View Full Version : teensy 3 freeze

11-17-2012, 10:45 PM
yesterday I connect my usb cable to teensy3 for reprogram and my wintel7 replied with a "unrecognized usb device doesn't work properly...".
uh? ok, calm, changed usb port, again! damn... change computer, installed latest beta 8 on a win7 64, connected card...again!
usb chip fried? prolly yes. :mad: :mad: :mad:
Ordered 3 more board (can't stay withouth mine little teensy3 little lovely beast), then connected back the board after a computer cold start, same result. Tryed to provide an external 3v3 supply and connected usb, no change. I was near to trash it when I start to push nervosely 10 or more times reset button and magically it appears in my device list! uploaded the blink .ino and seems perfectly back alive.
I wrote this for two reasons:
1) If your Teensy3 shows "unrecognized usb device doesn't work properly..." (win7 at list, dunno the message on linux or osx) try to push repeately reset button.
2) I will like to figure out what happen! :confused: