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    Question: Rgb matrix, serial, gui?

    Good day, I have 64*32 rgb led matrix form and have it setup according to the diagram here: , the micro controller used is the teensy 3.1. I'm trying to create a code in arduino to...
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    Help! Rgb led matrix display problems!

    Hi, I have posted more details.
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    Help! Rgb led matrix display problems!

    Good day, Thank you for you thoughts, it seems I have unintentionally missed out a few crucial details, the microcontroller i'm using is the teensy 3.1. I attempted for more than 2hrs to upload the code, pics and a short video individually and in a zip file but failed every time, for that...
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    Help! Rgb led matrix display problems!

    Good day, I have a 32x64 rgb led matrix from adafruit, and connected it according to the "" instructions and run code from the arduino software. It worked well for sometime but out of nowhere I set it up...
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    TEENSY 3.1 - 64x32 RGB LED MATRIX

    Good day people, I'm seeking your advice regarding my project. I'm creating a digital sign using 3 64x32 rgb led matrices from to display messages and cool patterns, in addition i will use a teensy 3.1 micro controller to run it. The setup was taken from...