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    Lidar values missing when printing to LCD

    Hello, I am using Slamtec RPLidar A1 with Teensy 4.0 and LCD 20x04 Display. Teensy communicates with the Lidar via UART and with LCD via I2C. I am using this set-up to detect how far the trees are located from the sensor. The Lidar is attached to the vehicle, and as the vehicle moves along...
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    RPLiDAR with Teensy 4.0

    Hi Edward, Thank you very much for your response, sorry it took me a while to turn back as I run the code again and again to make sure I am replying an healthier way back to the forum. I went over all of your recommendations, tried to fixed them by my own ways, but it is still crashing and...
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    RPLiDAR with Teensy 4.0

    Hello Pete, Thank you very much for your response. I think the problem with the pictures was that their size were big (>2MB). Now, I resize them and able to upload them, hope they are clear enough to see which pins the wires are connected. You are right, the variables 'x' and 'y' are not used...
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    RPLiDAR with Teensy 4.0

    Hello, I have a project that I am using LiDAR scanner with Teensy 4.0 to detect trees. I modified Arduino code provided by the manufacturer, Slamtec, to retrieve data from lidar scanner and to process it to blink an LED as an indicator. What code simply does is that if there is a tree on the...