She wasn't trying to push my hand back any more. I sensed it was more for show than to actually make me stop. She giggled nervously and quickly gave up and just held onto the back of my hand while I started to slide it up and down between her legs. I felt my cock begin to press against the inside of my own shorts.

"I don't know if this is doing anything for you, but it's making me horny as hell", I told her. She flashed a bashful smile and shrugged her shoulders. "Imagine how it would feel . . . if you didn't have those thick denim shorts on," I suggested . . . hopefully.

She raised her eyebrows and grinned as the idea rattled in her mind. Her silence indicated to me that she wasn't completely opposed to the idea. With the vibrator still in one hand, I picked her up at the waist and set her on some nearby hay bales that were stacked three high. When I pulled on the string at the top of her shorts, she put her hand on mine. "Wait," she said.