View Full Version : GPIO expander chip library

01-01-2014, 10:23 PM
Here's my attemp to create an unified library for drive many different GPIO chips form Microchip, NTX, MAXIM, TI and ON semiconductors that working with I2C and SPI protocols. Nothing really new but I finally fixed the Microchip library that now works as it should (the many libraries around woks partially or not works at all). Library is modular so can be easy extended to other chips and remain smaller, it's in development so not ready yet but can be used for experiments. At the end of the week I include the missing chip drivers actually not present and add some new one from ON.
I will include some hack for Teensy 3 and 3.1 since microchip gpio's can run at high speed and have the extra useful HAEN feature that I personally use a lot.
On github https://github.com/sumotoy/gpio_expander

Have fun and happy hollyday to all!