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11-10-2013, 08:19 PM
Hi, do you have any tips where I could get a male micro-B to male micro-B USB cable? I know it's not standard compliant (that's why it seems to be hard to get one -- I haven't found offers), but I want to connect my teensy 3.0 configured as an USB HID device to my Android phone which has a micro-B port (I'm from Europe).

Thanks for the guidance,

11-10-2013, 08:51 PM
I don't know of any micro-B to micro-B cables but you can get (or make) a USB On The Go adapter to make the physical connection you want.



Whether or not it will actually work I'm not sure; I don't know enough about Android to know if it can use a regular USB HID device.

Good luck!

11-11-2013, 08:21 AM
Thanks, that would work indeed.
Or I could rig two microB cable ends together... (would need to ground pin 4 on the host side also). That feels like a hack, but using two cables feels "wrong" as well...

However, after reading up on the documentation/specification of the standard, officially, only microA plug <--> A socket are official USB-OTG connectors, and appliances which can act as either host or device ought to have a microAB socket (which is compatible with both microA -- for OTG, and micro B -- for chargind, or being used as a device (e.g. when connected to a computer as host). So strictly speaking, all the phones with microB port (and these are the only ones I know) are non-standard-compliant, as are the (therefore required) microBplug<-->Asocket connectors?

Or did I miss something?