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10-31-2012, 12:43 PM
Since we don't have an Intro section, I'll do it here and have it moved/deleted later.

My name is Ian! I enjoy learning new things, and have always been intrigued by technology.
I focus mostly on software, but this hardware stuff has been fun!

I became familiar after seeing Paul post http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/blog/paul/light_table

I am very fond of Macro photography specifically botany, electronics, and insects.

Nice to meet everyone!

11-03-2012, 06:33 PM
I'm Tim (which you may have guessed from the username!), and I've been using Teensy 2 and 2 pluses for a while.

I originally bought them for various purposes, including adding an RFID reader, to monitor my cats ingress and egress through the cat flap, but predictably haven't got around to that!

I have been using them as EGSEs (Electronic Ground Support Equipment) on a magnetometer instrument that we build and support, for use on CubeSats. One of these is currently in orbit onboard the CINEMA spacecraft, and three more are due to be launched on the remaining spacecraft of this project (the next two built by Kyung Hee University in Korea, and the final one by the Space Science Laboratory at the University of California Berkeley, who built the first spacecraft).

Our instrument doesn't have much intelligence on board, and relies on the spacecraft CPU to get the data from the ADC. The ADC communicates using SPI, so I started using the Teensys as an easy way to talk SPI to the ADC without needing the spacecraft to hand (and we are in London, whereas the spacecraft are assembled in Berkeley and Seoul, which isn't geographically very convenient!). The Teensy board allows us to get data from the sensor, for testing and calibration.

It's proved very useful for this, and I'm even currently looking at possibly launching a Teensy CPU (or possibly an AVR CPU without Halfkay) onboard a spacecraft, as an instrument controller, because we have a very limited time and money budget for this particular project.

I've just got a couple of Teensy 3s (this morning, in the post), and have been experimenting with them, but after a bit of faffing around, I'm only at the flashing LED stage!