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    Engine Swap Accelerator Pedal Simulator

    Not sure if this would help at all it's a bit out of my realm of expertise but have you heard of COMMA? They make autopilot systems for cars. Because some of the early models of cars had limitations with start and stop cruise contro, they created the COMMA Pedal which intercepts the pedal...
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    Steel Battalion Controller LED issues

    Happy to say I resolved it. I saw another user mentioning something that they had to use a usb hub in between the controller and their project in order for it to work. Mine was I was not getting enough power connecting through my usb hub to the computer. I tried plugging the hub in between...
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    Steel Battalion Controller LED issues

    Adding some extra information: This website provides very specific information on the Steel Battalion and Xbox 1 controllers in general. I thought that may be I needed to use queue_Control_Transfer instead of queue_data_transfer /* * from...
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    Steel Battalion Controller LED issues

    I'm using a Teensy 4.1 to connect to a Steel Battalion Controller: I have experience with this controller and have already written a driver for it. I was actually able to get it working as a normal joystick fairly easily using the teensy to read the info over usb and emulate a joystick. My...
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    Don't blow your Teensy 4.1 Ethernet PHY when using passive PoE

    I'm relatively new to this. I have a teensy 4.1 and pjrc ethernet kit I'm using for a laboratory project. Under what conditions would the chip be damaged? If I use an external passive poe splitter before the pjrc ethernet kit would I be OK? Or do I still have to add some circuitry to be safe?