View Full Version : Teensy.exe force error pop-up window to top of windows

03-17-2014, 11:00 PM
Requested change: Have Teensy.exe force error pop-up window to top of windows. As it, it pops up behind the Studio IDE window (and likely too, the Arduino IDE window). So it goes unnoticed. There's no error noted by the compiler. So until one gets in the habit of checking, there's confusion.

The error I get too often is the Code compiled for a different processor (3.1 vs. 3.0).
One of each is plugged in. The .hex for each has the same name (same source). As I switch between which CPU type and which USB port, for some reason I can't tell you how to reproduce, Teensy.exe is throwing that pop-up error even though in the IDE (Visual Micro), the CPU type and port # were correctly set at the last compilation (F7 key).

I haven't tried this situation on the Arduino IDE.

An always successful work-around is to unplug the non-targeted Teensy3.

So if/until this gets fixed, and for general reasons, forcing the pop-up window to the top would help. As I recall there is a window attribute to set in the create window call to cause it to appear on the top or have focus when created thus causing it to be the top window.

03-19-2014, 12:07 AM
Supplemental info to the above...

I discovered that with Visual Micro, if I open two serial terminal windows (Visual Micro/Studio allows multiple, and I pane them) - and if I keep both open, then I can choose which CPU type and serial port/Teensy I wish to download to. Doing this, it works perfectly for two Teensy's under test - each talking to the other wirelessly and to the development PC via USB/serial.

But as noted above, if I have just one serial terminal window open, I get the hidden pop-up warning that code is wrong CPU type for the target CPU. This happens even though the target is chosen correctly.

So I have a good solution in use.