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  1. BriComp

    How to wire keyboard controller board (four usb wires 5V, d+, d-, gnd) onto Teensy for usb input?

    You will find that the ESP32 devices supporting two USB ports as you require are usually built like shown in the pic below:- see this.
  2. BriComp

    Teensi 4.1 External Power OR USB

    Make sure to use some Schottky diodes.
  3. BriComp

    100 +/- inputs and outputs (analog?)

    You could consider using an ATtiny 212, one for each channel. They have A/D and D/A. At $0.43 they are cheap enough to allow 1 per each of the 100 channels. See article below:
  4. BriComp

    100 +/- inputs and outputs (analog?)

    Hi Gef, Can I suggest that you split your text into paragraphs as I have shown below. Like using the </> button when placing code into a post, it makes what you are saying more manageable to read. Best of luck with your project.
  5. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Released

    If you set your USB to Keyboard+Mouse+Joystick it compiles just fine. Without "Joystick" as one of the USB settings it wil, fail to compile.
  6. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Released

    Double posting doesn't really help. It just annoys people and clogs the forum.
  7. BriComp

    After updating IDE

    Please post code (using </> button) and details about which Arduino IDE and what Teensy board. Without this info it's not really possible to be too helpful.
  8. BriComp

    Onboard LED

    Pin 13
  9. BriComp

    LIN bus 2.1, working example?

    #if defined(__IMXRT1062__) // Teensy 4.0 & 4.1 clear Uart Buffer _stream->read(); //Serial.println(_stream->read(),HEX); #endif A byte is thrown away at lines 462..465. Might be the reason. Uncomment the //Serial.println(_stream->read(),HEX); and see if the missing char is in fact this...
  10. BriComp

    effect_delay_ext.cpp and effect_delay_ext.h support for 2 PSRAM on 4.1 board ?

    When entering data press the </> button on the entry screen and post your code in the resulting form that opens.
  11. BriComp

    Teensy 4, Interrupt is blocking USB Sketch Upload

    That is not a complete .INO file. You need to write a complete ino file for Arduino/Teensyduino to compile and upload to a Teensy. What is being programmed into the Teensy by pressing the Program button (it's NOT A TEENSY RESET BUTTON) is the last file successfully compiled.
  12. BriComp

    Writing Data to Teensy 4.1 microSD

    In future when you insert code can you place it between code tags using the </> button. It makes it much easier to read. I have put your code between code tags below. #include <Arduino.h> #include <SD.h> #include <SPI.h> #include <cassert> File myFile; const int chipSelect = BUILTIN_SDCARD...
  13. BriComp

    SPI communication between Teensy 4.1 and arduino nano HELP!!!

    It helps if you put your code between code tags using the </> button. See below. Your initial post said hat you were setting the Teensy as a Slave but you have not used the SPI_MSTransfer_T4.h library as mentioned above. It would be useful if you could turn on verbose output for compile. This...
  14. BriComp

    Time compilation for setting clock

    Not any more it would seem.
  15. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #6

  16. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #6

    Still can't repeat the problem(s) of yesterday, perhaps treat it as a computer aberration....though it WAS rock solid on 1.59b4....and so far back on 1.59b6 still is.
  17. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #6

    I had switched to 1.59b4 last night and it was rock solid no problems. Just switched back to 1.59b6 and so far (1/2 hr) been unable to repeat the problem.
  18. BriComp

    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #6

    I am experiencing problems uploading to a T3.5 (Teensyduino 1.59b6). The Com port has started to disappear and the Teensyduino uploader is unable to find the Teensy whether set to COM or COM(Teense 3.5)Serial.... The only solution is to re-boot Windows (W10Pro), sometimes even that is not enough...
  19. BriComp

    Suggestions for recording data

    It's dependant upon the hardware making up the Processor/Processor Chipset on your PC and their appropriate drivers.
  20. BriComp

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    With file explorer open (or whatever it's called) click view at the top left of the explorer window, then click (select) Hidden Items towards the right of the Menu Ribbon
  21. BriComp

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    Just improved the batch file, this will work for any current user: del /F /S /Q C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\*.* pause
  22. BriComp

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    You could try emptying your "temp" directory, often times part compiled code is stored there. It's supposed to save time by not having to re-compile everything when a change is made to your code. I have put together a batch file to do the work for me, here is a copy below, juts change "bob" for...
  23. BriComp

    I2C startup issue

    Sometimes the Teensy is SO FAST that it starts communicating with external ICs before they are ready. Perhaps put a delay of a second or so in SetUp. By the way it makes your code much easier to read if you enclose it between CODE tags using the </> button. You see it makes a world of...
  24. BriComp

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    "Basic.ino" compiles for me when compile type set to MIDI, Serial + MIDI and Serial + MIDI + Audio.
  25. BriComp


    That would make eminent sense.
  26. BriComp

    I2C startup issue

    What value pull up resistors are you using? Can we see your code.
  27. BriComp

    Adding Bluetooth and WiFi to a Teensy 4.1

    Normally serial does not need a CS pin, the receiving device looks for any characters received i.e. if (Serial.available()) ... then do something, however there is nothing to stop you using an IO pin as a CS pin in which case the code becomes if (digitalREad(CSPin)==HIGH) ... do something
  28. BriComp

    Adding Bluetooth and WiFi to a Teensy 4.1

    Serial Comms, that's the way I would go. Using Serial comms. gives you buffered communications, mind you that can be problematic if the two systems get out of synch. Below is some code that I use to get data from an includes code to get back into synch when it goes out. I have...
  29. BriComp

    Need advice on PCB manufacturers

    I use JLCPCB, I normally can expect to receive boards which include assembly in a week using Fedex. They have a minimum board count of 5. Incidentally any size up to 10cm X 10cm is the same price, so if your board is less than 10x10 you could squeeze another design on the same substrate and it...
  30. BriComp

    Teensy 4.1 w/ Zephyr, VSCode, and PlatformIO HOWTO?

    You could also use VisualMicro and VisualStudio.
  31. BriComp

    Yet Another File Player (and recorder)

    Teensy 3.2 was discontinued because NXP are no longer supplying the MK20DX256VLH7.
  32. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    EDIT: Updated, improved Model. In fact if you are into 3d printing you could make something like this:-
  33. BriComp

    Boot Loader LED 9 Blinks

    Please show us your code, without it you are asking how long a piece of string is.
  34. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    New drawing for 2.4" Display.
  35. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    Sorry was working on 2.8" display, not 2.4". I will re-draw it.
  36. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    I think I might have a solution for you. Cut slots along the long edge as shown in the picture below. This will allow a Nextion 2.8" display to be sunk into the slots. I believe the edges of the display will not show outside the slots, though that will depend on the wall thickness of your...
  37. BriComp

    Have I broke my teensy 4.1 board ?

    I normally solder at 400C, that way I don't need to keep iron on component for long. Lower temp means that iron contact is for longer giving more time for heat to travel to other board components.
  38. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    Ok, not too expensive, probably worth a try. Trouble is delay before you get your hands on it.
  39. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    Has this got touch?
  40. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    Size wise this will fit.
  41. BriComp

    Teensy 4.0, 'disabling' an analogRead pin

    Shouldn't the 4k7 resistor go between the capacitor and the schottky diode jn?
  42. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    The Nextion display is only 1mm wider than the hole size, so you could place a panel on/in the enclosure which would allow the Nextion to be mounted on top. Given that the Nextion is only 1/2mm taller (wider?!) than the hole it should not encroach outside the outside dimensions of the enclosure...
  43. BriComp

    Odd sized screen - just can't find an option

    Are those dimensions the inside or outside dimensions of the enclosure?
  44. BriComp

    Arduino 2 - serial port disappears

    That would suggest that the problem is with your software. You could start adding software back until the problem re-appears OR Remove (or isolate) software from your original code until the problem goes away--the last removed would likely be the problem area.
  45. BriComp

    Arduino 2 - serial port disappears

    Can't you write a smaller sketch which still exhibits the same problem?
  46. BriComp

    Arduino 2 - serial port disappears

    Please show your code. Enclose it between CODE tags using the </> button.
  47. BriComp

    What does a blinking LED on Teensy 4.1 mean when PROGRAM MODE button is pressed?

    The orange Led (pin 13) is turned on/off under your program control, it does NOT come on unless software requests it.