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    DFT using analog read in Teensy 3.2

    I am pretty new to arduino and also teensy, I need to implement DFT using analog read(to read real-time values). I have seen FFT implementation but notDFT, I have used ADC library to calculate sample speed, it was fast. I need some pointers on implementing DFT continuously, I know FFT is faster...
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    Reconfigure ADC via a DMA transfer to allow multiple Channel Acquisition

    Reading two adc's synchornously and transfer to DMA hello Sailnav and Donziboy2, Maybe I can get help from this thread(noob here). I need to read volatages & current from the two ADC's synchronously in Teensy 3.2 and transfer them to DMA for say 200 times. Can you guys provide code or any...
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    Synchronous ADC read and DMA transfer

    Hello, I am a beginner in microcontroller and teensy world. I need to read say for example voltages and currrent from two ADC's synchronously for 200 samples(Or by using Timer) and transfer to DMA (should notify its able to read 200 or if its full). I dont want to use analogread() cause its...
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    Teensy 3.1 ADC with DMA

    Can you explain why have you used HARDWARE AVG , CNT = 160000/AVG and 160000000 / t ? Thanks