View Full Version : Kudos from a newbie!

01-28-2013, 09:47 PM
Many kudos to TEENSY 3.0: My code ported!! And it even works!!! :)

My first TEENSY arrived via the mailman at 3PM Saturday. By 4 PM I had my entire code suite of 7598 lines running flawlessly! Kudos to Paul for providing a great product! At 48 MHz my code says it runs 3.2 times faster than on my 16 MHz Nano. Awesome!

I did have two *small* problems. First, it didn't work at all!!

"Cannot run program arm-none-eabi-g++".

This was very disheartening, straight out of the box it doesn't work! But a quick google of the error message got me instantly to a forum entry which had a link saying "download beta 9" which had a link saying "download beta 10" which I did. And, fingers crosses, it worked! Yipee!! Many Kudos to you Paul but not for THAT one! :)

Then I had exactly two lines of my code not compile:
DDRB |= selectedPort_bitMask;
DDRB &= selectedPort_notBitMask;

I replaced them approximately with:

#if (config_hardwareType == 1)
DDRB |= selectedPort_bitMask;
#ef (config_hardwareType == 2)

and similarly for the other and voila, a FULLY FUNCTIONING PERFECTLY WORKING SYSTEM! After many hours more of testing and experimenting I've found no other problems!

Again, kudos to Paul (and whoever else involved) for a pretty darn solid system (so far). [OK, I'm ignoring the "flakeyness" of the Teensy Loader (1.07), often gets boot errors, but cutting it some slack, could be just that I haven't figured something out yet].

Only been two days, but so far its awesome. THANKS!