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11-16-2012, 03:02 AM
I actually learned of Teensy over the summer via one of my summer-lab partners at the Heracleia Lab (http://heracleia.uta.edu) on the UT-Arlington campus. I had been struggling with a device I was trying to build since fall 2011, and Teensy++ solved my problems....well, most of them. It's a work in progress that's been going on a year now. It's a dial-in board for bracket-style drag racing. A few other companies make them, but they are hard to read, so I went with a completely different optics design.

The second project with Teensy is a bar-graph tachometer that I can set on the dash of my street/strip truck. I haven't completed it, but the prototype seemed to work reasonably well. (demo photo shows 44hz on the tach signal, to be converted to RPM)

The third project I have is a long-term (1.5 year) project of a heavyweight amphibious gas-over-electric robot. It will have no fewer than 2 Teensy++'s and a FIO in the controller, and at least 2 if not 3 teensy++'s on the body. (Not showing a picture because I'm trying to keep it low-key until I'm done).