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    3.6 ask to report bug

    I manage to add variables so trying to finish my code. I think there was too much audio nodes, so i removed the last one and it compile and work now, i use optimize:fast :)
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    3.6 ask to report bug

    Teensyduino is 1.57 i don't understand the p#1 from toolbar marker sorry :confused:
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    3.6 ask to report bug

    i can't ad more variable despite using 60% of the RAM, it compile but the prg is stuck at the beginning of the loop() i use 1.8.19 arduino IDE So i set show verbose et compile "fastest pure code" then it didn't compile and had theses error messages : C:\Program Files...
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    Teensy freeze on start when routing both audio DACS and USB out

    Hi, i have a strange issue, teensy 3.6 freeze between setup and loop, at the end of the setup i have some SD reading which look ok. So now i can't add anymore global variable or i have to disable DACS and use only the USB audio OUT, then it look fine but i was happy to have both USB and DAC. I...