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      MichaelMC replied to the thread Tuner and Delay effects pedal.
      Before beginning this project, I at first researched what else was out there (and I do own other programmable pedals); For instance, was I about to waste my time producing what already exist? Thus I found Multiverse whilst doing so. Whilst...
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      Hello Micky, You mentioned you picked up a Teensy 4.1 for this, so here is fine. The C4 connects to the Teensy via the Teensy's USB host port, with this cable and as seen here : https://www.pjrc.com/store/cable_usb_host_t36.html Grab that cable...
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      MichaelMC replied to the thread Teensy 4.1 to 600w amplifier.
      In short, Yes. However, I would be apprehensive connecting to an Amp that does not contain a built-in signal limiter. My setup is T4.1 > Audio Shield Line out > Low impedance instrument input on a BA-210v2 (450w).
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      For covering songs on Bass, based around rhythmic delays, I was in need of a digital delay pedal where an adjustable & exact delay setting was possible and with a readout to indicate so. Pedals such as these are usually expensive, costing several...
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