View Full Version : [queued] Advanced CUE Controller for Lab, GObutton, Ableton Live

02-28-2020, 04:15 PM

I just updated my Project, called LetsGO on Github.
It is an Cue Controller for QLab, GObutton, Ableton Live etc.

The project on Github contains all information, source code, schematics etc. you need to build your own.
I spent a lot of time to develop and refine it and it work very well.
It was reproduced many times and many of artists/theatres using it.

There are two Versions. One for just having push buttons or wireless control.
And the Advanced Version with integrated Audio and MIDI Interface.

I developed this, because i didn't found an accurate hardware for a related price.
The LetsGO is easy to build and has a lot more functions, than the other tools you can get on the Market.

And the good thing is, it does not need any driver and works with macOS and iOS.

Here is the Link to GitHub:


A short Video is on YouTube:

Would appreciate if you put it on the blog.