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    Compatibility between Wavetable-Synthesis and teensy audio library

    Looks like I just ran into the same problem with the Teensy 1.45 release - the SoundFontDecoder.exe program doesn't seem to add the required "AudioSynthWavetable::" to the generated .cpp/.h files I guess that hasn't been updated to match the Python source files yet?
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    Teensy 3.6 SPI library - garbled output on SparkFun LCDs

    Hi, I'm having a similar problem with SD1106/SD1306 OLED displays and Teensy3.6 specifically. The code is Ornaments and Crimes ( ) I'm using the Alternate SPI pins (SCK=D14, MISO=D12, MOSI=D7) and I change them using -...
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    Quad audio output

    Thanks Paul, Sounds like the SGTL5000 is a better choice for Quad outputs right now. Or just go for a native TDM part for more channels, like the Cirrus CS42448, since that is already supported. thanks again, Tom
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    Quad audio output

    i2s_quad using two(2) PT8211 Codecs? I'm thinking that the format of the PT8211 is different than the SGTL5000, so that i2s_quad will only work with two SGTL5000, yes?