View Full Version : [queued] teensy2dmd -Animated GIF Arcade Marquee - SD card upload/download via zmodem

01-13-2020, 10:12 PM
(work in progress)

This is a simple project to create a low cost animated 128x32 LED display for the marquee of a full-size MAME Arcade cabinet.

The code allows a Teensy3.6 to use a simple command line protocol to browse the contents of the attached SD card, upload and download files using the ZMODEM protocol, change directories, display text messages and display animated GIF's on the attached LED panels.

Displayed GIF's should have a resolution of 132x64 to match the attached panels.

Can be modified to run on a single panel at 64x32 and I have run it on four panels for a 256x32 display with a minor code change.

Most of the hard work is accomplished using the Smartmatrix library and the SmartmatrixV4 interface.

The panels are not fitted yet but this short video should give an idea of the final intention https://youtu.be/MTyskXJbor0

Full details and code at https://github.com/gi1mic/teensy2dmd

05-26-2020, 11:28 AM
(work in progress)

Are you still working on this project. Any more updates?

It looks pretty awesome in the video, so I put it in our queue to show on the blog. If you have any more pictures or info for the writeup, please post them here.