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    Teensy 3 + Ableton, Analog CC causes midi crash.

    Hi Paul, Using teensy 3.2 on linux connecting my midi controller to pure data works very well, but I want to also send control out to teensy. When doing so (control out for example) teensy stop sending midi to pure data. I am controlling what I am sending to teensy (control change or note) I am...
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    ADC library, with support for Teensy 4, 3.x, and LC

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice before starting to actually code the teensy 3.1 with the adc library. I have 8 piezos connected (for example snare is on A0 (ADC0) and hihat on A17 (ADC1)). The signal looks like this: I am trying to detect the peak so that I can transform this information...