View Full Version : possible bug - Teensyduino renaming Arduino version number

01-31-2014, 11:06 AM
Hi all, most probably me doing something badly, but now tested for this three times. When using a fresh install of Arduino 1.0.5 to my macbook applications, and checking its version in 'get Info', it says version 1.0.5. After installing Teensyduino (1.18 rc2) the version number for the arduino application changes to 1.0.3 in 'get Info', however, the sketch frame still says arduino 1.0.5.


01-31-2014, 11:09 AM
Opps, yes, you're right, that is absolutely a bug.

I'll fix it on the next version.

01-31-2014, 11:18 AM
good stuff.