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  1. TomChiron

    cube 15x15x15

    I would also assume at first it could be a problem with power or ground. The data signals are generated in each LED as a new fresh signal for the following LED. If the problem starts at a certain LED it could be that there is one faulty. Looking at the impressivley huge setup I would think it...
  2. TomChiron

    A way to control 8x strips of RGB without using 8 pins

    A simple Arduino Nano or so could do the job (*). Sending some commands and parameters via serial connection or so. Possible with one TX pin on the Teensy via soft serial if necessary. The communication part is the only additional effort. Programming the LED part via Fastled or whatever is...
  3. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    Thank you everybody for your support! Problem solved now! After trying to remove every last bit remaining from Arduino (library folder, ...AppData\Local\Arduino15 folder, ...AppData\Local\temp folder) without success ... I finally found an old copy of USBHost_t36.h in...
  4. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    I did: uninstall Arduino 1.8.19, made sure that the directory is completely deleted. Reboot Windows. Re-Install Arduino 1.8.19. Re-install Teensyduino. Problem still there. :( I noticed that the settings haven't been removed (opened last files, selected board etc.). Will look into that later...
  5. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    Thanks for the information. Part of the verbose output was in my initial post. Below is a bigger part of the output. I cannot see anything about duplicates or that Arduino IDE is using another, wrong copy of any library. Or I am missing something here? All I can see is files in "C:\\Program...
  6. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    I have it compiling now using Arduino IDE 2.2.1. Was hesitant to use it because good old Arduino seems to run stable and reliable and I wasn't used to the new GUI. Maybe this is the time for me to change. For now I won't invest more time in resolving the problem.
  7. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    Thanks for checking. These settings do not make a difference here. (I understand that the USB type affects only the standard USB port and has no effect regarding the USB host functionality?) I tried it now on another machine (laptop with the same software versions) and it compiles successfully...
  8. TomChiron

    Cannot compile with USBHost_t36.h [solved]

    I am having problems to compile a scetch using USBHost_t36.h where I am completely stuck now. Even the "Basic.ino" (from MIDI) example is not compiling anymore. I don't understand what is going on here from the error messages. In the past it worked and I couldn't find any similar problem in the...
  9. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.0 keeps shutting off when leds draw power

    In addition to the good advice above: I would build a test setup (temporarily with a power adaptor) to measure the current to have all the information to decide about size/weight of battery brightness limitation / number of pixels / what kind of effects are running maximum current which can...
  10. TomChiron

    Teensy based Physics Note Generator

    I like that. What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing even more creative development.
  11. TomChiron

    Inverting signal with Audio Shield & T4.1

    Maybe it helps if you can control the invert parameter via serial or MIDI or so to switch it and check what happends exactly in your configuration.
  12. TomChiron

    Inverting signal with Audio Shield & T4.1

    I was curious and checked: #include <Audio.h> #include <Wire.h> #include <SPI.h> #include <SD.h> #include <SerialFlash.h> // GUItool: begin automatically generated code AudioSynthWaveformSine sine1; //xy=181,721 AudioMixer4 mixer1; //xy=301,783 AudioOutputI2S...
  13. TomChiron

    Harp MIDI project

    If the input from the piezo is mapped to a useful range it could be possible to read a few samples for a defined time window. Look at the samples to check how long the time window has to be to get the first peak and if it is possible to get some sort of level from it. I am not sure if reading...
  14. TomChiron

    Inverting signal with Audio Shield & T4.1

    Ups, right. I was just reading the part with "level" may be any floating point number from 0 to 32767.0 ... a bit confusing.
  15. TomChiron

    Harp MIDI project

    As said it is important to protect the inputs from high voltages. If you search for "build piezo drum pads..." or so you should find info about diodes for example. How are the piezos exactly mounted? Have you already checked if the separation of each piezo is good enough? Is the cross talk...
  16. TomChiron

    Inverting signal with Audio Shield & T4.1

    It is not possible to set a negative gain as "-1" in the mixer. You have to use a multiply object with a dc object. The dc can be set to "-1.0".
  17. TomChiron

    Teenys Midi Controller How To Omit Unneeded Pots?

    You have to connect each potentiometer with the middle pin to the corresponding pin on the Teensy which are defined starting in line 46. You can choose and change the pins there. The "left" pin of each pot for the lower position is connected to ground. Right pins go all to 3.3V.
  18. TomChiron

    Teensy 3.5 with ultrasound

    How exactly are you controlling the sensors? Can you show us the code? Can there be an interference of the sonic waves of the sensors?
  19. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.1 + Native Ethernet + Artnet + OctoWS2811 example, big lag after 7 universes

    That's good news. Hardware running. Now you can check the network communication. Print out debug messages to see if all packages come in or what is going on there...
  20. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.1 + Native Ethernet + Artnet + OctoWS2811 example, big lag after 7 universes

    Run tests for the LEDs only first, i.e. some demo patterns from Teensy only, no Ethernet/Artnet whatever. The OctoWS2811 can make the wiring easier. The 5V level shift is not a must if it is working. A lot of LED chips today work with 3.3V logic level on the data line. For longer cables it can...
  21. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.1 + Native Ethernet + Artnet + OctoWS2811 example, big lag after 7 universes

    For the ethernet connection I am using the ethernet kit. To connect the LED strips I use three of the OctoWS2811 adaptors which come in quite handy using cat6 (or so) cables. I am using RJ45 splitter to distribute the data channels if needed. This is very flexible. At the end I have self made...
  22. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.1 + Native Ethernet + Artnet + OctoWS2811 example, big lag after 7 universes

    I used the ArtnetOctoWS2811 sketch from the examples. There I had to change in the artnet files to use native ethernet (which worked fine here). #include <NativeEthernet.h> #include <NativeEthernetUdp.h> This is my test sketch displaying some debug information. It is a Teensy 4.1 with the...
  23. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.1 + Native Ethernet + Artnet + OctoWS2811 example, big lag after 7 universes

    Not sure if this is of help for you: I can confirm that a setup with 24 output pins running on each pin 720 LEDs is working fine on a Teensy 4.1 receiving data over ethernet. I remember vaguely when trying out Artnet at one point that I ran into problems of not rendering the data to the pixels...
  24. TomChiron

    Add Effects to MidiSynthKeyboard Audio example

    In the examples included in the Teensyduino installation you should be able to find some inspiration and get into different aspects. E.g. "PlaySynthMusic". Also for reading input from USB host you should find examples. Possibly the audio tutorial can also be of help for you...
  25. TomChiron

    Add Effects to MidiSynthKeyboard Audio example

    You need as many waveforms (or whatever sound generators) as you would like to be able to play back in parallel, i.e. polyphonic voices at the same time. If you should have "only" 16 input keys than it could be easy to use 16 voices to have one waveform for each key. In this way you would save...
  26. TomChiron

    IC-Socket for the Teeny 4.0

    It should be possible to (carefully) pull off the black plastic from the pins at the Teensy to save this space of ~ 3mm.
  27. TomChiron

    Custom MIDI controller with 18 Illuminated Pushbuttons - LED feedback question

    That's great to hear. Thanks for the info and sharing the code!
  28. TomChiron

    Is the Teensy 4.1 with Audio-Shield the right Component for my Project?

    I am not an R Pi expert but isn't it possible to use I2C there for your sensors? Why not use a USB microphone or something as input for the R Pi? Technically it should be possible to send audio data from a Teensy via LAN. Without synchronisation as done in digital interfaces as SPDIF or...
  29. TomChiron

    Custom MIDI controller with 18 Illuminated Pushbuttons - LED feedback question

    I would check what exactly is sent as feedback from the DAW when the message from the Teensy has been sent. Print the raw data to make sure that this is really a program change message or see what it is. It is only a matter of style then if you use the handles or if you interpret the raw data...
  30. TomChiron

    How to link teensy4.0 with micro sd card

    Data wires look right. I am not sure how this board exactly works with the level shifter and voltage regulator with 3.3V as VCC?
  31. TomChiron

    New PCBs: Multimeter reads a short if Potentiometers are maxed but are isolated

    Photos would be indeed of help to get possible ideas. I wouldn't expect that any damage from heat could cause a short. Worst thing is that something is getting loose on the board. I am using lead free solder on the cheapest JLCPCB boards with no problems. Soldering iron at 340°C. The change...
  32. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.0 I2C stops - issue in my pcb?

    In the meantime I designed another PCB with different traces. There everything works fine. I hope that this will be the case in the long term. As far as I understand the problem was crosstalk from MCLK to SCL. I am still not sure about the role of the groundplane here. I have seen setups with...
  33. TomChiron

    8 Channel Audio Recording using Teensy 4.1 and Audacity.

    How can you connect more than two channels to "usb2"? Is there a different version avaivable or what exactly are you using? In the GUI I only get this:
  34. TomChiron

    Automated Still controller - Hx711 trouble

    Happy to hear that it works now! Possibly also for others helpful to see that the library made a difference.
  35. TomChiron

    Using Teensy for multiple inputs

    Latency has been discussed here btw: From analog in to analog out through the audio board it is 6.48 ms which is in the range of (most(*)) current and up to date hearing aids. (*) There is one manufacturer with impressively low latency times.
  36. TomChiron

    How to link teensy4.0 with micro sd card

    In that link there is a schematic for the Teensy 3.2 which stays the same for the Teensy 4.0 (as shown above pointing to the according pins). You have to be more specific and describe your setup, make a photo of the connections, tell us what exactly is on your card and what is printed on the...
  37. TomChiron

    How to link teensy4.0 with micro sd card

    As the Teensy 4.0 is already on 3.3V you don't need a voltage regulator and also no level shifter. Probably it works anyway. The according pins are found in the pin description of the Teensy: pins 10 ... 13 Connect CS to CS and so on. You could start with one of the SD examples in Teensyduino...
  38. TomChiron

    Pins & Socket for Teesny 4.1 Ethernet, 6 pins, 2 mm spacing

    I was thinking that the ethernet kit was meant. Are there different versions? In mine there is a pin header with 8.8mm length: It works fine with the included socket and cable. So it probably depends on what socket you are using to decide which length of the pins is necessary. Edit: Now I...
  39. TomChiron

    Pins & Socket for Teesny 4.1 Ethernet, 6 pins, 2 mm spacing

    They have 2mm pin pitch, so these or similar should work:
  40. TomChiron

    How to use teensy 4.1 and interface with a 5v synth?

    What exactly should be controlled in the synth: Will you receive or send signals? Analog or digital? For digital signals you could use available boards with level shifters. For analog signals going to the input of the Teensy: voltage dividers with resistors could be a solution.
  41. TomChiron

    Teensy as main controller for a midi fader wing

    Somewhere it was said that there can't be expected any newer Teensy in the foreseeable future. You should find it somewhere in this forum in posts from the last weeks. For a sophisticated MIDI controller even a Teensy 4.1 looks extremely powerful to me with a lot of pins. What exactly are you...
  42. TomChiron

    Feature Suggestion: PCApp to display the Serial Monitor output without Teensyduino.

    I was curious and found this (Windows 10): Open Powershell (or standard command line) in the according folder or go there (something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools) Enter .\teensy_ports.exe Copy the adress part for the usblocation (e.g. usb:90000/0/0/1/1/4/1/4) and use it...
  43. TomChiron

    AC-bias for Audio Shield

    Using the DC object and a mixer should work. Set dc to -0.5 and mix with the input signal.
  44. TomChiron

    AC-bias for Audio Shield

    You could substract the dc offset in software on the digital signal (and waste at least 1 bit of the DAC). I don't know of other ways than changing your hardware or put another offset to the existing. All workarounds.
  45. TomChiron

    Automated Still controller - Hx711 trouble I am successfully using such types of loadcells: Mounting some sort of wooden plate or so with the screws is working fine. I have no idea yet how to mount these four 50kg loadcell types reliably. I am planning to have a...
  46. TomChiron

    Teensy 4.0 capacitive touch sensing with multiple touch pads

    Could you elaborate what you mean by that? Could show your setup of the touch fields on a photo? I played around with MPR121 and was really impressed how sensitive everything is working. You can detect a finger even through distance or material of a few mm. I wouldn't expect that any other...
  47. TomChiron

    Automated Still controller - Hx711 trouble

    Have you tried using much higher weights? The range from 0 to 350g sounds extremly small compared to the total range of 200kg. I have no experience with these 4x 50kg setups. However, running HX711 with that single 1 or 2kg or whatever kg loadcells works fine on a Teensy 4.0 for me. I use them...
  48. TomChiron

    Basic LED Strip test problems

    Besides the ground question: There are (older) LED chips which were less tolerant to 3.3V logic levels and needed something more towards 5V on the data line to work.
  49. TomChiron

    Problem getting long delay with PSRAM

    Have you looked into this thread? It seems that there you can find a solution:
  50. TomChiron

    Audio Adaptor mounting options - signal length considerations

    In this thread I described my problem I got regarding I2C. It seems that there is crosstalk from I2S to the I2C signals which leads to a freeze of the I2C communication. Manual wiring of SCL and SDA helped to solve the problem so far. I am (obviously) not an expert in PCB design but would like...