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  1. PackLeader

    Best Camera Application OV7670

    Hi all, My short message is a hymn for Mark Borgesons Git-hub publication. His help to realise the small Camera was fantastic. I will use it with a Toy-Car, the shaft is for moving. Packleader.
  2. PackLeader

    serial output QVGA from OV7670

    Hi, I am a bloody beginner and need help. How can i get the QVGA from OV7670 (no fifo)? Resolutin 320 x240 b/w would it do, too. I am Using a Teensy 4.1 without ps-ram. Is there a simple way to get it seriell or via SPI? Anton.
  3. PackLeader

    Camera with Teensy4.0

    XFer, Great. Thank You for Code.
  4. PackLeader

    Camera with Teensy4.0

    This is a pretty feedback, its help me. Thank You XFer.
  5. PackLeader

    Camera with Teensy4.0

    Hello, I want to build a vehicle control with one Teensy4 and two Teensy3.2. They should communicate with each other via I2C. Teensy4 is to operate a camera, one Teensy3.2 additional sensors and the other the actual control with navigation. I don't make high demands on the camera, but I want to...