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    Teensy 3.1 + MCP4261

    Hi, I'm trying to get MCP4261 shield to get worked with Teensy 3.1. When the code is uploaded on an Uno it works well. But when it's on Teensy 3.1, values are not dependable. Output of those MCP4261 is connected with a Gamepad to move the joystick obviously. This video, on Teensy. Both +...
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    Sparkfun BNO080 - Teensy 3.6 >> 4.0

    Was having 100ms delay, yet sometimes needed to plug it again. Trying with adding delay. Thanks!
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    Sparkfun BNO080 - Teensy 3.6 >> 4.0

    Sure, will try it. No, we are just using i2c pins only. No interrupt pin is used. Thanks!
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    Sparkfun BNO080 - Teensy 3.6 >> 4.0

    Hi, Thanks for your input on this matter. I'm working with him on this project. The issue remains now is that when we power up the teensy bno080 is not detected sometimes. Turning on/off couple of times and it detect. Here's the code of teensy. Thanks!