View Full Version : Support for openSDA or CMSIS-DAP possible ???

04-21-2013, 11:06 AM
After using the 5 Teensy 3.0's for a customers Project, I see a big advantage over other boards: size !!!
Teensy 3.0 fits as an 'turn-key-component' for a lot of (low volume) Projects, and not only DIY.

But one thing is missing, a door to widely used (and often already existing) Infrastructure like Codewarrior from Freescale or RedSuite from CodeRed (for Freescale MCUs).

This IDEs support the Teensy 3.0 MCU perfectly (as you can see for the new Freedom Board with the same M4 MCU) and gives you a lot support like debugging and tracing.

Since Teensy 3.0 uses an off-chip Bootloader, I wonder if it is possible to implement one of the well supported
Debug Interfaces openSDA or CMSIS-DAP for ARM for this great Board. :confused:

This would open the door to professional use of the Teensy 3.0
for many many (many many) projects, where low volume count series has to be delivered ( fast ) to customers.

Because Teensy 3.0 wins whenever Size is importand!:rolleyes:

Also DIY Projects would benefit from FREE IDEs like the mentioned above, if you need full control over MCU components
and may not be limited by Arduino library timing issues. Really, try to program an 20MSamples Logicanalyzer using the Arduino
GPIO functions ...... The Limit is NOT the Teensy 3.0 MCU .......