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12-06-2013, 09:17 PM
Wireless SimpleHMI (Human Machine Interface) Project for the Teensy 3. FYIO

SimpleHMI Description:

SimpleHMI is an FREE HMI terminal emulator designed specifically to allow embedded controllers like the Teensy 3 to use an Android device as a touch screen Human-Machine Interface.
While designed as a companion for SPLat embedded programmable controllers, they (the Australian company) published all the control codes to allow you to program with other controllers (Teensy 3) to use SimpleHMI. All application specific programming is in the host embedded controller (Teensy 3), NOT in SimpleHMI Android App! <-----<<<<<

SimpleHMI download link to Google Play Store - for Android tablets and phones.

SimpleHMI features:

* Connects to Android device via BlueTooth
* Flexible control over text placement
* Flexible programmable buttons
* Data entry
* Bar graphs
* Versatile data logging (Gigabytes SD storage on Android device with optional timestamp)
* Text to voice <----- very cool
* Very compact code in the host controller eg Teensy 3.
* All application specific programming is done in the host controller, not in SimpleHMI.

Another way to look at this Android SimpleHMI is a wireless LCD device that can be used with the Teensy 3.
Application usage includes SD data logging, remote wireless GPIO Teensy 3 control, Remote Teensy 3 status display, Audio Teensy 3 Status Annunciator, Home Automation, RF mesh control/status ...

Please Note: By finding the proper 5V Bluetooth module, the SimpleHMI on the Teensy 2 or Teensy ++2 should work!

General steps to make a wireless SimpleHMI connection to the Teensy 3.

#1. Download SimpleHMI (link above) to your Android phone or tablet device. You can easily find, nowdays, a cheap Android tablet for about $50 USD. which should have a external SD card, for logging, and comes with built-in Bluetooth. As for Android phones, most all have Bluetooth built-in.

#2. Obtain a inexpensive Bluetooth module via Ebay or Internet. JY-MCU Bluetooth (HC-06) to serial slave adaptor module. (JY-MCU seems to be a brand name!). You can buy them from here ...

They cost less than $10 delivered.

#3. Wire the Bluetooth module up to the Teensy 3.

Teensy 3 Pin ---> JY-MCU Bluetooth (HC-06) PIN
RX1 (0 Serial 1) ---> TXD
TX1 (1 Serial 1) ---> RXD
GND ---> GND
Teensy 3.3 Reg. Out ---> VCC (range 2.7-4.2 V) <---- Do not connect to 5V !!!!
100 mA. max. ---> Paring 35 mA, connected 8 mA.

Note: You could also use one of the other Teensy's 3 TTL serial ports.

#4. Pair the Android tablet/phone device Bluetooth to the Teensy 3 with connected HC-06 Bluetooth module - see device instructions below.

#5. Program Teensy 3 for the user required "SimmpleHMI low level message codes" - see below topic link.

#6. Your are finished!

Below are some links to SimpleHMI topics you need to re-read.
Please note: The manufacturer made many references to his own SPLat microcontroller(s) (EC1 ARM) using the SimpleHMI. Try to disreguard or filter out his controller instructions and apply the generic host instructions to the Teensy 3. This long read could be confusing!


Look for Support and find "SPLat Knowledge Base", Programming reference, "SimmpleHMI low level message codes" <----- Must read !

Also, look for Support and find "SPLat Knowledge Base", Tutorials, application notes and white papers, "Turorial: SimpleHMI programming of SPlat controllers"

Enjoy ... :cool: