View Full Version : Using an led strip (MOSI, SCK) and an sd card reader - Teensy 3

01-30-2013, 06:40 PM
I want to use an led strip which uses MOSI(11) and SCK(13) running through fastSPI library, I also want to use an sd card that stores information for the settings and that uses MOSI(11), MISO(12), SCKL(13), SS(10) running through stFatlib. The teensy 3 only has 1 spi bus, so what is the best way I can achieve this?

I know it is possible to switch the mosi and sck to another pin with teensy 3's multiplexer, but can I do that during run time? (If possible this would be the best option)
Or, is there an ic that I can send the data from MOSI and SCK and stream it to either device, and use a digital pin to toggle?

This will be a great time to fully figure out how we can use multiple spi devices with teensy 3, especially when one device doesn't use a CS pin like the lpd8806.