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  1. [posted] One Thumb Keyboard
  2. [posted] 32x32 RGB LED Matrix with a Teensy footprint
  3. [posted] Autonomously navigating rover
  4. [posted] Semi autonomous robot beach wagon
  5. [posted] Beats by Teensy
  6. [posted] Commodore C64 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  7. [posted] Antenna Analyzer
  8. [posted] Free Pendulum Clock
  9. [queued] Teensy has joined the space program
  10. [photo needed] How to make a midi controller with 16 analog inputs using Teensy LC!
  11. [posted] Air Data Computer
  12. [posted] Sony PCG-K25 Laptop Keyboard Controller with a Teensy ++2.0
  13. [posted] "Oscilloscope Music" player
  14. [posted] Thermal imaging camera
  15. [posted] MegaPixel Controller and Receiver by CCR
  16. [posted] Bolder Flight Systems
  17. [posted] (yet another) MIDI to CV Converter!
  18. [posted] Gltich Delay - Eurorack audio module
  19. [posted] Si5351 Signal Generator with Teensy Controller
  20. [posted] LED Table with Bubble Wall (was: Thank you, all of you!)
  21. [queued] Teensy Powered - HD Radio
  22. [posted] Solar-powered, Teensy LC controlled chairoplane-model
  23. [posted] Custom gem stone Trackball
  24. [posted] MIDI Joystick
  25. [posted] 31 Teensy's and counting in my 737-300 FlightSim
  26. [queued] Teensy32/DUE carrier board
  27. [queued] RA8875 CW monitor with 5" TFT display acts as a monitor
  28. [queued] Simple Hauptwerk Display and USB-MIDI MIDI Monitor.
  29. [queued] 3D Printer Teensy 3.6 controller board
  30. [posted] Uncanny eyes fortune teller.
  31. [queued] JD Teensy Breakout V1
  32. [posted] Persistence of Vision with Teensy 3.2
  33. [posted] Get control over your audio levels during video recording
  34. [posted] Just Another Infinity Mirror?
  35. [queued] SousaLightsŪ out on the road
  36. [posted] Making a Twin Engine RC Airplane Safe (TwinAir Project)
  37. [queued] kush hammer eq midi controller
  38. [queued] Venti-POV v2.0 80HD
  39. [posted] AudioFreeze Module
  40. [queued] USB DAQ with the Teensy
  41. [queued] K.C. "Kacey" Keyboard Controller and Crystal Keyboards 6 and 7.
  42. [queued] Strobe Tuner for Guitar based on Teensy 3.6
  43. Teensy ARM Memory Map and CRC Build Utility
  44. [Posted] TeensyCEC: The teensy 3.6 Console Emulators Collection
  45. [queued] ROM reader with teensy 3.5
  46. [queued] Musical Instrument Collection using Teensy Midi
  47. [posted] Teensy 3.2 at Burning Man 2018: Unfolding Humanity
  48. [queued] LED Pixel Strip Synced with MIDI Song Files
  49. [queued] Teensy midi Euclidean sequencer
  50. [posted] Teensy Beats Shield
  51. [posted] DIY hardware MIDI controller for the Turnado software plugin
  52. [queued] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine
  53. [Posted] ZX80/ZX81 Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  54. [Posted] ZX Spectrum Emulation on a Teensy 3.6 Microcontroller
  55. [queued] I made a Panther XL
  56. [posted] Teensy Thumb Keyboard
  57. [superceded] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine
  58. [posted] Polaron DIY drum machine
  59. [posted] How to Make a USB Laptop Keyboard Controller
  60. [Posted] Atari 400/800 and 5200 emulator on Teensy 3.6
  61. [queued] the TiSi Box a HW- Addon to X-Plane 11 based on Teensy 3.2
  62. [queued] USB MIDI motor controller board
  63. [posted] Vortex Manipulator (wrist mounted Teensy 3.2)
  64. DIY Pi KVM Crashcart From Recycled Laptop
  65. [posted] Teensy Coffee Roaster
  66. Keyboard + simple firmware
  67. Netflix "Maniac" GRTA Mainframe
  68. Teensy 3.6 based 8086 PC emulator with CGA graphics, PS2 keyboard
  69. [posted] RCA 118 "tombstone" MP3 player
  70. Tape Simulator for Exidy Sorcerer
  71. AMC8 - Automated midi controller (Hui Protocol)
  72. Predator costume with active 3D head tracking by the plasma cannon
  73. SENSEI - A synthesizer with multidimensional sound shaping
  74. Wefted Waveforms - Interdisciplinary light sculpture
  75. Eurorack Looper
  76. Audio recorder & terminal interface ARTI
  77. [queued] Atari 520ST emulator on Teensy4.0
  78. [queued] TSynth - Two Oscillator Polysynth
  79. MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) ported to Teensy4.0
  80. Countdown Timer
  81. [posted] TeensyLev - an acoustic levitator (adapted from Asier Marzo's Tinylev)
  82. [queued] Teensy polyphonic FM synth
  83. [queued] Lilla
  84. Teensy 3.5 Stand-Alone Loader
  85. PC Engine emulation on Teensy4
  86. Bounce, responsiveRead and velocity for touchRead()
  87. Electro-Mechanical Sythesizer based on Teensy 3.2
  88. Automatic Menorah for Hanukkah
  89. A USB adapter for the Apple Newton keyboard
  90. Chanukah Display 3.0
  91. Bringing old Keyboards back to life! (IBM Model F Bigfoot)
  92. kxmx_kaugummi - A CS42448 Breakout Board
  93. 32 Channel Parallel NeoPixel Driver
  94. Arduino Debug via Serial
  95. TriantaduoWS2811, a 32-channel WS* library for Teensy 4.0 using FlexIO and DMA
  96. teensy2dmd - Animated GIF Arcade Marquee with SD card upload/download via zmodem
  97. hatsune miku cosplay based on teensy 3.6
  98. vibroacoustic diagnostics - teensy 4.0
  99. Quadruped walking robot
  100. Teensy LC Converts GRiD Laptop Keyboard and IsoPoint Mouse to USB
  101. SchmickBike: Teensy based motorcycle instruments and telemetry
  102. Advanced CUE Controller for Lab, GObutton, Ableton Live
  103. Teensy Debug via Virtual Serial
  104. Kenwood VS-2 Emulator
  105. Easy (lazy) Chord Player
  106. Harp of The City
  107. Draw Bar Organ MIDI Module
  108. KODI IR receiver