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    VPN IP blocking-can veiwing be allowed?

    Once you have a VPN its probably most peoples habit to leave it running all the time. But the forum here is blocked to basically all the VPN I am using. This is obviously to stop spam. But would it be possible allow just viewing of the forum on most blocked ips? Obviously if there are to...
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    Feasibility of using stripboard as Omnichord style strum plate?

    I guess there is nothing glaringly wrong about the plan and I will go ahead with attempting it.
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    Feasibility of using stripboard as Omnichord style strum plate?

    I want to make a touch sensor something like the strum plate on the Omnichord. I thought I might be able to get away with very standardized parts by using strip board as the sensors. I would wire analog/digital multiplexer boards straight to the strip board. It would also add resistors to each...
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    audio shield apears to be dead

    Thanks! I finally found the github audio page examples and I got it working now. I did not think to check there for examples. It makes sense for them to be their but I couldn't find it through searching. Google teensy 4.1 audio shield example, gets nothing helpful. At first I didn't know what...
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    audio shield apears to be dead

    I finally got around to soldering up my Rev D Audio shield to a 24 pin socket. I have already added a psram memory chip to the Audio shield. As well as to both slots on the the 4.1 teensy I am using. I ran the external mem test program and it finds 16MB of working memory regardless of if the...
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    Lower latency audio

    h4yn0nnym0u5e this is great news. 2.9 seconds for oscillator teensy to get 128 samples done. I am guessing only then does it start outputting those samples to i2s-out. I think i2s is then more or less real time. I am planning on having one or more oscillator teensy feed into a mixer/effect...
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    Lower latency audio I see from this that the each step in an audio chain should take about 2.9 milliseconds. This is regardless of how fast or how little the Teensy does the work. It will wait 128 samples, before updating again. And if the work is not...
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    Multi Teensy 4.1 synth

    One 4.1 teensy makes a pretty good synth Why not 2 or 5? The cost is prohibitive but compared to processional made synths it is still cheap. Dirt Cheap. Up to 4 could be hooked to a 5th in is2 master mode. The would be 2 voices per teensy and a 5th for effects. Or I could split them up...