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12-07-2013, 07:58 AM
I was just suggesting to our local hacker space how wonderful it would be to have a very tiny ATmega break out board to glue onto paper or flex materials and use with painted on wiring to than just simple on/off LEDs. Then I realized that I was designing something very much like a Teensie. But when I looked at all the current boards, they all have USB connectors, which means that an electronic greeting card with one inside would not lie very flat. So my suggestion is to make a very small, simple, _flat_ version that would require one of the old fashioned serial ports to program, but would fit a very broad range of paper, cardboard, plastic, cloth based projects using drawn, painted, ink jet printed, or thread based wiring. Probably little more than the by-pass cap, a pull up resistor on the reset line, and have a special cluster of adjoining pads for power, ground, reset, rx, tx. I have an idea on how a potentiometer might be made like the touch pad switch sensors, only long and thin like a slide switch. I would leave the analog port floating whenever you take your finger off, so maybe a few 500K pull downs on some analog ports this kind of either open or voltage divider analog input could work. With a wide power supply range part you would not even need a voltage regulator, so the parts count can be kept quite low.

And there is something magical about being able to just 'draw' a circuit on paper, glue on the micro, LEDs, piezzo speakers, battery and just go!


12-07-2013, 05:23 PM
There are lots of boards without USB ports, e.g.: