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    Need Finite State Machine Help and/or Guidance

    Hello Katie, Implementing a finite state machine is fairly straight forward. First you need a variable that represents your state. In your case just take an int and set it a value from 1..10, corresponding to your ten modes. Whenever you have a transition, i.e. you change the the state, you set...
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    Opto Isolated Serial

    Hi, have you looked at Midi? It uses the serial protocol, runs at 31250 baud and is opto isolated. There is a schematic on this page:, but there are also boards available. This should have all the hardware you need.
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    Gaming keyboard with Teensy 2.0

    Hey Leeman, your polling rate will depend on the way you wire up your switches and how you code the polling. I would not worry too much about that now. I built a Midi Keyboard with 44 Keys, using an Arduino Leonardo (also a 32u4 chip, like the Teensy 2). I wrote a rather simple program using...