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      Definitely not. For one thing, the exception would remain active and could not be triggered again (along with any other lesser priority exceptions).
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      M.K. reacted to AndyA's post in the thread 100 MHz parallel bus control with Teensy 4.1 with Like Like.
      Any reason you didn't look at using the FlexIO interface to reduce the CPU loading slightly? If you pick the correct pins you can get 16 bits wide that way. I've used that to run an 8 bit parallel bus at 120 MHz without any issues, in theory it...
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      My gut feeling is the timing difference you're seeing is indeed "innate black magic of the processor", also called "branch prediction".
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      You don't need to refill all the registers at the same time. You could keep refilling only the "top" register after every two transfers which would hide any variable latencies.
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      Finally, what about wrapping? You’ll notice that I already provisioned for wrapping overflow by casting i to uint16_t in the indexing argument above. So now, I’ll change only the for-loop termination condition, to for (uint32_t i=0; i<65536*4...
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      Figured I’d share some preliminary results on this topic. This is phrased as knowledge rather than question, but I’m well-aware that the fastest way to get questions answered is to post wrong answers on the internet... and to be clear, I am not...
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      Not a direct answer to your question, but I have flown a handful of AVR chips. Nowhere near the T4 in terms of processing power (and also no challenge for thermal design, as they were very low power). No failures for ~1yr in LEO, though... I...
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      M.K. replied to the thread Any Teensy 3.6s out there?.
      Thanks Paul! If anything, cosmetic damage sounds like a plus to me. Please let me know how I could order... like, could I place an order for a 4.1, and just write a comment asking for the 3.6? For what it's worth, this was the project:
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      Hi, this is kind of stupid, and I hope it's allowed here... but I'm trying to source a Teensy 3.6 or two. I used them as a basis for a simple measurement circuit in academic research back in ... well, at some point in the blur of the pandemic...
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