View Full Version : Recording line in and mic at the same time

04-22-2016, 03:17 PM
I just received my first teensy 3.2 and audio adaptor and went through the audio tutorial yesterday. Everything worked as expected. Great!

Now I would like to know what's the simplest (and hopefully most compact) way of recording at the same time and to one file the audio coming from a headset microphone (electret) _and_ the audio from a line in (mono is fine).

The inputSelect options are only AUDIO_INPUT_MIC or AUDIO_INPUT_LINEIN so I assume I can't do this off the batch.

Presumably the simplest way to do so is to convert my mic input into a line in input using a preamp and connect that output to, say, the left line in and and connect my right line in to my right line out source therefore recording in mono the line and mic signals. Is that the case? If so, I am interested in pointers to how to do this preamp step efficiently and in a compact way as I have never done this before.

Or perhaps I could use one of the ADCs on the teensy board itself? But then I would have to stream the audio signal to the audio adaptor since ultimately I want to mix and record in one file the line in and mic signals. That doesn't seem an easier option.