View Full Version : [queued] the TiSi Box a HW- Addon to X-Plane 11 based on Teensy 3.2

12-16-2018, 06:38 PM
Today i would like to introduce our TiSi-Box,
which is based on the teensy module 3.2.
The box changes the way in X-Plane aircraft are moved on ground.
On the other hand, it allows a new kind of visual control when airborne.

The TiSi-Box combines the nose wheel steering with the sight control, using a self-centering rotary knob. In addition, a dynamic (virtual) head movement functionality has been added.
The includes an innovative potentiometer with an electronic self centering spring load.
The interface to the X-Plane is realized with a Teensy 3.2 module.
Using the X-plane plugin and the Teensy libriary, the implementation becomes a breeze.
Many thanks to Paul.


best regards


moore infos: www.inovasim.de/en
moore videos: on our youTube Channel


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