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    RAM over SPI?

    64MB would be enough (512Mbit). More is always better but even finding 512Mb might be too hard to even find. No solution so far, I'd love to go with a teensy but seems like Raspberry is the only way here?
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    RAM over SPI?

    Thanks for the information. I'll be on T4.1. Since accessing samples would be literally the only task - and not more then eight of them at any given time - I assume technically I don't need a high bandwidth. 8 x 176.4 kB for stereo wav would be 1422 kB per second if I'm not mistaken. However...
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    RAM over SPI?

    Teensy seems like the perfect board for my project except for one thing: Not enough RAM to keep samples for fast access. The reference device I'm looking at has 64MB DDR266 dedicated for samples. I know there's no easy way to add more then 16MB of RAM but in another post here a developer was...
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    Eight track stereo sampler, with long samples, mangling and FX, is this feasible?

    Hello, this is my first post please bare with me, English isn't my first language. I have a project in mind which is similar to Elektron's Octatrack, although I have never used one, but from description it seems very similar. I have some experience in programming but only very little experience...