, Tetris etc.
  167. [queued] Commander Keen on Teensy4.1!
  168. [queued] Lathe Turret Controlled By Teensy 3.5 Microcontroller.
  169. [queued] 16x16x16 led cube build video
  170. [queued] Model Railroad Electrical Control System
  171. [queued] portrait drawing robot
  172. [queued] PendulumSynth
  173. [queued] Teensy 4 high speed mouse
  174. [queued] Jaws-fx Guitar Pedal
  175. [queued] Eurorack Drum Module VEGA by Faselunare (Italy)
  176. [queued] Laser Tag project: updating the internals of an LTTO gun with teensy 4.1
  177. [queued] Motorized table saw fence
  178. [queued] Large PennyWise Self Balancing Clown Robot - Not My Project!
  179. [queued] CNC-mill, control with Teensy4.0
  180. [queued] LED matrix control with Teensy 4.0
  181. [queued] Infrared Mirror
  182. [queued] Teensy Pixel Pusher (DuotrigesimalWS2811)
  183. [queued] Quantum Jungle: My new installation with 12000 LEDs+touch+Teensy 4.1+eth
  184. [queued] LED Fireplace
  185. [queued] OctoWS2811 Power Injection Board
  186. [queued] MCL86+ - Drop-in 8088 CPU Emulator/Accelerator for the IBM PC
  187. [queued] ProtoTracer, Teensy 3D Rendering Engine
  188. [queued] Log 60 Hz AC Powerline Frequency
  189. PC Fan controller "Fancy" on Teensy 3.2 with LCD display
  190. NoPlay Digital Instrument Suite
  191. RS485 communication Raspberry Pi 3 B to Teensy4.0
  192. Vimana Sequencer
  193. Beatmaker's sketchbook
  194. Soft Breakout Board for the Teensy LC
  195. WebGui for Teensy 4.1
  196. Programmierbarer WS2812B LED-Strip Controller
  197. Teensy 3.6 featured in new project by Stuff Made Here
  198. T-COMPUTER, teensy 4.1 based micro computer
  199. Best Camera Application OV7670
  200. VoiceBot, a second language fluency-builder built on the amazing Teensy 4.1
  201. Teensy 4.1 featured in new project by Quint BUILTs
  202. Prang Pro: A MIDI score sampler on the Teensy
  203. NASA Continues Radiation Effects Testing with Teensy 4.1
  204. TeensyLED Pixel Controller
  205. A replacement for the .ld file for teensy 4.1 to make it mxmrt CMSIS current compatib
  206. Thermal Camera with Teensy4.0
  207. Midi Foot Controller with Teensy LC
  208. The Machine
  209. Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6
  210. Piccolo MIDI sequencer based on Teensy 4.1
  211. Teensy Powered Synth Drone Pedal using Soundfonts
  212. Software Defined Transceiver
  213. My first Teensy 4.0 project and radio link to Feather MO
  214. My first Teensy 4.0 project and radio link to Feather MO + printer
  215. Spectrometer board set
  216. Linear CCD with Teensy 4.0 and Hyperspectral Imaging
  217. Teensy 3.6/Teensy 3.2 3D Ultrasonic Scanner
  218. AMC8-HUI-Midi-Faders-Automation-Control
  219. Uniquely scalable neural network Ai chip using FFT techniques
  220. MiniTouch 2nd edition, T4.0 compact synth
  221. Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version): Advanced, Teensy 4.1 - based, open-source data vault.
  222. Toslink SPDIF delayer to sync audio
  223. Hybrid Piano
  224. Teensy Opening/Closing Valve Over WiFi Using Just 1 Pin
  225. Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V2.0
  226. Dual Robot Arm Controller
  227. Enhancement of Convolution SDT: the T41-EP SDT