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    [posted] TSynth - Two Oscillator Polysynth

    This really looks great, congratulations :rolleyes:
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    Teensy 4 and TouchScreenUSB

    Advice not very much, as if you are forced to switch to a push-button phone)
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    [posted] TeensyMIDIPolySynth

    That is incredibly cool!
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    [queued] GPS Time Source Arcom Controllers RC210 Repeater Controller (Amateur Radio)

    As for the first project you are a great fellow, continue in the same vein.
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    [posted] Tape Simulator for Exidy Sorcerer

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing this.
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    Custom / DIY Teensy 3.2 board files

    Thank you friend for linking to DIY Teensy 3.2 board files
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    Teensyduino 1.53 Beta #3

    I also tried TeensyDuino now, and they really corrected their mistakes.:rolleyes:
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    dead Capacitive Touch Tutorial

    Another option is to look in Google’s cache:
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    [posted] Harp of The City

    Very cool, you are a great fellow. Is this your first project or is there more?
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    [queued] vibroacoustic diagnostics - teensy 4.0

    Very cool and interesting project!
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    [queued] vibroacoustic diagnostics - teensy 4.0

    Awesome job! I commented on your facebook share as well.
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    [posted] Quadruped walking robot

    I forgot to ask, and do you have a video where does he go?
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    [posted] Quadruped walking robot

    Very cool, I also study machine learning in python, but I can’t even imagine how to translate all this into a robot in real life.
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    [queued] Teensy-Powered Rocket Engine

    Congratulations guys, you are great. I regret that in my student years I was not engaged in such a science as you, and now I'm too old.