View Full Version : scons SConstruct file for teensy3

12-08-2012, 11:14 AM
Hi, I finally got the scons SConstruct for Arduino from http://github.com/suapapa/arscons working with teensy3.

This will compile files in the current directory from the command line. Seems to work better than Makefiles for Arduino sketches.

This version will probably not work for other Arduino boards.

Put the attached SConstruct file in the work directory and type scons to compile. You will probably need to change some of the directory locations at the top of the file, mine is setup for linux.

You need to rename the file from SConstruct.txt to SConstruct, and of course have scons installed.

I had to make quite a few changes to the the default SConstruct file used for regular arduino, and you need to add this one line to the hardware/teensy/boards.txt file...


or set to whatever frequency you want the teensy3 to run at.