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06-02-2014, 09:24 PM
Teensyduino 1.19 has been officially released.


1.19 is primarily a maintenance and bug fix release.

Special thanks to Duff, nox771, pcbeard, Pedvide, Matthias Lohr and everyone who tested the 2 release candidates!

06-10-2014, 02:10 AM
Just wondering what the change to serial break does. I have been using the teensy with labview for a long time and used to work pretty flawless. However now I seem to actually get a back log of data when I go to save the streaming data to disk. Before I used to get BSOD, but once I figured out to only read the serial if there was actually data waiting from the teensy, then that issue went away. Anyways, just wondering what the actual change is and when I get some time, I will try the old method of reading the serial port in labview and see what happens. Thanks.

06-10-2014, 12:49 PM
Found 3 obscure bugs when attempting to use custom USB definitions. I'll make another fork, and post a pull request on github.

06-10-2014, 04:24 PM
I'll make another fork, and post a pull request on github.

I just merged your pull request. :)


06-10-2014, 04:25 PM
Thanks, I got the notification from github too.

06-10-2014, 04:38 PM
Just wondering what the change to serial break does.

It doesn't actually do anything.

Before 1.19, Teensy 3.x didn't respond properly to the break control transfer. Microsoft's USBSER.SYS driver didn't handle this well, usually causing the program trying to send a break to at least lock up, sometimes even leading to a BSOD.

Now Teensy 3.x send a proper acknowledgement to this USB control transfer, as required by the USB spec. But other than allowing the control transfer to complete correctly, Teensy 3.x doesn't actually do anything. Perhaps someday it should make the break status available, like it does for the baud rate, start/stop bits, DTR and RTS. Or maybe it should even call an optional event handler? But today, Teensy 3.x does nothing when the USB host sends the break control transfer, other than properly acknowledge the request as required by the USB spec (and Microsoft's buggy driver).

06-13-2014, 12:02 AM
I'll try to answer what happened in LabVIEW. It happened using LIFA and LINX. It didn't have a problem with an Arduino UNO nor Teensy 2.0, but did with a Teensy 3.x.

Instead of rehashing the details, two threads to look in for more info about what I was seeing in LabVIEW with LIFA and LINX, using VISA are:


Thanks again Paul for fixing it.

08-08-2014, 08:18 AM
On the Teensyduino, the "Next" button is not working ... my Arduino is version 1.5.6-r2


Pls help...

08-08-2014, 12:41 PM
Teensy does not currently support 1.5.x versions. You must install 1.0.5.

08-09-2014, 04:59 PM
Ok, thanks... was it stated anywhere on the Docs... I didn't see it..

08-09-2014, 08:50 PM
Yes. The supported version of Arduino is mentioned on the web page where the installer is downloaded. It's also mentioned on the first intro screen of the installer. But many people do not notice those locations.

Eventually, I'm planning to put a small question mark button right next to the "Next" button, which will bring up another window to explain which versions are supported, and (maybe) why the currently selected folder doesn't match any supported version.