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    TinyGo added some support!

    TinyGo is a golang compiler for microcontrollers. So far, they have some partial support for some teensy models. Might be worth listing on the page, and hopefully it will get more support :)
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    IoT -- Server-side software? looks like it might just do it. I'll investigate some more soon. Thanks for all the info everyone!
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    IoT -- Server-side software?

    Yeah, that is correct. Not a lot of data. Just logging some sensor data every half hour or so. Just looking to see if there is anything already existing out there, so I don't have to roll-my-own from the ground up. Coding the user creation, email verification and data display would be a fair...
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    IoT -- Server-side software?

    Hey all. I'm working on a IoT project with my Teensy 3.2. Its going pretty well, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good server-side software I should use. I could just write some C code and throw it on my Apache sever... but I was hoping there are some open-source solutions for simple...