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      Got my new Sparkfun Analog MEMS microphone hooked up so I could look at the speaker output. After some diddling I settled on sine.amplitude(0.5) on the Teensy 3.2 with the mic just over the surface of the speaker. This produced a not-quite...
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      Paul, Thanks for the clarification - I know about Class D amps, but just didn't realize that was what was being used on the propshield. Yeah, I know, RTFM ;)
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      Hmm, it actually sounds OK. I changed the freq to 1000Hz, (as I am familiar with that tone) and connected it to an old 2-1/4" 8-Ohm speaker. Has a bit of a beat note, maybe 20-30Hz? but otherwise OK. I tried using my Hamnatek DSO1102 digital...
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      I'm trying to use a Teensy 3.2 PropShield (the model with motion sensors) to amplify the output from the Teensy's DAC. I used the code from this post (plus the AudioMemory(20) command suggested by Paul) to produce a 440Hz sinewave from the DAC...
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      Thanks for the post! I was having trouble with the 'Part_1_02_Hardware_Test' project and couldn't see anything on the DAC pin. I copy/pasted your code to a new project, added the 'AudioMemory(10);' line from the 'Part_1_02_Hardware_Test', and...
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